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Midweek Drinking Thread (18 to 21 October 2021)

Not a usual drinking day for us, but it was that sort of day at work, and so to un-frazzle the brain we opened this WS Beaujolais:

Lip-smackingly good - everything you want from a Bojo at this level (and a bit more, in fact). Lovely nose - cherries, candy floss, bramble and a whiff of fresh soil, and on the palate it is juicy, with similar notes of cherries and bramble, a touch of something more mineral-y and a finish that is summer pudding in liquid form and even a little bitter cherry pip to keep things interesting.

Uncomplicated, quaffable and (almost) guilt-free at 12.5%… :wine_glass: :ok_hand:

What’s in your glass this weekday? :grinning:


Monday evening leftovers and rather fine they are too. Cold plate of rare roast beef, yorkshire pudding (fried to lose the sogginess), the last of the greenhouse tomatoes, and mozzarella for creaminess. A touch of Chiu Chow Chilli Oil for a bit of zing.

With the remains of posh Ch9dp opened yesterday. I’m in two minds about this bottle: it’s absolutely delicious, a perfect match of fruit, spice and rounded mouthfeel - DEFINITELY you could take this to a dinner party and expect all round approval. BUT at £29.50 and 2007 I would hope for more secondary notes, more raw character. Perhaps this is what happens when an appellation’s name outstrips it’s intrinsic value? maybe its a Guigal thing?



Liking the drinking notes !

Had a bottle in the summer - that bitter cherry pip you mention, is a nice lift. Happy (almost) guilt free Monday.

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A ridiculous Monday night glass really but Coravined half of this over the weekend and it was magnificent. You need to love the Penfolds cassis attack with Bin 407 because it’s a bit like a herd of hungry hippos arriving.

I was sitting watching the rugby highlights and got inexplicably drawn down the cellar steps and found myself coming back up with the bottle! A quick double decant back into the cleaned bottle and here we are!

Happy weekday folks :sunglasses:


Opened a bottle of the 2015 Castello di Verduno Barbaresco tonight. I bought a few of these from the current ‘Museum Release’ showcase (a few still available). Very happy I did and even happier I have more. Delicate raspberry scent to die for, does not diappoint on the palate either. Good start to the week.


Bit extravagant for a Monday night but hey ho:




(and Gorgeous Chips)

No Monday blues here!


Food looks amazing @tom!

But even more importantly, how was the crozes? Thinking of opening one myself this weekend.

Empties from the weekend and the final evening with my mother last night.

Special mention for the Lisboa that got opened after the fancy stuff was depleted. Fruity, refreshing and well worth £7.75! Will be ordering more to have on hand for sure.


Moustaches and meatloaf to end the visit…


Moustaches and Meatloaf… sounds like a band in the making! :+1: :grin: Looks fantastic!

How was the Boxler, by the way?


Boxler 2019 Gewurztraminer was fab. Had some richness on the palate but finished dry. Leant more towards lychee side of things with any spiciness just there for seasoning. Dusty rose lingering on the finish. A real treat with a hunk of Munster whilst watching Strictly on Saturday evening. I’m considering picking up a couple more bottles.


That chuck steak was better than expected - really good flavour and super cheap!

Wine was great, very Crozes-like, good structure and a very nice steak wine.


This lovely ‘Alastro’ from Planeta this evening, to accompany grilled sardines and couscous:

A blend of 80% Grecanico and 20% Sauvignon Blanc, we really enjoyed previous vintages, but this is the loveliest yet. The nose is delightful - grassy, peachy, honeyed and herbal, with maybe a bit of fresh ginger and (Sicilian?) lemon.

The palate is a satisfying marriage of pungent but aromatic notes of grass, fresh herbs (fennel?) and zesty lemon curd with more rounded notes of melon, white peach and mellow honey.

Delicious stuff! :+1: :grinning:


So, hi everyone from Tarnow in S Poland. Tonight’s wine came from a visit yesterday to Srebrna Gora winery in Krakow, the second largest winery operation in Poland - about 30 Ha. I did camper van cuisine again, all sourced locally, pork chop with pepper, tomato and paprika sauce, sautéed potatoes and some kale from Michael Chrzastek’s vineyard garden (winnica Chronow) which we visited today.

His vineyard was interesting on several counts, the two most notable is that he is cultivating the novel unique Polish variety Jutrzenka, a “mild” hybrid; pinot blanc x villard blanc and makes an amber wine from it (maybe I’ll post about that in due course); and that he cultivates the US hybrid Marquette - which we saw and liked very much in New England / Vermont / New York, but this is my first-ever sighting of it in Europe. (He conceded that it was still technically illegal…)

Anyway tonight’s red is a cuvée from acolon, cabernet cortis, rondo and regent and tbf is actually very decent - I would not have accused it of being made from hybrids tasted blind. It’s a bit cabernet-franc-ish and very slurpable.


So glad to read your thoughts on this Barbaresco. Is it open for business ?
I put a case in reserves as I imaged it would be in need of a few more years

Some nice bottles going on this week! We opened the first of our 2017 Fontodi Chianti Classico this evening - I’d been planning to give it more time but was momentarily distracted and found my wife had cracked one open and was halfway through her second glass.

It’s bloody good. Tannins still slightly full for my taste but was great with the remains of @strawpig’s venison casserole. (which has been well-served wine-wise). After a hectic day I wasn’t in particularly discerning mode but it was beautifully balanced and went down very easily.

2018 still available and good value at £21 IMO.



I think both are correct. It is so delicious now, but definitely has tannins that can smoothen.



Delved into the museum for a night on the rock.

Fully bodied but holds it’s alcohol pretty well. Masses of black fruit, liquorice etc, not much tannin, structure or complexity if I’m being picky but quite lovely for a blustery Tuesday night.


As an untouched six pack of the 2018 has been sat in the stairwell ( overspill area two ) for some time now I decided to see how the 2015 was holding up yesterday with the defrosted remains of Saturday’s guinea fowl casserole…

…100% graciano from Navarra producer Vina Zorzal. Savoury berry and plum fruit, liquorice, sweet spices, a floral note and leather on the nose. Similar on tasting with a hint of menthol too. Medium to full body, good depth of favour with fresh acidity and resolved tannins to structure which combined with its smooth and slippery texture made it all too easy to drink. Which I’m now mildly regretting !

As for the stairwell, it’s become a constant reminder that I might have compulsive tendencies…



@Embee thanks for the tasting notes
I too had storage issues (still do) and I realised that the only solution for it is to build a cellar!
I got an additional wine fridge last week which is currently empty and waiting for the reserves withdrawal to be delivered later this week and then it will be at full capacity.
I have learned my lesson though, cellar construction to start in 2023 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Good luck with its construction I’m sure that once it’s finished all your hard work will prove worthwhile. I wish I could do the same but I live in a second floor flat so it’s not an option here !

Looking forward to hearing more about your reserves withdrawal in due course as I’m sure you’ve got some lovely wines coming your way.

In way of mitigation, my present situation is partly due to a large withdrawal here. Not that it’s going to make the bill any more palatable when it finally arrives later this month :grimacing: