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Midweek drinking thread [13-16 September]

This has been a great companion since the first bottle opened in 2018.
Today bottle 12 was opened and it’s a great wine if not better than the first one. Ridiculous value and I wish I had more of the same vintage. Delicious !
Onwards to decide what will be the next weekday claret


Sounds too polite for me. I prefer the ‘spade is a spade’ brutal honesty of cannon fodder.


When I bring bottles up from the cellar to the small under counter wine fridge in the kitchen my teenage sons always comment with mock gravity that the wines are being moved to death row.

I prefer to think of it more like an airport lounge…


That was certainly the case here and ended up ordering four more ( for delivery tomorrow ).

Thanks again for the heads up in the first place :+1:


Fortunately @Herbster @Leah you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the wrapping paper…

Do we need a new thread for these?:smiley:


Opened this last night and initially was quite disappointed. I’ve had different vintages and I wonder whether I should leave the remaining, however I’m not sure it’s going to get any better.
Quite astringent, really high acidity, some fruit but it just didn’t jell together at all.
I appreciate it’s a 100% SB, but it almost concretes my feelings that I like a good proportion of semillon in my white Bordeaux’s .