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Midweek Drinking thread 13th -16th December

Firstly, I need to seek forgiveness from the food gods.

I made a Pissaladiere this evening, and very nice it was too, though I say so myself. I think the addition of tapenade is a minor, perfectly-in-keeping addition - a minor infringement at worst…

…but then, as if jolting the gods from their torpor with such a minor irritation wasn’t enough, I proceeded to trash their code of conduct by the inclusion of the most-definite interloper of Mozzarella. I appreciate how serious this could be.

And to make matters worse, the internet suggested I serve a low tannin wine with this. I think I could hear The Cellar laughing from the Living Room. So, the best I could try was this…

Which is neither a perfect, nor imperfect, pairing. Despite same variety, quite a different wine to the Kompsos Liatiko that TWS sell/sold (which I prefer to this), being more full-bodied in the mid-palate, and less interesting, frankly. I think it may cellar for a bit though, so remaining bottles will stay untouched for a year or two to see.


Bit of finish off from weekend tonight.
Montagny was lovely. Rich but concentrated. Stuff all those fancy AOCs in côte de Beaune.
The Faugères is schist like stuffed with red fruit. So
lots of stuffing all round. Sorry but run out of adjectives and adverbs.


Just home from our winter roadtrip spent the last few days with old friends in Rutland and whizzed down the A1 / M25 / M3 / 303 / 350 and home to this with pasta and ragu.

Delicious, quite soft tannins and very drinkable with richness of cherry and spice. First of six so that was a good decision some years ago. Probably another should have gone for 12 moment :thinking:


I’m off for a couple of days so why the hell not hey?


Good description of Faugeres…the Mencia I had the other day was a bit like that too…

Tonight I made a mushroom risotto, with dried porcini and some pretty good chestnut and wide cap woodland mushrooms, home made chicken stock. River Cafe recipe.

Coravined a couple of small glasses of this with it.


Six months or so since last tasting, which was good. It’s got better. More vibrant colour. Lovely herbal red fruit nose, with a little wood but not too much. Spine and character, rasping tannic edge in a good way, like Barolo. Great with the food.


Thank you Mark, at least my wine descriptions fare better than my descriptions of England bowlers!


I opened one of these last night - a barrel fermented Rioja Blanco ‘Gran Bohedal’ Bodegas Bohedal 2019 - and am enjoying another glass/es this evening with a chook dish with rosemary & sweet smoked paprika.

I wasn’t in truth expecting a great deal, which was part of my motivation for opening it - easier to enjoy in moderation etc. But hey, how wrong was I - it’s really rather good, and certainly a steal for a tenner in my book. Toasty and unctuous, nice creamy texture, but plenty of viura fruit to keep it fresh and airy too. I think I might just be getting me some more of these.


Not sure I disagreed too much about the bowlers…mainly that Root isn’t the most astute captain, which he would need to be to salvage much I think.

Australia are just so ruthless at home…you can’t give them an inch.

Hard as a schisty Faugeres! :rofl:

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Australian fielders slating rather than sledging perhaps?

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Well it’s not so long since they had a Slater…

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Did you know that in December they call it “sleighing”?


Is that a description of what the Australian bowling does to the England batting?

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Quite possibly.:grimacing:

Meanwhile, back on topic, I enjoyed the online port tasting tonight. Graham’s Natura very good at the lower end of the scale. Graham’s 20 yo tawny showing as out of stock but worth keeping an eye out for, especially if you can find a bottle on offer in Waitrose (also oos online).


2012 Dönnhoff Oberhäuser Leistenberg Riesling Kabinett.

Early evening pub meal for son #2’s birthday, and a late evening bottle for the grown-ups.

Extraordinary. Initially it felt similar to Prum’s WS Kabinett, but after ten minutes in the glass it suddenly exploded into life and complexity. It has a pale, almost translucent gold colour. There are white flowers on the nose, and the aroma of a mountain stream - clear and fresh. Lime, apple, honey at first sip. Yes, there’s a bead of acid too, but it’s balanced and delicious. A soft tang rather than a strident bite - it sits in the background holding your coat, not shouting for attention. There’s petrol too, just nibbling at the edges, and maybe a hint of mushroom. And oh my, baked apples, gingerbread and a crunch of brown sugar that lasts and lasts before melting into pineapple - but overripe pineapple, when you warm it with brioche and it gets all sticky and shiny. Wow. I like this. Glad we didn’t serve it with food - it wouldn’t have got nearly as much attention :slight_smile:

Found on BBR last year for 90/6 IB.


I opened a bottle of Fairview Bushvine Cinsault, Paarl 2017 a couple of nights ago and I’m afraid it’s really not doing it for me. It is nicely fruity but to my tastes it is a bit sharply acidic. It might have been better drunk a touch chilled as a summer wine. Certainly, for me, it’s not a patch on the lovely Spice Route Chakalaka from the same producer. I did seem to prefer my first bottle drunk a year ago although I still wasn’t hugely impressed.


Last night with a mediocre Chinese takeaway I opened this lovely old Riesling:



I was joined by Katie’s best friend Amy and more briefly by her partner. I kept a few of Katie’s dresses for to look through and she took a good number which I’m very pleased about.

The cork completely disintegrated so I sieved it into a milk jug, and double decanted into another bottle. The wine was fortunately fine, a fairly dark golden colour, with a rich and spicy character, good length and a lovely balance between dryness and sweetness. Not over petroly which is a bonus, although I wouldn’t keep it too long.

If you’ve got a butler’s friend to hand, you may need it!


Yesterday was time for the ‘Firefighter’, surely an ironic name for a wine boasting an alcohol level heading towards Molotov cocktail territory…

Whatdoyouknow, it turned out to be quite balanced. Hedgerow fruits and liquorice allsorts on the nose, soft and dry on the palate, not much boozy sting, moving towards cherry throat lozenge on the finish. Wasn’t so big and scary after all.


Good to hear this, and good to hear about the Riesling too - I snapped up one of these for an Xmas treat at some point, and will follow your advice re uncorking! And hopefully then enjoy it as much as you seem to have done :~}

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Couple of reports…

Last night I made a cod curry with coconut, lime etc, crispy prawn bhajis and a soft spicy mushroom and spinach bhaji. A perennial problem; what on earth wine would go with this - I felt the intuitivy radar zoning in on this somewhat obscure Greek sémillon we got a few years ago, and it didn’t fare too badly. Stood up to everything except the mushroom job. We got a nose of mimosa and some flavours of almonds, pears and vanilla, almost getting a viognier thing going. Certainly several miles away from your somewhat tart acidic Hunter Valley incarnation.

And so, to today’s boozy lunch with friends on their terrace overlooking snowy Pyrennean peaks… the meal was salmon rillettes, barbecued short rib beef and chargrilled veg, cheeses and a raspberry parfait.

The Minervois was a blanc; apparently pinot blanc & roussanne blend. Very nice.
I brought the Peruvian petit verdot / tannat which held its own impressively amongst the French contributions. Incidentally a) Tacama has the oldest vineyard in S America and b) was due to be visited by us the very day after Peru declared a Covid lockdown in March '20 and kicked us out of the country. Hope to return next year…