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Midweek Drinking Thread [17 to 20 February 2020]



A Morrison ‘Best’ 2018 Chablis this evening – bought on a whim. I didn’t have huge expectations, but actually this is very pleasant without requiring too much brain work (which is good, as I got no brain power left!):

On the nose there is some orchard fruit, a touch of tropical note and whiff of gunflint/smoke. On the palate it is riper than expected (the vintage, I suppose), with a medium body and very nice mouthfeel. There is pineapple note, as well as yellow apple, pear skin sort of bitterness and a twist of citrus zest on the finish. Throughout there’s a nice mineral tingle, a good amount of acidity, and the finish is medium. Much more enjoyable than expected! :+1:

The other half is making fish cakes with spinach and hollandaise sauce, which I’m sure will go nicely with this. We don’t drink much Chablis – not sure why, but this acts as a reminder to get some more complex examples from TWS in my next order.

What is in your glass this week? :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


An Etna Rosso ‘Ciauria’ 2018 from Pietro Caciorgna here. IIRC I owe thanks to your good self for bringing it to my attention !

…with some rolled pork belly, pasta and green salad. The pale colour is very appealing. Fresh nose of cherries with a dark savoury undertow. Light body, subtle flavours but plenty of depth, lovely freshness, savoury red fruits, and I’ve gotta say it, minerals too. Silky texture with a Teflon slipperiness that makes it slide down all too easily. 100% Nerello Mascalese. Excellent !

Edit - nice chewy finish too, yum.

I’ll come back to this tomorrow to see if it shows any development.

A small glass, or two, of the Moscatel de Setubal, I enjoyed so much on Sunday, will follow.


Ah yes! :smile: I bought a couple bottles of the 2017 myself, after tasting it in our Brighton & Hove group. I think it’s one of the lovliest Etna Rosso I’ve ever had! Glad you enjoyed it as well, and sounds like a fine food match, too! :+1:


I still have one 2014 in L&W reserves which will be interesting to try - I had one last year and didn’t feel there was any rush - very good value


San Pellegrino and lemon juice! I feel the goodness flooding my veins leaving just a residual glow of smugness!



This took a while to open up to reveal its brambly fruit flavours. Sturdy, reminded me of some old vine Carignan I’ve had.

Would go well with a bit of steak - speaking as a non-carnivore!


Many thanks to @EdMcK for the recipe inspiration and for the helpful pic. Just had goats’ cheese, chorizo and black pudding salad with a couple of glasses of a Pouilly-Fume 2017 from Domaine de Riaux…

…a delicious pairing it was too. Nettles and gooseberry on the nose. Similar green flavours on tasting, nothing hollow, quite rich but with lovely freshness. Having had numerous house cats, I wasn’t reminded of the litter tray.

I’ll definitely be having this again, maybe, with a cheaper Loire sauvignon next time.


Day 2 of San Pellegrino; smugness now gone completely and replaced by boredom. Looking forward to something decent tomorrow evening!


We are in Portugal but enjoying the potential of a bottle of a Spanish Olorosa seco Sherry from Gonzalez Byass ‘Alfonso’ with Portobello farcie and spiced couscous .


School holiday sanity wine, looking forward to this:

Oh no. Seriously? Corked??

Why does it always happen to the posh irreplaceables?? WHY?? :sob:

Stupid tree bark. Every now and then I can almost smell a top-notch wine trying to get my attention among the week-old damp laundry and fusty cardboard … then it’s gone again. It’s heartbreaking.


Man, that’s such a shame. No doubt, you’ll get refunded but what a disappointment it must have been. Especially as it’s a wine you were obviously looking forward to so much.


Just reported it. I have a second bottle but I was going to hold on to it for a while longer, depending on how this one turned out :roll_eyes: … what to do …

Okay. I’ll still leave the other Trevallon and pick out something else … and perhaps drink a little more of it this evening than I intended :neutral_face:


I went down with a cold last week that ended up destroying my sense of smell with a vindictive thoroughness that I’ve not experienced before, and hope never to again. None of the normal “I’m feeling a bit bunged up, and can’t really smell properly”. This left nothing, and I mean nothing, coming through, even though air was actually flowing. Savoury food was just aggressively salty and bitter, with no other flavour at all and I was left on holiday in France, with an appetite, but not enjoying a single mouthful.

Anyway, fortunately I’m out the other side, and back in the saddle with a pre-dinner glass of a go-to wine for easy pleasure:

It’s so good to be able to taste again, even if I’m not getting the full experience. I’m getting fruitiness, I’m getting smokiness, I’m even getting some nuts and a bit of spice. Bliss!


Glad you enjoyed this combo. One of my favourites, and so easy to prep! :yum:


Okay, substitute wine, also a cabernet/syrah blend:

Fresh, minty nose at first, becoming ripe and sweet. Easy on the oak, with everything mingling together nicely. The palate is more fruits-of-the-forest yoghurt, still a little grippy and with a long, satisfying finish.

Of course, it’s no Trevallon … not that I know what it’s like anyway :roll_eyes:

PS - I paid less than Cellartracker is making out there - think it was £18…


Pleased to read you’re feeling better !

I missed your posts last weekend and was wondering if there was a reason behind it. Now I know why. Lovely wine BTW !


Thanks for your thoughts. “It’s wet” would really have been the outer limit of any tasting notes at the weekend - not very informative!


Bin a while since I’ve had a Gruner and this is a wonderful example from Domaine Wachau (who were the first Austrian producer I tried about 20 year back).

Lovely lighter style with great length, spice and mineral tang. Going to drink more Gruner this year.


Highlights from my French wine scholar bottles this evening (Bordeaux was the topic):

Gorgeous, even for someone like me who is not easily moved by Bordeaux blends. The nose was super - floral, delicate with hints of spice (clove?), and sweet tobacco. If this is ‘feminine’ then I am a Femininist! :smiley:

Pleasure continued on the palate - with blackberries, even a little bit of prune, tobacco, cedar and smooth tannins. This was so pleasurable - even without decanting and allowing time, so I suspect would be even lovelier with more time in the glass.

Only the third time I ever tried this wine (and never this vintage), but it seems to be consistently excellent. Cedar, spice, tobacco and dark berries on the nose; on the palate it is well-structure with good balance between acidity and the quite dusty tannins, medium + finish and good concentration of fruit lingering on the palate. Delicious.

Words fail me. Heaven.

We also tasted a Chinon (as we had a corked bottle last week) - which made my heart do a little happy polka:

Good old Domaine Sourdais… they know what they’re doing. This had the nose of tomato leaf, Jalapeños with wild strawberries and ripe berries. The wild strawberries continued on the palate, which was juicy with plenty of bright acidity. So good… :star_struck:

As for the Bin 4 Furmint (tasted courtesy of a fellow student)… all I’d say is that I think it’ll be a marmite wine. Incredibly interesting and unusual, and invited a lot of fascinating tasting notes. Can’t wait to hear what members think!

I need a pint of water now! :cup_with_straw:


LI realised around the third week of Jan that I had drunk alcohol pretty much every day since the beginning of November. I don’t have an issue with alcohol and I can take it or leave it but decided to refresh myself for 2020 and cut down to just twice a week for a while.

The crutch of this all is I really like the taste of beer (and wine) so I have been searching for the least repellant alcohol free or low alcohol beer. I find them mostly too malty.

Settled so far on this:


When cold in the glass it’s very authentic. I’m not going to bother with alcohol free wine.