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Midweek Drinking Thread ( 16th-19th November)

Clearly an abstemious lot this Monday evening (as I often am TBH).

Finished the Chateau Maucaillou tonight. More integrated, more fruit, very complete. Still classical old style claret, but not quite as austere as before…might have been even better tomorrow if any was left…

@MikeFranklin this should suit your parsimonious drinking style :wink: :smile:!


Talking of being alcohol free on a Monday we parked the routine as our Sunday meal went to this evening…so had to have a glass of wine…
So with bacon wrapped pheasant breast, red wine jus +++ this

An easy drinking village Pinot, very enjoyable but …the Sylvain Pataille is more complex and subtlety structured at a similar price point.

Easy now for a few days🤔


Which village? :wink:

It’s on the label bud🤔

Left over from the weekend, the final half of a bottle of La Fiole du Pape - Chateauneuf du Pape (N.V. as far as I can tell).
Packaged in an unusual wonky bottle with a rough finish, it’s a little lighter bodied than I’d usually expect for a CndP, but it’s lovely with food. Black pepper, black current and cherry. I sometimes struggle with the spice and acidity of Rhone wines, but this is lovely and smooth. Perhaps a bit of a novelty, but very drinkable!


Co-op Ormes Saumur rouge (2016?) - always delivers as purest cab franc full of graphite, strawberries and cream. Something of a challenge to match with food because you don’t eat savoury dishes with strawberries.Good value at £8 ish.

Tonight was Monday leftovers: saffron rice, with a stir fry of leftover pork fillet wrapped around apricots, with pak choi, soy & sesame oil dressing. Strangely went rather well with the cab franc. Bonus is the fridge is somewhat more empty.


I know that C9dP, used to get it on hols in France. Its so very French, and great drinking without any pretensions.


Until you said the village name was on the label and I searched the internet, I had no idea that Beaune was called Bellene in the Middle Ages.


I was confused too. That ain’t a village wine. Bellene in this usage is the name of the producer. This is the old vine regional grade wine. One down from village level unless I am mistaken.


Er, not here, the devil makes work for idle hands ( or minds )…

…the 2017 Cinsault has come on leaps and bounds since the first bottle was broached this time last year ( four to go ). If tasted blind, I’d be hard pressed to tell it apart from a good Burgundy at twice the price. Complex and savoury forest floor notes on nose and palate, beautiful red fruits, fresh acidity and resolved tannins to structure. Just lovely.

The sherry was polished off too ( first opened two weeks ago though ). The more than positive members reviews for the wine express its qualities better than I can right now. Another bottle will be winging its way here shortly. Incredible VFM.

Back to music for me ( TV is just awful ). Have a good week everyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tonight, some mead. Lindisfarne spiced mead, to be precise; the leftovers after I slow cooked some pork with apples, sage and mead on Sunday.


Now I have a foggy mead-head, merry with honey and winter spices. It helped when the moment came to clear up a 4 day poonami supplied by the little guy.

I recommend mead. Also Lindisfarne, once the world is free again. Hic.


The Welsh word for drunk literally translates as “I have meaded”.


I’m used to these types of natural disaster :smile:


Thanks for that… I clearly need to be more precise…:+1:
Tough crowd out there …on a Monday evening😢


I am sorry, I did not mean to offend.

So not quite for this thread but does anyone have any suggestions for a wine to make mulled wine with from TWS list sub £10 - a sort of sacrifice to the red suited man from the North Pole of you will?? :santa::deer::christmas_tree:

Don’t worry none taken all good.:+1:

Seen a few reviews here that suggest you might do worse than use this:

You could go cheaper though, this looks good:


Blame it on the lack of alcohol!

Had a deliverooed Wagamama meal with this as an aperitif. As it says a lovely Kabinett for drinking now. Not too sweet with citrus and tropical notes with a hint of spearmint, that I often get with Rheingau riesling.