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Midweek Drinking Thread [13 to 16 May 2019]



The husband is making fish tagine this evening, so we decided to open this delightful 2017 white Rhone we got at Tesco:

A seriously lovely wine, balancing fresh, but ripe fruit (citrus, some stone fruit) and floral notes (elderflower, orange blossom) with a tingling lemon-zesty acidity. The texture is quite interesting too – it’s got a nice chewiness to it. Finish is quite long, and for £8 it really is a very good mid-week wine. I definitely need more white Rhone in my life!

Happy Tuesday! :clinking_glasses: :sun_with_face:


Yesterday I spent an enjoyable evening at the Languedoc-Rousillon tutored tasting, for which my notes are increasingly incomprehensible. I was very surprised to hear that this region alone produces more wine than the whole of Australia. Interesting.

Welcomed with a glass of Crémant de Limoux Cuvee Eugenie, a very nice light refreshing lemony fizz, much appreciated after a rather brisk walk up Guildford High Street. Good stuff; you just need an opportune moment to open a magnum.

Then 2 good whites: Félines Jourdan Picpoul, smelt a bit piney after the cremant, but then became more herby, slightly minty, salty, citric. One I will almost certainly buy. And Cotes du Rousillon Blanc Coume Marie la Preceptorie - smooth, rich, creamy, textured. Another one I’d like to buy.

A Minervois Chateau Sainte Eulalie Rosé. Not one for me. Not bad but just reminding me slightly of the pink mouthwash at the dentist (at my dentist anyway!). Actually it was better than this sounds and I’d happily drink it again, but wouldn’t buy it.

(Added after realising I’d missed one). Faugères Nos Racines, Chateau de la Liquiere 2015; this and the next two were very dark purplish colours right to the rim. I was slightly disappointed with this but thought it would be better in a few years. I think I’ve had a slightly older one at home and enjoyed it a lot.

Saint Chinian Chateau la Dournie. A bit dusty for me.

Fitou Domaine Jones, not from an old French family! Very smooth, rich, and easy to drink. At £15.50 it seems quite dear to me. A definite maybe!

Le Soula Rouge 2010. A different colour from the previous 3 wines. More dark red, less purple. For me definitely the best red of the evening, but £22 a bottle seems a lot for a wine that should apparently be drunk within 2 years. And there are a lot of wines available in this price range.

Rivesaltes Parcé Frères 1988, another £22 bottle, but it is over 30 years old, with plenty of time ahead of it. A vin doux naturel. Rich, sweet, raisiny, caramel, toffee. A lovely drink. Definitely worthwhile but one of those delicious sweet wines which struggle to find the right moment for consumption.

Strangely so much easier to walk (float?) down the hill afterwards!


Pleasant, very typical Etna with cinnamon, cola and balsamic notes. Lacking a bit of mid body fruit to carry the 14.5% but we will see if it unfurls in the eto. Good summer red.


Off line for a while thanks to technical issues. Last night had multi-coloured pasta and pesto with a half of this:

Well made with bright citrus and quince fruit. Good everyday white.

Over the weekend we enjoyed this Roussanne:

Glad to pick this up as a bin end, has a lightness of touch, sometimes missing from whites from the Rhone. Certainly tempted to get some of his reds. We got lots of floral notes on the nose (honeysuckle and summer gardens) fairly low (not flabby) acidity. Very fair at just over £10 a bottle.

The other wine of the weekend was this:

W/S description is spot on. Proper wine rather than carbonic gamay juice (which I also enjoy when in the mood). Really complex and interesting wine for the £15 I paid, only problem with buying bin ends is, by nature they tend to disappear quickly. No matter, sure I will buy more Burrier wines in future!


Last night a glass of

Lovely stuff. Full body with unmistakable Viognier nose. You could spend a lot on condrieu and get much less.


It seems white Rhone (varietals) is (are) en vogue. Had a glass of my second bottle of this yesterday:

I enjoyed it, it was a bit too warm, but this kind gave it a cozy character. Just great for yesterday’s mood.


Made some homemade pizzas last night and opened this as Mr. Leah heads back away today. Such a lovely wine :wine_glass::+1:.


Opened this mature St Estephe last night:

A beautiful deep dark purple and really very good after 3 hour decant (a little brash and unbalanced straight out of the bottle). Rich, full flavoured and quite smooth.

I’ve another two bottles but I suspect the TWS drinking window to 2025 might be a little optimistic.


Opened this to go with charcoal-ed lamb…

Perfect! Full, meaty with mature tempranillo aromas. Very rich and glad I’ve waited to open it, but it’s so delicious, now I’m gutted there’s none left anywhere. It’s a beast of a wine, but the tannins are now integrated and work well with the lamb. Perhaps the alcohol strikes an unbalanced note, but it is perfect for rich, flavoursome food.


The Etna opens up beautifully in the eto. Interestingly the fruit fades as it warms up - this is best served cellar cool I think.


Finally got round to opening a bottle of this the other night…

Purchased from Morrisons late last year, the 2017 vintage as in the photo, new to me even though I know the area, apparently it was mainly used for blending with Vermouth so never got a chance to shine on its own.
I have been quite scathing about many Italian whites, many are obscure for obvious reasons, but this was a revelation, difficult to pin down in tasting notes as much of the flavour and the aroma rolls into one, yet there is vanilla mixed citrus all with a creamy finish and spot on acidity, it has a spot of SB and Malvasia in the blend, just around 3% of each.
I went back on the strength of this bottle and they were knocking out the last of that vintage for £6 a total steal, the current vintage is now the 2018, I did a little bit of digging on this bottle and it comes up trumps with many critics over several vintages, be that as it is, and it is also available at ASDA for its sins, if you can get the 2017 and ASDA had it on offer as well, buy.


I also had this last night. Bottle 1/6 and really enjoyed my first taste.


Thanks for the tip! I’m always pleased to encounter an obscure variety! :grinning:


Another Xinomavro in the decanter waiting for a casserole:

Ktima Kir-Yianni Kali Riza Amyndeon 2016


£17 a bottle from Bath’s Great Western Wine. If Naoussa is Barolo, Amyndeon is perhaps Greece’s answer to a Vale Roncati, Ghemme or Gattinara, high altitude and very aromatic. Typical Xinomavro tannins. Tempted to buy a few more to keep a few years if this delivers as much as it promises!


Excellent VFM, very enjoyable sit in the garden glugger.


We stumbled across an earlier vintage of this in a restaurant yesterday

A pretty comical dining experience, but a nice wine. Certainly good enough to put one or two in the basket :slight_smile:


The last of these was retrieved from down below earlier, and is now glancing suggestively at me:


Funnily enough, we’ve been drinking one from Amyndeon as well this week:

Came from a wine shop in Shaftesbury; I fancied trying a Xinomavro with a few years in the bottle and there it was.

Lovely sweet nose - red fruits, something floral, but also cloves, tar, thyme and a touch of VA, although not enough to distract/detract. Tannins still there but in a background softness. Very nice and held up well on day two.


Hi there I am a fan of Sangiovese. So far I have tried the chianti classico by

which I thought was lovely. Can anyone tell me if I should try others. For example I know there is a Gianna Brunelli Rosso Di Montalcino. Is it any good?


Oh no, I’ve just noticed that I accidentally took a Glass Bottle Selfie for that post.

Well, at least I wasn’t having a nature day or anything like that…