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Midweek Drinking Thread 19th - 23rd July

Day off today so went to Hawksmoor (Seven Dials) as it’s £5 Corkage Monday. Started with a Lanson Extra Age followed by Domaine Henri Prudhon St Aubin PC Perrieres 2017 -

Described by TWS as firm and muscular and it’s was exactly that, plenty going on.


Thomas Haag Mosel Riesling. All about fresh lemon and lemon zest with a saline mineral twist. Almost full bodied, rich but dry.


No doubt I’m in the minority but I’ve found the recent hot weather to be extremely disagreeable. This has provided some much needed, albeit temporary, relief…

…enjoyed with cold crevettes and salad ( as per Sunday but with Cava ). I wanted something cheap and cheerful tonight as I’ll be making a shellfish stock, with what’s left of it tomorrow, with the heads and shells of the prawns. It’s from Asda and was £5 RRP.

For the money it completely over delivers. To my mind, the nose and palate with its citrus and gooseberry aromas and flavours is reminiscent of a decent quality Touraine Sauvignon Blanc. The fruit has a soft and surprisingly textured quality and its fresh zesty acidity provides both refreshment and balance.

If, as I believe, someone on these pages is responsible for it being on the shelf in the first place then bravo, it’s a banger for the money !

Oh, no vintage stated but the bottling info on the back label suggests 2020.


More red Burgundy to start the week. Wonderful aroma. Tastes really good, too. Earthiness, darker than expected fruit.


A glass of this for starters last night - wonderful wine this. Just hinting at some development. Will finish off this evening.

Then we had rib eyes on the BBQ with a fiery chimichurri glaze and lots of salad al fresco.
Hadn’t had a red for a while (kind of had to be Arg with the steaks I guess) so whacked this in the fridge for a while just to make sure it wasn’t too soupy. Was best once the sun set.

@Embee - glad to see you are still on the Feteasca Regala bandwagon :+1:
Definitely V2020 as they print the vintage on the back label to save on label costs (no wastage at vintage changeover and can order larger amounts for discounted rates.) All helps to put more ££ into the liquid.


Last night I was in hungry mode; luckily TOH had played a blinder back at the ranch during my hike as it was her turn to make supper, and presented this lovely chicken, mushroom and tarragon pie. I picked this iconic Gemischter Satz Nussberg from my travel souvenir bottles, hoping for a full bodied powerful white to match the dish. It succeeded. I love this wine as it’s not at all about the varietals (G-S is always a field blend of unspecified varieties) and is all about the Place.

We managed to meet Fritz himself at his cellar door in 2017. We turned up on the off-chance and there was a scruffy looking chap doing the sweeping-up which turned out to be him ! One hour, and half a dozen tastings, later…we drove up to look at his vineyards.


You and me both! :ok_hand: :star_struck:

In a glass the colour is even more luminous. Just the slightest bit off dry and amazingly welcome in the heatwave - although already well chilled, I might even add an ice cube.

Don’t think I have ever described a wine as ‘luscious’ but this one certainly is - given a swirl in the glass and you can see the ‘legs’ dripping down.

Will be with Lasagne tonight - and chilled green salad. Might even serve the lasagne lukewarm, Mediterranean style. I think Toby said some nice things about this wine recently.


Did you know that today is International Tavel Day? Well, OK – I made this up, but it bloody should be! (I see that @lapin_rouge agrees)

This is sooooo good! :star_struck: A blend of Grenache, Clairette, Cinsault, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Bourboulenc and Picpoul – it’s everything I love in a good Tavel – a fine concoction of fruit, herbs and spices to sooth an aching mind.

Gorgeous colour - I never know quite what to call it…? Wild Salmon? - and on the nose notes of raspberries, strawberries, wild herbs and white pepper.

On the palate - a lovely mouthfeel (rounded and yet fresh), with bramble, raspberries and wild strawberries all wrapped up in spice (pepper) and dried herbs with just a bit of orange peel bitterness. Medium in acidity, the finish is long and moves from sweet berry fruit to something more botanical, and a touch medicinal. Yum!

Someone - naming no names - had the bonkers idea of making veal ragù on this hot day…! She’ll wear her hair shirt later on… :grimacing:

Happy Tuesday! :wine_glass: :grinning:


The only bonkers idea I can see is that you aren’t pairing it with a Barolo/Barbaresco but with a weedy rosé…

What were you thinking??




Asda has stocked this for a few years now, delicious.


Don’t normally crack open bottles on Tuesday, but we’re both on holiday this week, so why not!

Morrison’s own label white Rioja to go with a pork & chorizo paella. Had heard some good things about this so one bottle as a tester.

This is golden in the glass and looks mature, nose is… wow, quite a whack of oak and tropical fruit (lychee in there). It’s quite full, and tasted blind I’d probably have said an old-school Cali chard. So far, so good!

Some of the oak blows off after a bit and the fruit comes through, melon possibly a bit of pineapple and grapefruit. There is balancing acidity, but it’s also a little harsh and the finish isn’t the longest.

Verdict - I like it. If you want something full-on and old-school, then this is decent value (esp at the 25% off price).

Edit: Scratch this, despite enthusiastic notes above, this fell apart with a bit of air leaving a thin, acidic, short mouthful of grapefruit. Disappointing.


CdR with aspirations for CdP, but enough of that. Rusty red cherry colour with similar flavours tbh. Tried this with lamb chops, second glass with Ritz (crackers :grinning:) and Cambozola. Good value for a tenner.


There’s an argument for this being weekend drinking as I opened the bottle on Sunday, but we finished it tonight and it’s tonight I’m writing about it.

I’m a big fan of Adi Baadenhorst’s wines, and was on the swig website to buy some of his Secateurs chenin blanc, only to be offered this at “special offer price”, so thought I’d give it a go, only to be told it was cheaper still on Waitrose Cellar a few minutes after it arrived.

Surprisingly rich and fat for a wine this price (slightly frustrating given that it was bought as a summer smasher), with tropical fruit and something slightly flowery cut with a lot of almost sour citrus zest. Worked really well with both Haddock and salad on Sunday and Thai-ish fish cakes and salad this evening (not that there’s a theme to what we’re eating at the moment, or anything!). Held up surprisingly well in the fridge for a couple of days and was more floral this evening than it was on Sunday, you could really tell there was Semillion in the blend. This is a lot of wine for the less than £7 it currently is at Waitrose (and also for the touch under £8 I paid for it!).


one for the paella purists… :slight_smile:


Agreed, it’s a great fridge door white that’s useful in the kitchen in every way. Guilt free to cook with and a refreshing glass to drink whilst doing so.

Oh god… let’s not go down that route :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. It also had spinach on top.

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I remember feeling very similar to you after one of these last year - high hopes; interesting & reasonable start; oh dear …

I’ve never had a bottle of wine that went from ‘oooh, this is great, just what I was hoping for’ to destined for the sink in quite this way. And it’s not even that cheap!

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