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Midweek Drinking Thread [18 to 21 November 2019]



I’ve spent the last couple of days in bed due to damaging my back, so some cheering up was much needed this evening! We decided to continue our exploration of the Cotes du Marmandais ‘Chateau de Beaulieu’ vertical case, with our penultimate bottle – the 2007 vintage:

So far we loved the 2011 (classy, elegant), were really wowed by the 2010 (ripe and joyous), underwhelmed by the 2009 (over the hill?) and liked, but weren’t too excited by the 2008 (slow burner). This 2007 is definitely in the 2010 camp – a beautifully crafted wine, which has a pleasing balance of liveliness and fruitiness coupled with tertiary aromas and flavours.

We decanted it for an hour – which was good, as there was quite a bit of sediment. In the glass the wine is deep ruby with unmistakable brick hue on the rim. The nose is utterly lovely: cedar, tobacco, a bit of old leather, clove and black pepper but also ripe fruit (plum, cherries, blackcurrants) – albeit definitely more on the stewed/cooked spectrum. The same notes continue on the palate, the wine is smooth, the tannins are quite dusty and the acidity still present and makes the whole ensemble harmonious and alive. It has evolved beautifully, and though TWS notes say drink by 2021, I’d give it easily another 5 or so years.

To think that the single bottle was about £11 is unbelievable value for money. Heck, even my back is feeling better… (NOT)! :grimacing:

What’s in your glass this week? :grinning: :clinking_glasses:


Hope your back recovers quickly Inbar.

Trying the Vajra Baudana Dragon from 2016. Have not eaten much the last two days and feeling a bit typsy. It’s smooth and rich, peach, flowers and something else. In fact my mind keeps going back to the Les Terres Salees which I tried a few months ago and seems to share quite a lot with the Dragon. That was bourboulenc, and a little salty. The Dragon is a bit of a mix, chardonnay, sauvignon, riesling, nascetta, not as salty but somewhere along the spectrum. It’s very enjoyable.


Thanks, Andy!

And I totally agree- the Baudana Dragon is such an enjoyable, delicious wine! :+1:


Hope your back is nothing too serious. Take care back problems have a habit of cascading.


Lemsips :sneezing_face::face_with_thermometer: Looking forward to a Night Nurse nightcap. And this is the start of a badly timed two week alcohol free period. Still at present I cannot taste a thing so anything bar Night Nurse is a wasted drink.


Gone back to the open bottle of this from the weekend.

Very delicate in colour and body. Bursting with strawberries, crisp acidity but no tannins to speak of. Fairly well made to a certain style, if a little unremarkable.


Concentrated full and balanced, a perfect partner for a pasta ragu. Good value relative to most Chianti.

An explosion of berries and cherries and pretty good length.


I bet Sagrantino helps with the length and structure. The pure Sagrantinos from the same stable are monsters, in a good way.


Thanks, Mike. I think there’s a pissed off nerve somewhere! I get this electric, sharp pain ever so often… Will take tomorrow off work again - my students hate me, I think! :grimacing:

Hope you get better soon, @JayKay!

God, I hate being unwell! :-1:


Fancied opening this tonight. A lovely nose of black fruit and violets - very fragrant. Medium acidity, deep red garnet colour, subtle, integrated tannins and blackcurrant flavours to the fore. Still lots of fruit and not much in the way of tertiary aromas just yet.

Oh and it’s not a huge glass - it’s a half bottle!


Hope your back feels better soon @Inbar, & @JayKay fingers crossed the lemsip works , nothing worse then feeling rubbish :cry:.


I feel like I am visiting hospital here! Best wishes to all the afflicted…

Opened a bottle of this on Monday (not normally a bottle opening day, but my order arrived first thing…)

Seems a bit unforthcoming still, even on second night. Dense in colour and texture, quite smooth, little obvious tannin but hints of over roasted fruit suggesting a bit of over extraction maybe. Will see if it’s opened up any more on night 3…maybe another year for the other bottle. Definitely a sturdier wine than previous ones I’ve had.


I find that the 2016 drinks much better now than 2 years ago. People just don’t lay it down because it is cheap.


I think you’re right, and I plead guilty m’lud…


The same wine with the same meal on the last two evenings. Duck breast and baker’s potatoes…

…with a Muller-Catoir - Haardt Spatburgunder 2016.

Pure Pinot aromas on the nose. savoury red cherry fruit with mossy forest floor complexity and some underlying spicy notes. Cherry and red berry fruit on tasting, once again, with a delicious savoury / forest floor complexity. Excellent balance, a soft velvety texture whilst retaining freshness and an expansive sweet fruited finish. Proper pinot and as good as any sub £30 example I’ve drank recently, this was only £18 so it provided wonderful value too.

Our buyer for Germany, Marcel, described it as having a flavour of cherry pips and indeed it does. Should I ever see that note in future I’ll be buying in quantity before it’s no longer listed !

Edit - sorry, I forgot my manners. Vibes to @Inbar and @JayKay I hope you both feel better pronto. Being bed bound or not being able to smell things properly must be really frustrating.


And I hope your back recovers quickly too @Inbar. You’re right, being ill really is annoying.


Have just decanted the 2016 to go with salt beef , I’ve had a sneaky taste … much better now than when it was released :wink::+1:!


I’ll keep my other bottle for 2 years then! 2018 is still on sale I think (for now anyway) and one wonders if WS are releasing it too soon then? I might get another couple to tuck away. It’s hardly a fortune.


Yes, that’s what I did with these just left them for the past 2 years . Off to put a case of 2018 in reserves then :wink::wink:! Excellent vfm :+1:.


Not sure I can justify a case of it, when I see how much Rhone I’ve got…Cellartracker, which does not lie, particularly after my recent reconciliation audit, tells me I have over 100 bottles, mainly red…