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Midweek Drinking thread 13th -16th December

Celebratory birthday bottle which went perfectly with the pork roast. Less fruit than I was expecting but plenty of earthy, leathery and smoky notes - overall a fantastic bottle.

(Technically drunk over the weekend but I forgot to post!)


Limbering up for tonight’s Champagne zoom event with @Sarah


Another manic working day coming to an end, making Dante’s purgatory seem like a holiday camp! :exploding_head:

OK, maybe that’s a bit OTT, but not that far from the truth.

Anyway, Savoie to the rescue! This is an old-vine Jacquère wine from the ever-reliable Domaine Jean-François Quénard:

It’s subtle, understated and ever-so-delicate - but you can sense the concentration of the old vines (60 years old apparently); there’s lovely and fragrant orchard fruit, delicate honey, fresh herbs and wet stones on the nose, and similar notes follow on the palates with ripe and delicious pears, honey, Alpine herbs and a zinging minerality. It’s rounded and generous and uplifts the tired spirit! :relieved:

The husband is making a leek, mushroom, bacon and Reblochon tart, so I’ll pretend that we’re in a chalet somewhere, far far away from students……

Happy Tuesday! :clinking_glasses:


Are you a teacher Inbar …… I have 3 children who are teachers for their sins

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Oh goodness, no!

I am a mental health adviser and support coordinator for students. They’re (mostly) really lovely, but as the world is turning madder and madder - so are they (and I).


We’re having Roast Chicken with Morels (in cream sauce), and TBH I’m being indecisive, do we go with a

ie A Mount Pleasant Lovedale
A rather broad-shouldered Pacherenc du Vic Bilh Sec from Berthomieu
A Tokaj Nobilis Tokaji Furmint (from TWS)

Please help, I have 30 minutes before OH emerges from the shower and is expecting dinner to be a decisive affair :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m afraid I can’t remember who recommended this one, but thank you!


Very pale but full of floral flavour, the TWS description covers it very well. Definite repurchase after Christmas.


Mount Pleasant vote here


It’s open. :smiley:


First Contino I’ve tried. Trying this with one eye on the Olivo in the rack. Caveats: 2017 wasn’t great in Rioja.

It’s distinctive as Rioja’s go. More liquorice, than I have ever experienced in a rioja. Good balance of fruit and complexity, tannins not overt.

I see why people struggle to place it in the modern/traditional Rioja classification. It’s distinctive more towards modern for me

It’s a great first taste from the Contino family


Door 14 and it’s Kiwi sauvignon blanc but this time from Nelson:

Back label says it tastes of … what’s that…?


Now I feel totally inadequate. I started looking it up but just stopped caring very quickly.

Anyway, to me the nose was more like grapefruit, but with a nice sweetness to it, grassiness very much in the background, and the lime was more on the palate. Not as mouth-puckering as I was expecting, just refreshing and tasty.

Feijoa, for goodness’ sake, pfff. I’m hoping this is the most unhelpful descriptor ever, because the alternative is that I really need to get out more, although I suppose both could be true… :thinking:


Feijoas are a very common fruit in NZ (and in parts of South America, I think). They have a distinctive taste. If it is accurate, then to me it is a helpful descriptor. I am not sure that it is Seifried’s fault that you haven’t heard of it?


I had to check

“Feijoas taste like taking the best elements of strawberry, guava and pineapple and mixing them together. They smell pleasantly sweet and flowery. To eat a feijoa, cut (or rip) it in half and scoop out the inside creamy white flesh (a little brownish color is fine to eat). Feijoas are a good source of vitamin C, fiber and potassium, and they even contain a little protein.”

Yes, I should get out more too.


No, it isn’t, and I probably do need to get out more :laughing:

I think I’m applying the can-I-find-it-in-Tesco-Metro test to whether or not a fruit descriptor is useful to the average wine drinker. It was bottled in the UK, but maybe it’s the same label as the New Zealand bottles.


Very popular in Israel, as well. Lovely-looking plant, and fruit is good. Never seen it in a tasting note, though!

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I don’t think its the same label (since I’m not aware of Seifried using the name “Nelson Bay” in NZ; they use “Seifried”, “Aotea” and “Old Coach Road” - see Shop Online - Seifried Estate Winery) but the tasting note is clearly written by Hermann Seifried himself, which would explain the reference to feijoa.


Trying to track one down in Yeovil and, well, I think they’re trying to tell me something…!



That’s almost as accurate as the TWS search engine! :rofl:


Must admit, I’ve never heard of it either. My mind (typically) went straight to pork and thought what a curious tasting note for Sauvignon Blanc


I have grown this as a shrub, it rarely fruits here unless in a greenhouse and is known as the Pineapple Guava, sounds a bit pseuds corner for a descriptor…