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Midweek Drinking Thread [13th - 16th July 2020]

Happy Birthday @Aspedini, hope you’re having a lovely day.

Very curious, is the wild garlic the main ingredient or is it a wonderful enhancer? I love the stuff, but would take an awful lot of it to fill up a lasagne.


Tonight is time for one of my top 5 regions, Piedmont
3rd bottle of a case
Can’t fault it, delightful aromas and then the palate has loads of flavours.
Cherries coated in chocolate , cinnamon bark , coffee beans. Top Barolo producer


Happy birthday @Aspedini.

Combining a birthday, a late arrival at the “past it” wines, and a certain amount of serendipity, I found a 2000 Bouvet Saumur Brut earlier this evening and I thought I’d give it try. At the worst it would just go down the sink.
So, a surprisingly good fizz on opening, but it doesn’t last long. The colour is somewhere between ginger ale and supermarket marmalade, veering towards Tizer if you look down through the depth of the glass. There’s not a lot of flavour but it’s reminiscent of old apples just before they start to ferment. It’s not at all unpleasant - I’m drinking it quite happily - but if I acquire any more bottles of Saumur I won’t be trying to keep them for 20 years!


Little oddity from du Grappin tonight - Bourgogne Aligoté “Skin” … on the delicate side for an orange wine, a touch of the Aligoté astringency but also a creaminess and apricot scent. Lovely with food, lovely after.

A narrated lockdown production of Toast to watch, tomorrow a day off lieu (with an eye on a local pub garden just reopened and a promising forecast). I’m tempted to start the weekend drinking thread right this moment.


Just an enhancer. That would be quite a punchy lasagna with it as the main ingredient!


Had this open since Tuesday. There will be nothing on Friday.

Lovely wine. Reminded me of @Toby.Morrhall’s Burgundy presentation when he talked about how much of the enjoyment of Burgundy is in the nose, I could sniff this for days!

Right now the tannins are a little prominent, but the fruit, acidity and the fact that it just keeps going on and on help out to make it an extremely enjoyable wine.

Totally understand why on the Instagram chat @horsleym said hold and @Freddy said drink, but I think they were both right. I’m just glad I put 6 bottles in reserves so I can find out who was most right!


Happy Birthday! Food and wine sound lovely. Hope you enjoyed your day.

You were selling it until the ‘volcanic sulphur’ bit…even a hint…


Opened a bottle of this last night, which was ordered out of curiosity in my last case with some other summer roses.

It’s got some decent reviews and I can see why. Crushed redcurrants, with a bit of sourness in a good way (think Belgian fruit beer), and some strawberries towards the end. It’s at the drier end of off dry, not complex in any way, and none the worse for that. Pretty food versatile too, and at 11% it’s a good midweek glass.

I gave it 3 stars, in reality 3 and a half, but 3 stars represents a good sound wine which you’re happy to recommend. A pound cheaper and it would have got 4 maybe. I give 5 stars about twice a year if that. Another topic for debate though…


Also been supping a few bottles of this over the last couple of weeks.

I gave it 5 stars on the basis that it is head and shoulders the best low/no alcohol beer that I’ve ever had. Admittedly the bar has not been that high until recently, but on first bottle, I have to say I detected little or no difference from one of the new style citrussy hop ‘session’ IPAs at about 4% alcohol.

Next time I might do it side by side with a ‘full fat’ one but even if the latter were to win out, this is a really good alternative, and I reckon you’d have to drink about 24 bottles - a case - to have had the equivalent alcohol to a pint of regular IPA. By which point you’d have burst.


Shared a bottle of this last night. Syrah-Viognier ‘Signé’, IGP Collines Rhodaniennes, Domaine Cuilleron 2016.
A nice fresh syrah perfect for mid week, enjoyable and satisfying if slightly ambitiously priced . I do quibble with the society description of “deeply sensuous”. Moderately sensuous perhaps. Will certainly try a few more Cuilleron wines on the back of this.
Wishing one and all a deeply sensuous weekend and look forward to seeing what you’re drinking.


Happy belated birthday to @Aspedini. You’ve got me hankering for lasagna and chianti now !

Crab and chilli bucatini here yesterday with a bottle of Grosset’s ‘Alea’ Riesling 2015…

…bought as a bin end ( £15 ) this was the final bottle of six. Often described as the most Germanic of Grosset’s trio of Rieslings, which I get, it’s like an Australian take on the Rheingau. Intense lemon and lime fruit, pith and zest included, a touch of kerosene and a lovely stony mineral quality on the nose. The intensity of the nose is mirrored on tasting in its powerful citrus and wet stone flavours. A touch of RS rounds out the fruit initially before striking acidity cuts in to balance on the mid-palate to leave it tasting drier than it actually is. A long lip smacking finish with plenty of wet stone intensity confirmed its quality. Every bottle I’ve tried was better than the last so its well worth bottle aging too.

Looking forward to the weekend now and reading about what you’ve all been enjoying. Have a good one !


Three of our four midweek wines this week have been from TWS.

Wednesday I made our favourite pasta dish, penne with fried (actually brushed with EVOO and grilled to crispness) aubergine strips in a cherry tomato and basil sauce with our no-brainer match that I buy cases of

2018 Casa Vinicola Roxan The Wine Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo)

Thursday. As she so enjoyed last weeks delivery from Chez Mumtaj Mrs M stood me down from cooking duties and all I had to do was warm plates, lay the table and choose an appropriate wine.

So with Old Delhi Chicken Tikka Masala (Morsels of chargrilled pieces cooked in chefs own exotic fenugreek and tomato cream sauce) and Garlic Chilli Chicken Masala (Chargrilled chicken cooked with garlic and fresh green chillies in a spicy hot sauce) we had

2017 Kanonkop Pinotage The Society’s Exhibition (South Africa, Stellenbosch)
One of my favourite winemakers at one of my favourite wineries, I buy this every year. It’s really good value and under TWS’s label, cheaper than elsewhere.

A bit young, but now with big fruit ideal for matching with those dishes, but will mature well for another 8-10 years - if I keep it that long.


Riesling Sudtirol 2016, Falkenstein Long looking forward to trying what has the fane of being Italy’s best Riesling. For me, though, the keroseney notes are distracting and detract from the fruit expression. This is far from unique to this wine, and actually applies to most Rieslings. I know this is heresy :grinning: but for me Riesling is being relegated to the second division because of this.

Lindi Carien 2017, Lourens Family Eclectic blend with the particularity of Verdelho shading it over Chenin as the main component. A recent TWS purchase, as I’ve had so much success with S African whites that i was curious about this somewhat cheaper one. And indeed it’s a lovely, textural wine with plenty of interest and complexity.

Bellone 2017, Casale del Giglio Delicious Lazio white from exemplary producer which confirms my view that the under-the-radar Roman hinterland is producing some of Italy’s very best VFM. Classy and very well made white with stone and tropical fruit flavours, some body and good acidity, better than most Fiano I’ve had at 50% higher price. Under ten euros, and not too much more over here.


Last night we drunk
2014 Marco Martin Pinot Gris Valle d’Aosta Lo Triolet Eleve en Barriques

An oddity oak aged pinot gris. Off dry and rich but unconvincing , apparently the popes favourite wine (the last one)

A bit late to the party but i also love Suertes del Marquéz, Trenzado was my favourite white of last year. I haven’t tried this one but it sounds delicious!

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Trenzado on steriods :wink: :wink:


Sounds amazing

I’ve had plenty of Marcarini Barolo, but never the Langhe Nebbiolo. Where does it sit quality- wise compared? I ask, simply because on price the La Serra represents outrageous value, so would 12x the Lasarin represent a fair trade-off against 6 La Serra (for example)?

(I suspect, like yourself, I remain flummoxed as to how Marcarini seems to fly under the radar with regard price-for-quality. Long may it continue!)

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I paid £48 ib for the langhe which is a bargain.
Quality wise it far exceeds its rice tag and makes you wonder if the barolos will be this good considering they cost 3 to 4 times more in general. I got a case of the 2008 Marcarini Barolo Brunate for £160 ib but have not tried yet