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Midweek Drinking Thread ( 16th-19th November)

Is this ready to drink yet?

The 2015 is, I think, based on a bottle I had last month.

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Hi @japcraw. Apologies I should have said the 2016. I was checking out cellar tracker comments on both the 2016 and the 2017 and put the wrong year in my post (which I have corrected).

The answer to your question is that the 2017 is not ready yet in my opinion but I think the 2016 will probs be at the beginning of the window. I’ll find out and post an answer.

Now, where’s that number for the short-term memory therapist… :flushed:


I had this last night - first Grüner. It was very, very nice. Unfortunately I had horrible acid reflux or something during the night after drinking it. I think it’s probably a coincidence. But I imagine like Reisling it’s quite acidic and probably didn’t help. But it’s lovely stuff, and worth me trying it again to test if it was involved. Really, this is a gem for the price.


Right, the cat is amongst the pigeons!

Lady Brentw1 has just sidled up to me saying “Did you mention you had bought some Greek wine?”

So I now have a dilemma. @japcraw has made me wonder if I should have the Pataille 2016 Marsannay or the 2017 Rapsani with the fillet steak. I’m planning triple cooked chips, fine green beans, garlic mushrooms and baked vine tomatoes, served with a mildish homemade pepper sauce (I have a fantastic ‘cheat’ recipe with optional cognac if anyone is interested).

I have no experience of the Rapsani so what would you choose out of the two (and advice on whether that would be ready yet). @MarkC, look at what you have got me into sir! If it hadn’t been for you, I would not have bought that case of Xinomavro, so as I said a while back, you and others have a lot to answer for! :joy:


For some back up to @MarkC ’s view you may want to read the review posted by another respected forum contributor @Leah mentioned on another thread today.


Thymiopoulos Terra Olympos Rapsani 2015,

A gorgeous Greek red from the exciting new venture of Apostolos Thymiopoulos. Apostolos has shown himself to be a master of the xinomavro grape, which plays an important part in Rapsani with two other local grapes, 120km further south of Naoussa. The palate is ripe and naturally sweet in this warmer…

This wine or vintage is no longer available.

Details correct as at: 20/11/2020 11:11


I had some Rapsani recently and loved it. It wouldn’t be my first choice of steak wine, though - perhaps a little too subtle for that job?


If it were sirloin or rump and normal pepper sauce I’d probably go down the Shiraz route but Lady Brentw1 is not massively into that option.

That’s why fillet, somewhere between rare and medium rare and toned down sauce.

This is the beauty of wine and food of course, no wrong answers really (although I would not fancy Madeira with my Toad-in-the-Hole personally!) :flushed:


I hope you are feeling better now to enjoy a glass of vino in this miserable weather


I make no apologies…once you try it you will see why! The bottle I’ve been slowly consuming over the last week was the '16 and it was fantastic. As was the '15.

I’ve got the Pataille Marsannay too. I would be restrained with the saucing for either of them. Not pepper! Maybe just deglaze the pan with a little water and wine? The Marsannay might be slightly better with steak? Having said that, I’ve drunk the Rapsani with lasagne, liver and bacon and initially with a beetroot tarte tatin and it went really well with two. The liver and bacon maybe overshadowed it a bit…


Good advice and thank you. Complete change of plan. I’m going to force her to drink a Penfolds Bin 28 as she is determined to have the pepper sauce!

I might even decant it and tell her it’s the Greek one as I too can be a scoundrel (I’m only joking… :wink:)

NB Oh for my Christmas Coravin!


And the deed was done! A good couple of hours in the decanter as well.

“What do you think of the Greek wine?”

“It’s OK’ but it’s not really my favourite style”

“Oh that’s OK, I’ll drink the other 5 bottles then. I wouldn’t want to foist something on you that you don’t really enjoy.” :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


Treated ourselves to this over a longish lunch as it was such a miserable day.,.
Smooth Shiraz, integrated tannins, ready for drinking with a bramble finish perfect winter warmer.

Visited this estate years ago, remote WA, and this was their entry level offering a made for drinking. Perfect.