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Midweek drinking thread [14th - 17th December 2020]

I miss warm weather, so, when it arrives this week, I will be drinking this:



I have only tried the Taylor’s white port and a few varied aperativos over the bar in :portugal:. Definitely not a connoisseur but occasionally buy a Taylor’s white at :christmas_tree:.

Look forward to hearing more …

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Also very good, but in a different style. Quinta de la Rosa’s probably a bit drier.

A glass or two of this tasty budget bottle…

And a rather nice delivery this morning. I must have been well behaved this year :innocent:


Carrying on* with a bottle of Chateau de Pitray Cabernet Franc 2015 which I opened last night. I’m quite surprised. I more or less expected it to be fairly light, easy drinking. I suppose the 14.5% should have warned me. It is easy drinking in fact but it’s much more heavyweight than I expected. It’s easy enough to drink, though not one to drink quickly. Much more of a sipping and savouring wine. Dark fruits with a gentle tannic underlying dryness. Very good.

*I mean continuing to drink!


Rauzan Despagne, also available in white:

Nice summery nose on this, like grass cuttings got in my 7up. A few more swirls and it offers a smidge of honey as well. Yum.

Not many left now…!


This with Mumbai mango fish curry last night (from a local takeaway). Really good choice for an exhibition wine. Big fan of Kunstler’s wines, this ticks all the dry riesling boxes that you could hope for in a mid range wine. Delicious and and as far as riesling can ever be made in a fairly crowd pleasing style.


Good to read this as a fellow Kunstler fan - I ordered some myself the other day and am looking forward to fetching it on Saturday. I first came across it while stuck in a hotel in Germany on my way back to Heathrow from Taiwan, when that Icelandic volcano grounded all flights; in my case mid-air only a short while from home. Intense frustration turned to humorous resignation and then intense pleasure with a free bottle of this stuff courtesy of the airline. I love what I find to be the slight salinity in it over the fruit. Only took me another 3 days to finally get home but not an altogether bad diversion :~}


I lived very close to Heathrow at that time. Not going to lie, it was absolutely idyllic not having a plane flying over (both home and work) every 90s seconds. It was a gorgeously sunny time too, so I spent a large chunk of it sat in Bushy Park, reading.


Isn’t that from the same family that produce the Bel Air Perponcher that I tried recently, and was reasonably impressed with?

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I can empathise - we live in the sticks under the flightpath for Luton airport; the planes come in [more usually than take off] only a short height over our heads. Lockdown flying-silence has been ethereal! That said though, I can’t deny that in fact the usual situation doesn’t actually much bother us - you get used to it etc etc, and we get to live in a rural idyll without much chance - famous last words - of building development on our (back)doorstep. I’d even go so far as to say I quite like the noise; as noises go, at least it’s an exciting noise, and we get our very own Wayne’s World heads-back-on-the bonnet moments at our pleasure from the back garden. We’re chocakablock with wildlife-to-view-from-the-back-garden for the same reasons.; especially deer & hares, but all the usual suspects, and some less usual ones, are around us and we love it.


Yeah, I think it’s all part of Vignobles Despagne.

I’ve had a red and a white from Rauzan Despagne in this advent calendar so far and they’ve both been well made, entry-level Bordeaux, which is good to know as it can be so hit-and-miss at that level.


Yes I had the TWS Bel Air Perponcher for the first time just recently and thought it a very good value (£10.50/bottle) fruit forward Bordeaux.


I recently bought this offering form the Despagne family:

A white Bordeaux blend (bottled in a Burgundy bottle, just to confuse!) - I bought it when it was reduced to £9.99

Looking forward to it - sounds like they make good wines! :+1:


Last two nights: Domaine de Trevallon Blanc 2016, from the recent TWS list. Trevallon’s serving suggestion is decant and drink at 15 degrees.

It was ok, flavours you would expect from a predominantly marsanne-roussane blend, some savoury/saline notes, held up for 24 hours no problem, plenty more life in it too. But make no mistake, you’re paying for the name. There is definitely better value with that sort of blend elsewhere (St Peray for example). I wanted to see what it was like, but won’t be buying again.


A wine that is like a visit from a good friend this evening – ‘Pétalos’ from Alvaro Palacios – to celebrate the start of my Christmas break! And boy, is this wine the perfect antidote to struggling students, crazy workload and the general distress and despair that I’ve been working with since September:

The 2016 was a revelation of a wine – it really elevated Mencía in our estimation, so that it now resides happily next to Cab Franc as far as our love for the savoury, herbaceous yet floral and fruity red wines go. I think I still prefer the 2016 to this (2017), but I’m nit-picking, really as this is just so enjoyable, not to mention well-made.

Deep violet in the glass, the nose is a combination of dark fruits (plums, dark cherries, blackberries), dark chocolate, wood-smoke, violets and clove – it’s incredibly autumnal in feel. On the palate this is juicy and concentrated (again, plums, cherries even ripe strawberries), but the savoury/earthy/herbaceous notes make this so much more enjoyable and multifaceted. The bitter chocolate is there too, and the acidity gives it a good structure with a finish that is persistent and a touch gamey.

I’m doing my holiday dance in the lounge (very undignified!), and this wine just adds to the joy! :partying_face:

Happy Tuesday everyeone! :clinking_glasses:


This is delicious. It tastes of smoky pineapples and lemon sherbet.

Better, by a country mile, than the Tesco chicken kiev it is accompanying …


That’s good to know - I had some of the Bogle delivered last week!

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Opened a bottle of this to have with cold roast beef left over from Sunday. Second of 12 bottles bought e.p. Delicious - by far the best vintage of Beaumont that I have had. Enough tannin to provide backbone, amply covered by plenty of rich fruit. No rush to drink this, but to my mind no reason to keep when it is drinking as well as this.


Fifteen days on the lash now:

Nose is a little stern and disjointed - sour cherry but white pepper but vanilla. The palate, on the other hand, is much more generous and wholesome; yes, very oaky but with an inviting strawberry softness and a moreish sweetness on the finish.