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Midweek Drinking Thread 18-21st Feb 2019



A sunny day across Brighton today, which whets the appetite for wine, especially after a dry Monday! Looking forward to tonight’s 2014 Planeta Alastro, a blend of Grecanico, Grillo and Sauvignon Blanc:

I purchased it a little while ago from Carluccio’s and then got all worried about whether it was kept well in the shop… so very curious about how it will turn out. If it’s faulty, I got an Adi Badenhorst (probably my favourite SA producer at the moment) white blend as a back-up. But hopefully, I’m just over-thinking this one…

What are you drinking this evening? :relaxed: :clinking_glasses:


Nothing this evening, but went to Hawksmoor yesterday after the Rhone tasting and took this bottle I picked up as part of a Burgundy mixed 3 from a previous fine wine list.

It was beautiful. Was a bit worried that it would be overshadowed by all the Rhone tasted and may not stand up to the steak… Luckily it proved to be one of the best wines of the evening.


Going to The Glasshouse tonight for a corkage special. I’m taking this. Wonder if it’ll be any good?!


I reckon the Alastro may well be a bit past it. I had the 2016 last year and felt it was time to drink up. But 2014 is a great year in Sicily, so who knows?


I’m in Belgium! It’s all about the beer :wink:


Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:
The notes for the 2014 give it a drinking window of up to 5 years, so hopefully I’ll catch it just before it’s on the turn, as it were! :grinning:


I had the unexpected pleasure of the little monster and one of her friends all day - after half-term gymnastics camp plans fell through at extremely short notice. So, for the second week running, I’m “midweeking” it.

And I have Barolo EP on my mind, so why not?


Decided to open a bottle of Ravenswood Zin, such an easy wine to drink! At 14.5% some might not consider it an ideal mid-week choice, but honestly unless you think about it you don’t notice the alcohol, not at first anyway. And I’m retired so frankly what do I care?
I always wonder how long this would keep. This is 2013 and doesnt show any visible signs of ageing. Perhaps if I try hard i can imagine there’s a bit more chocolate and tar alongside the rich black berry flavours. It’s just very hedonistic!

(Reminder to self - dont forget there’s a lentil stew cooking on the stove)


I’m drinking Bret Brothers 2013 Soufrandiere tonight. It was on a bin end at the local wine retailer. Maybe a bit too nice for a midweek but I just fancied it


Well, the Planeta Alastro was not faulty - thankfully!- and what a gorgeous wine it was, too! If it were nearing the end of its life (being 5 years old), you wouldn’t know it. Fresh as a daisy, with a complex nose of citrus, peach, yellow flowers (I thought a slightly pungent dandelion), honey and herbs. The palate was at the same time light and yet with substance, and there was a distinct lees-y sour cream note to it; the texture was lovely, and the whole ensemble was just delightful. Long finish too, with an almost tingling lemon note.

We had it with turkey in cream and tarragon sauce, and wine and food really worked wonderfully together. A mid-week treat! :heart_eyes:


Well The Glasshouse will be !


They both were! What a lovely restaurant. I’m very familiar with La Trompette, The Ledbury and Chez Bruce, but my first time to Glasshouse. Nice to see Monika there (ex La T) and the sommelier Svetoslav (ex 67PM) is excellent. The cheese was spectacular ((and the cheese lady ex La T is so cute)

Our line up was…

  • Comtes 2006 (from the M&S deal, just so lovely)
  • Bell Hill Chardonnay 2009 - really classy New World effort (it had echoes of Sauvignon Blanc, but got away with it)
  • Dublere Corton Charlemagne 2007 (sadly POXed)
  • Le Grappin Savigny Les Beaunes 2013 (replacing the CC) Fresh, focused, super
  • Barolo Domenico Clerico Per Cristina 2004 - classic Barolo - stern, not joyous
  • Barolo E Boglietti Case Nere 2004 - much more pleasurable, more like a Barbaresco
  • Cote Rotie Rostaing 1996 (corked!)
  • Leoville Lascases 1970 (in immaculate condition!) All you want in a mature claret - relaxing and comforting, cedar, tobacco, autumnal fruit
  • Climens 1999 Quite an embracing seville orange note enhanced this, avoiding it becoming too sickly sweet.

It’s funny - we went along under the guise of the Farr vintners’ free corkage deal, but The Glasshouse does free corkage on Tuesdays anyway! We paid £75/head including half an extra cheese course each and a generous tip. Maybe a good option for a future meet up?


Tasty, old-fashioned Bordeaux blend:

Fragrant, sweet, spot on :lebanon:


Monday , Tuesday: Ame soeur, Ogier, 2016
A côté Rotie in disguise, with already supple tannins. Made me pick up some 2017 Ame Soeur as part of the Rhone 2017 EP
Today- Friday if it lasts until then ?: beaucastel coudoulet rouge 2016
Dark fruits and freshness, tannins a bit grainy. Very satisfying and punching above its price.


Thalabert is lovely. Meat and sharp red berries. Champagne was recommended by shop manager, very pleasant style. Anniversaries should come more often!


I love billecart rosé!


Going for a 2016 Cusora which is a nice Sicilian Chardonnay from Caruso & Manini . Love the dairy notes of this wine. It’s been left on the lees for around a couple of months. Nice, creamy texture.


Ostoros PN and Crystallum Peter Max PN tonight (the Hungarian left over from yesterday).

Both very good if you consider price. Both warmer climate PNs.


Under a fairly strict calorie control regime, but this handy half hit the spot with spicy pasta. Very well priced, ripe and dense Montepulicano, a cut above the Society’s own label version. A bit of a head-cold so anything too fancy would have been a waste.


Dipping a toe in the water with one of these tonight, before jumping in with both feet: