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Midweek drinking thread [18-21 March 2019]



Took it easy over the weekend, so treated myself to a half bottle tonight. Really very good, I suspect will drink much longer than TWS window suggests. Toffee apple shortbread… more of these please.

What are you drinking this week?


By far and away the best Verdicchio I’ve had, although I can’t say I’ve explored the grape much. I’ve always found it a bit insipid and bland, but this isn’t at all. Quite rich and slightly oily texture. Pear, almond, maybe a hint of grapefruit, medium + acid and finish. Very satisfying. I’m working quite hard to resist another glass…


Verdicchio can be very good indeed, with low yields. That’s one of 2 interesting examples on the W/S list.

Walked a few miles today and sipped this with a light supper, 100 year old vine muscadet with a bit of bottle age under a tenner, some nutty mature notes, but fresh with a hint of anise. Really good value and a lot of complexity and length for the price:


At our residents’ association AGM tonight for which I’d bought some Basilicata Bianco Alovino and Lagoalva Tejo from Stevenage bin ends last week. Numerous compliments on the wines and somebody looked up the Tejo on his phone and found “average price £12” so was very impressed I’d got it for 6.75. I was drinking the Basilicato and found it delicious, fruity, bright and fresh. Just about to finish off a bottle now.


Getting into the mood for making my Burgundy EP bid by opening a delightful old Chassagne (unfortunately not a producer TWS stock):

It’s absolutely delicious - broad, slightly sweet lemon curd, moving into a more saline preserved lemon, then some flinty smoke, followed by a long brioche finish. Could be improved with a touch more acidity, but if all white Burgs tasted like this then I wouldn’t complain.


In anticipation for a movement on the EP Rhone front today, planning to open this tonight:

I suspect I will love it - but we’ll see if the wine delivers this evening… :grinning:


Enjoyed this last night:

Had opened it and decanted to have on Saturday, but it was all out of balance and I thought it might be past it, so put it back in the bottle and popped it back in the fridge. Thought I would try it again last night and it had really come around, with a delightful creamy minerality


That’s a fairly common reaction (by me) to 2009 white burgs. - the word “flabby” might be added. Glad it came round!


Theres one glass remaining in a bottle of Vinalba GR Malbec. This must have been a gift from someone and i know nothing about it! Entirely drinkable sub-£10? Malbec.
Next up, the last bottle of this…

… Not bad, not great and a bit “dusty”. Better than i remember in fact. It’ll do :+1:


Well, call me Nostradamus…

This is a beauuutiful white Lirac!

The nose is a melange of stone fruit, honey, the husband also sniffed a bit of haystacks (well, he did grow up in rural Essex!), orange blossom and something a bit herbal too. The palate is even more joyous- with delicious notes of nectarine, peach and a rich, creamy mouthfeel - but all held together neatly with a kickass bitter orange pith on the finish, and a lively acidity that stops it from being cloying.

A triumph - and at such a good price too! Vive la Rhône! :star_struck:


@Inbar Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed this wine at the Rhone tasting last month - better than the Tavel Rose or the Lirac Rouge IMHO. Full of life and flavour - Rhone white wines have been a revelation over the last few years.


Had friends round and a rather boozy evening.but will just mention this wine:

With beef and venison stew. A bit tart on first open but softened gloriously for the meal. Gkad i got some 2016 also.

And some of you will be interested in the back label:


Do love Nicholas Potel wines and the detailed back labels. Well made, and relatively good value (for Burgundy).

Just sharing a half bottle tonight, first sip of it is favourable, very typical Marsanne, young and fresh but still some honeyed flavours:


South African Rousanne tonight for a change

Slight struck match character on the nose - just as the details state - and with fresh lemon zest character. Broad in the mouth and with sufficient acidity to counterbalance that breadth. Nice enough now and I would think for a couple of years or more.


This is another one for the NZ SB denigrators to try

It seems to come and go on TWS lists, I don’t know if that’s because supply is limited, and/or because it sells quickly. Either way I recommend it. For me the aroma is mainly nettles, minerals, and grapefruit, and the palate matches the aroma. There’s nothing aggressive about it at all, just a clean, refreshing harmony that calls out for some nice food to accompany it. In my case I’m about to fry some sea bream which I think will do the job well.


Seems the week for white Rhone varieties! :grinning::+1:
Must try this one!


Wineo friends were round on Friday… supposed to be drinking whisky, so I was dismayed at how empty the rack was on Saturday morning… but they left the Beaujolais!!!

Very drinkable on a Wednesday evening!! :grin:


I’m more and more of the opinion that South Africa offers currently more interest than anywhere else in the new world, for whites at least.


I agree! Producers like Badenhorst and Mossop are making some really excellent whites! Seems like there’s a lot of creativity and enthusiasm there at the moment.

I’m off to a SA tastings next Wednesday, and hoping for some new discoveries! :blush:


Love me some South African wine! I lived there for a while and we used to go to Robertson to stock up! The co-op Colombard they had was delicious and unbelievably cheap… I’m talking pence per bottle!

Had some of this the other week… very enjoyable!