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Midweek drinking thread [15-18 July 2019]



Everyone abstaining this week? :wink:

I opened this last night:

And very nice it was too! Probably still a bit young (see below) so very much fruit forward with concentrated dark brambly flavours. For a relatively young Rioja the tannins were not in your face but still there giving structure but very smoothly and softly.

This is my first Muga and I would normally have left it for another year or two but I’m interested by the special selection that appeared on the list recently. If they can produce a lovely wine at this price (I believe it is the cheapest Rioja reserva that I have bought from TWS - I paid £14.50 a year ago) then that special, at a still reasonable price for a reserva, should be very interesting!


I find that seleccion especial very different, and needs a lot more time. It seems less obviously ‘Rioja-y’ to me, and much heavier, so definitely needs the decant. I’m still working on the 2005s.


Would you say it’s worth the extra price? Very personal and subjective judgement I know.


yes, but i’d rather buy the ardanza, but that’s just because i prefer that style.


And much the same price and one I love too! Hmmmm….

Maybe just have to try one and see what I think.


Opened this last night and looking forward to continuing with it tonight.

Nose started tight but quickly opened up - rich notes of melon, apple and honey. The palate had lots of bright fruit, perhaps a bit too tropical at this stage for me, carries along with a bracing acidity, rich mouthfeel and a real sense of minerality. This could do with a couple more years ageing for my preferences but really a very good quality wine indeed.


The Muga is more modern I think. Sees some new small barrel oak. The Ardanza has a good glug of Granacha.

Of course you could just have both Ardanza and Muga… oh and Cvne imperial. I really like the 2014 and 2015 is getting better critic points.
A supermarket is offering the muga and imperial in their 25% deal Btw.


Is that Waitrose? None of them up here.

I do have Ardanza, Urbina, CVNE Imperial, Murua, Navajas, Cepa Lebrel and TWS Exhibition. I guess I don’t really like Rioja! :rofl:


Today was the day to open the Bin #001 Bobal. Why today? Well, why not.

Opinion is somewhat divided on this wine. I think that for the money it is a perfectly good example of the grape. Alas! the other half found the initial fruit ‘attack’ appealing, but bitterness lingered on the finish and ruined the initial flavours. On the plus side, we both agree that it is much less rough around the edges compared with Vox Populi, which we bought from Majestic several times (and enjoyed, to be fair).

It has a lovely deep ruby colour, with aromas of dark cherries, damson, bramble and clove; there is also something a tad medicinal about it. on the palate it hits you with blueberries, black cherry and damson, as well as some cedar, clove and even a bit of funky smoked meat note. I don’t get that bitterness my OH is tasting, but he seems generally much more sensitive to it. I actually quite like its rustic charms, but it isn’t a mind-blowing wine.

Having it with some home-made goat koftas with mint and yoghurt dressing stuffed in pitta breads, so hoping for a good match! :stuffed_flatbread: :wine_glass: :grinning:


Yes and they deliver. But I just collect locally


I have two bottles open at the moment…

I bought the Riesling as part of a mixed case, not TWS, regardless it is just great. The sweetness and acidity in perfect balance with 8% alcohol over two nights midweek. I definitely need more Spatlese in my life.

The Nuy with ice cold soda water is phenomenal, the only cordial you’ll ever need (and something else for the minors).

Weekend Drinking Thread [19 to 21 July 2019]

I love the Nuy as a dessert wine with chocolate based desserts. Going to try it as a summer sunny garden drink! :yum:


Tonight’s snifter on the terrace was :

Followed by TWS Cotes du Rhone Villages Reserve 2015 (no pic, I’m afraid) which drank well with a Boeuf Vin Rouge and some cheese.



Enjoyed this Pinot Noir that was made at Greyfriars near Guildford using German grapes. The label has the full story. Has quite a full body for PN and lots of soft tannins and a nice round smooth finish. About £14 but worth it.


Couldn’t resist it.

The nose is just lovely black olive and so very Rhône, I’ve the rest to drink tonight.


I’ve one of those I’m planning to open sometime soon! :smiley:

But the plan is also to open a bottle of Les Jalets at the same time and taste the two alongside each other.


A surprise visit from friends put paid to wine free Monday…

… the Chateau Tanunda is from the Barossa and was an £8 supermarket bin-end. Dry and mineral with rounded citrus flavours and crisp acidity to balance. Focused and refreshing with toasty notes already apparent on the finish. Ridiculously good value at the knocked down price.

The Wigan ( 2012 ), from the Eden Valley is pretty similar, but with six years further bottle age, shows even greater intensity and complexity with toast and lime citrus notes running right through the palate into a long finish. Lovely wine.


When I first opened this I really didn’t notice the spice that the TWS blurb talks about but last night it was definitely there. I originally gave it about one hour decanted but I wonder if I should have gone for longer?


A golden oldie this evening. Clos Baudoin Vouvray Moelleux 1990. CellarTracker says last bottle, however there seem to be two! Usually it’s the other way round (not so good at removing a bottle from CT if it’s preceded by another).

Still fresh after 29 years which is one of the characteristics of Chenin. Gently sweet - as is typical both of many sweet Vouvrays if this era and of ones as they age - and with a hint of something slightly tropical. Long finish but maybe could do with just a little more acidity (though this is being picky).


Have opened a 2012 Ch de fonbel to go with lasagne. Decanted as very closed on a first taste. Here’s hoping it opens up.