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Midweek Drinking Thread [15 to 18 June 2020]

Work done 5:28.

Glass of Society Fino poured 5:29.

One of those days! It’s only Monday! :frowning:


Short commute then ?? :sweat_smile:


Straight from the kitchen table to the fridge without passing go!


So do you wok at the kitchen table and live in the fridge or the other way round?

I alos went sherry (well Montilla-Moriles) with something called Tauromaquia amontillado viejo. Not sure where I got it and Google suggests it should be around 20 euros. It’s really very nice, and does everything you’d expect an amontillado to without any off notes. Not getting any magic however… if it appears in your neighbourhood, worthwhile, but not worth going on a mission to find I’d say.

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After 13 weeks, I’m really not sure which way round it is any more. The Fino was well received and does way more than any bottle of booze for £7 should.


Weekend leftovers needing finishing off, and definitely not a hardship…

The 2016 vintage of this is just sublime :heart_eyes:

Sweet yet savoury, fruity and complex - in my view few wines deliver so much bang for the buck. My last bottle :sob:


As it’s Monday evening, just a salad with some cold roast beef, we had this simple but tasty wine - a regular purchase from TWS.


Another Tuesday, another fantastic value wine from Lidl’s recent ‘Summer Wine Tour’. This time it’s a white from Veneto, made using sun-dried Garganega grapes (though Lidl won’t tell you that):

I think I mentioned it on another thread, but a little bit of investigation suggests this wine is the same as Majestic’s Pasqua’s Passimento Bianco, a wine we enjoyed several times in the past for its easy drinking qualities.

Very nice nose - spiced pear, lemon, honey, nectarine and pineapple; smooth and friendly on the palate, with notes of honeydew melon, lemon sherbet, pear and nectarine and there’s a pleasant texture to it. Medium bodied and a little off dry on the finish, this is one easy to like wine.

So, BBQ lit, tandoori chicken ready to go on it, and this wine is going to make a very nice match, methinks! :+1:


Lucky you. We are in the midst of an epic thunderstorm here. Enjoy!

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Also just listened to Giuseppe Vajra on Zoom and felt an urgent need to put a bottle of Dragon in the fridge. The plan for a wine-free Tuesday seems somehow less appealing than it did earlier. Perhaps because the storm has passed and we have an almost cloudless blue sky?


… Coming our way tomorrow, apparently! So we’re in a ‘Carpe Diem’ mode :sunglasses:

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It was great, he has a gift with story telling ! I have no dragon left unfortunately :cry:! Enjoy :wink:

New start to the week and the chicken went on the grill and not a curry as planned the rain passed us by…
Zatar and Chilli Honey chicken with Couscous salad and glass of this delightful Tempranillo as written up in the weekend Telegraph…fruit forward Rioja with a subtle but developed oak background.


Only just getting round to posting weekend wines, sorry for the delay.

Rose was delicious. Dry, delicate fruit and savouriness that matched the Saturday evening sunshine perfectly. Very glad of the 1 litre bottle.
Red also very nice - 17 year old blend of Italian grape varieties from The Liberator in South Africa. Lots of fine sediment did not detract from a lovely wine thanks to a coffee filter paper. Fully mature, delicate fruit and totally integrated tannins. Served with veal burgers topped with garlic and truffle mushroom. Just ok on day 2 after a night in the Eto.


This was opened for midweek. I think it was £11 from Majestic, part of a parcel (picked up a Spatlese and an Auslese at the same time). Lush, juicy and racy, a touch sweeter than I prefer Kabinett but a perfect aperitif.


Rewarded myself with a half bottle of Hugel Pinot Blanc as an aperitif pre-dinner after a hard day of work in the garden! In excellent condition after 16years, maybe a touch less lively than I remember it a few years ago but still full of flavour.
I find it slightly difficult to describe the taste of good Pinot Blanc – it just tastes like pinot blanc(!) – about halfway between a chardonnay and a Rhone white, not quite oily but solid and dense with honey but not honey and long lingering flavour of some cooked white fruit like quince blended with peach and nectarine.
Nice, anyway.


Carrascal, a one-off from Weinert “A blend of 11 vintages between 2004–2017, bottled in 2019. The blend of grapes is similar to Weinert’s much-loved regular Carrascal Corte Clasico – 55% malbec, 30% cabernet sauvignon and 15% merlot”.

Just look at the colour of it! Because the wine tastes both mature AND young, I cant decide if it has plenty of years left in it, or needs drinking up.

With a rather untidy (1970’s?) summer cold plate of ham, duck egg, beetroot, potato + mayonnaise, tomato + pickled shallot. To be fair not the best match… the Carrascal would have been better with a steak & a few hours in a decanter.


Umm… without meaning to, we are having two Italian and two California wines this week

with Steak Pie, onion gravy boiled pots and steamed carrots & broccoli spears
2018 Once & Future Wine Zinfandel, Oakley Road Vineyard (California, Contra Costa County)
From TWS

with Penne in an aubergine and tomato sauce with mixed salad
2018 The Wine Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy, Abruzzo)
From - oh, you guessed it!
with grilled Cumberland sausages and roasted Jack Hawkins tomatoes
2014 Tenute Pieralisi Rosso Piceno (Italy, Rosso Piceno)
from Majestic

with homemade vegetable curry and rice
2012 Loma Prieta Winery Pinotage Bodo’s Blend (California, Lodi)
from the winery.



I know Pinotage is one of your favourites, I didn’t realise it was grown in California, is there much about?

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Pinotage is grown in any countries, but in small amounts. Loma Prieta is the largest producer in the USA. Such is the demand for it, and the premium price the owner grafted his estate Pinot Noir to Pinotage. When I was there he produced one estate and three different vineyard specific Pinotages.

Not a lot of people know that there were only five years that South Africa was the only place making Pinotage.