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Midweek drinking thread ( 18th -21st January 2021 )

After a lightweight weekend I’m happy to kick off this weeks thread ( apologies but can’t work out how to tag it ‘midweek drinks’ ).

Maybe some of you watched ‘Saturday Kitchen’ this weekend ?

One of the recommended wines was a South African bush vine cinsault from Morrisons. As soon as I saw the colour of it on the TV I was immediately reeled in…

…so bought a bottle this morning and opened it earlier with a venison burger and the usual sides. Wow ! it’s really good.

Super nose, freshly turned soil, spice, a melange of red fruits, cherries, raspberries and redcurrant and a lovely savoury quality too. All of which carryover on tasting. light to medium bodied fruit with impressive depth of flavour, fresh food friendly acidity, gentle tannins to structure and a savoury, red fruited, lip smacking finish to end.

Hard to believe its’ 14.5% ABV as it’s so light on its feet and easy to drink. Not sure it’s a wine for all palates but if you like Etna reds, mencia, kadarka or lighter bodied pinot noir it’s well worth trying. And only £8.25 too. I’ll be back for more and should it go on offer I’ll be filling my boots !

Many thanks to Helen McGinn for recommending it.

Anyone else indulging this week ?

Edit - I should mention, now having read the back label, it’s a bulk shipped wine. bottled in the UK, from Swartland fruit and made by the Riebeck Valley Wine Co.


Enjoyed this with a chicken parmigiana this evening

Perfect, the oaky finish recedes over time and the fruit carried well though the spicy tomato / garlic sauce.

Perhaps not as big a revelation as @Embee discovery which is on a to do list if we get to a Morrison’s, but I would look out of for new release when available @Sarah


Finishing the rest of this 2014 Bourgogne which was originally opened on Saturday evening. Recorked, wrapped with cling film and kept in the fridge for good measure - it hasn’t budged from Saturday in terms of nose/palate. Very good wine - the high acidity perhaps makes it a little challenging without food but really impressive intensity and length.


Really?? 6:30 on a Tuesday and nothing yet?

Opened this last night.

In a word: smashable.

All red berries – little strawbs and ripe redcurrants. Light and lithe with plenty of freshness. Tasted to me a little ‘done to’ in the winery such was the polish and sweet sharp thing, but hard to see anyone not liking the wine, and a nice treatment of Grenache. Great label too. :eyes:

EDIT: Missed the thread already started yesterday by @Embee I knew this Community wouldn’t let me down :grinning:


I think there is one already…

Edit: Midweek drinking thread ( 18th -21st January 2021 )

You’ll have to wait for omnipotent mentor-collective to move it over


One of my regular buys, great value.

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Ah indeed. Will wait for @Mentor assistance.

A straightforward 2018 Chilean Cab Franc for us this evening, to accompany oven-roasted chicken with sumac and pomegranate molasses:

The husband loves this wine, and if we had such a thing as a ‘house red’ this would have been his choice – so we always have a few bottles of this in the rack.

The nose has lovely notes of bramble, fresh soil, violets, jalapeños, incense and a nice whiff of orange peel too. The palate is not very complex, but the flavours are good – raspberries, bramble, red cherries and a nice leafiness in the background adding a savoury dimension. Good acidity and chalky tannins are very much in balance.

This is usually £7.99 from Majestic, and an easy quaffer. Sometimes only simple pleasures will do! :smile: :wine_glass:


We’re having a glass of this tonight

Crazy good value as is often the case with Southern French wines. Full of fruit, blackberries and blueberries, tobacco. On opening had that distinctive roasted meat smell but after a few gulgs is hard to pick up.

Quite a bit of complexity for a 7 quid bottle and is only 12.5% so doesn’t feel like I’ll get a hangover.


That’s a regular midweek dish here too ( cheers Rick ! ) :yum:

Will give a cab franc a go the next time I cook it, thanks for the tip.


Love this recipe! :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


first try of a lirac am new to the ws am really enjoying trying new wines will probably order more of this


Now holiday season is a distant memory we have decided we need to spend a bit less on our midweek wine. This is very smooth and soft, something ideal for a party (what are those?) I think the alicante bouschet is quite noticeable, giving the wine a silky texture. Some soft fruits, obviously not complex, but a successful wine at the price with no harsh or unpleasant notes.


Change of habits today, don’t normally have a tipple before the evening mid week but…it’s a wee bit dreich so homemade Pizza for lunch and this to keep us going…


Maybe a bit excessive to open 2 bottles on a school night but research is required.

I loved the Cazaux Vacqueyras Blanc last Friday and thought the Amadieu Le Pas d’Aigle 2007 magnum on Xmas Day was amazing.
Have also had a 2010 version of the Grand Romane but this was a while ago so need a refresher.

Should be interesting to see how they develop over the next 2-3 days.


Pizza looks delicious !!!


Malbec tonight
Some savoury notes, no fruit bombs here, decent nose and palate although I picked up a green note on the finish in a few sips.


Loved the 2010 Grand Romane. Debating drawing down my ‘14s so will be interesting to hear how the ‘16 is.

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To celebrate the exit of the most odious criminal turd to occupy the White House since, well forever really, we drank this. And very nice it was too. As usual. Thank goodness this country has never fallen for a racist intellectual vacuum of a leader who made lies the bedrock of his offer. Salut!


There’s some bang for the buck here. Zippy, weighty, can’t find a tech sheet but I reckon a bit of RS for some mid palate fruit, grippy and chalky finish. This will age decently I reckon. Not a bad shout to stick in reserves and forget about if listed again. Will be an interesting comparison with the mac Forbes which arrives next week.