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Midweek drinking thread [13-16 September]

I’d recommend a visit to everyone. So friendly, really engaging and excellent for kids as they have a little area for drawing. I was so impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the quality of wine. I’m yet to have a bad wine from them and I’ve tried many :joy:


So the last night in the ardeche means a bit of a blow out in order to reduce the number of bottles being brought back and because my hand slipped earlier in the super U

Domaine Maby Prima Donna - fantastic Rose, better than I tasted at the winery. Dark pink in colour and almost tasted like one of their reds, really full bodied

Domaine L’abbe Dine - so this is my find of the holiday. After a day in Gigondas and CnDP I remembered that I missed out on a cheap CdR in the EP this year, so paid them a visit. Wow! This isn’t even the wine on the EP, this is their cheaper CdR and it’s spectacular. I bought 6 and 6 of the the CdR Villages 2018, the year before the EP, which was even better! Just as I was about to pay I said I was a member of the society and that I was disappointed at missing out on the 2019 EP…”we kept a few bottles back from what the society bought, would you like some?”…. So now I have 6 bottles of the 2019 from the EP offer….anyone who secured 6 will not be disappointed. Starting to regret not trying their CnDP but they had a school run to do so there wasn’t much time for tastings.

Guigal CdR 18 - JLL rates it very highly. It’s great, it’s what you’d expect from their CdR and much more; rich, full bodied, tonnes of black cherry for me and lots of potential to develop further. Seriously, there are c4m bottles of this, wow!

Guigal Saint-Joseph 18 - fallen a little in love with Saint-Joseph over the last 10 days, this didn’t disappoint, however my wife and I agreed we’ve had better during the holiday. Lots of black fruit and plenty of depth, we thought it would go better with food and perhaps some more time in bottle.


A bit of a Domaine Maby thing going on this week - very good to see.

I’m just finishing the 2020 Prima Donna Rose from last night, and it’s come on very nicely in the interim - a really intense full-on rose as per @Winestwit above , and just such a joyful pleasure to enjoy with its rich candied fruits and enough acidity to balance it and keep it clean. It survived and indeed complemented our late tea tonight - a slow-cooked pork belly with Szechuan peppercorns and all the trimmings. Just the job after a long evening work meeting and with the boy soundly asleep.

I’m popping into the showroom tomorrow as I’m in the area anyway [well; perhaps not without an element of planned coincidence], and will see if there are any more of the Libiamo 17s hidden away in the magic room at the back. A bit of an Aladdin’s cave is that room, with all sorts of unnecessary goodies squirreled away if you’ve got the time to browse carefully.


Monday was Mrs C’s birthday and for various reasons we didn’t want to go out, so ordered in a Cote Seafood dinner. Very good, a lot to eat, but very rich - huge bag of prawns with aioli, 2 dressed crabs, 6 scallops with garlic butter, and a small lobster. And bread.
We drank

which was good, enough acidity, but somehow felt quite ordinary - nothing to make it stand out. Not a great vintage, I know, but was hoping for a bit more.

Then yesterday we had a memorial service, so just a pizza to eat in the evening but I wanted a bit more than a ‘pizza wine’. We opened

which we enjoyed but would have been so much better if I’d left it a few years. On opening there was absolutely no aroma from the bottle, which was a bit weird.
It did open up after a while in the decanter, some tannin but more fruit forward. Only at the beginning of its drinking window but my recommendation would be to give it plenty of time yet.


This Saturday - we will mostly be eating Langoustines. Assuming Royal Mail do their thing. Probably cooked and cold with: home-made mayonnaise, shallot vinaigrette, maybe rouille. And French Fries. Seafood from these very nice people: Redirecting...

What sort of white wine would people advise. I’m not sure if its posh Muscadet… or do I go Chablis or white Burgundy? - or maybe something else?

Followed by cheeses as an excuse to open a bottle of red. Then Tarte Tatin to finish, with an excellent 2003 Madeira Single Harvest, Barbeito.


I generally prefer something simpler with nice seafood - a Picpoul or a Loire white - I think they complement the food a bit better than precocious prima donna Burgundy :smiley:


Pretty much my thoughts too. I have several VERY nice Muscadet’s handy, TWS buyers have been particularly good here.


Boo Hoo last full day here on Cyprus. Needed to factor-in getting covid tests done and filling in locator forms, so needed to restrict the days’ entertainment to just 3 wineries - all near Omodos. The Good, the Bad and the Excellent. The Good - probably the largest independent operation; and tons of money must have been ploughed in here, https://oenouyi.wine Vassiliades, a grandiose operation only started in 2016. But the wines are all not too bad; their flagship Maretheftiko is excellent. The bad - only up the road - Ktima Gerolemo http://ktimagerolemo.com - one of those places when after the first sip you know it’s dull, unpleasant and wonder what are we doing here. Finally, wow, a very small 7 Ha family operation Nelion https://www.nelionwinery.com where every offering was totally delicious and made a very difficult decision as to what to take back. 3 made the cut but frankly we needed to consume two of them this evening and one to finalise the 11 bottle case which I will entrust to the safekeeping of messers O’Leary Airways tomorrow.

Rosé from Black Muscat. Unexpectedly dry, aromatic, bitter and - of course - grapey. Perfect aperitif.

And for our main course of left-overs, as is needed on the last day of a self catering rental - a single varietal Ofthalmos. Marinos Ioannou, the owner / winemaker now is the only producer of this as a single varietal in Cyprus - though it does appear as a blending partner on occasion. This wine is delish. Cherry cola, violets, plums even some ginger in there. A bit like a good barbera though that may sound ridiculous !

And to wrap up - and reiterate - everywhere here on the roadsides grows wild mavro. You just pull up, pick a few bunches and you have dessert sorted. Where else can you do this ?


Vicariously enjoyed your travelogue & hope Ryan’s Jugglers leave you a few bottles. Welcome back to the drizzle.


Butterbean and shallot quiche with this good ordinary wine:



Proof if anyone needs it that Germany can produce great inexpensive wine, as well as fantastic top end delights. Good orchard fruit flavours, a good party wine that should surprise and please most people.


We were neither searched nor asked about the “very well hidden wine” we brought back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:.


A real treat tonight. A half bottle of Leoville Barton 1998. Can’t stop breathing this in. Eucalyptus, cedar, graphite, dark fruits, pencil shavings, resin, cassis, a touch of smoke, mocha, leather too. All going on. Very smooth, tannins well integrated. Just a real pleasure and a joy.


This is nice.


Ooh, I’ll bet.

Did the bottle come in a posh paper wrapping like my 2013? I love little touches like that - I’m so shallow.


Especially if they also have a little sticker too :joy:


:joy:. Not expecting to either, to be fair not sure I could fit more bottles into the car after packing last night though. Suggested we leave the buggy behind but that wasn’t a sensible option apparently :joy:


Leave the child??


Has been considered previously :joy:. He was well behaved this time so seems unfair.

My other half may still get left if we pass a carrefour on route to Calais :joy:


I don’t know who coined it, but I love the term ‘cellar defender’.

My total Wine Society spending for August was £35: a case deal for six of these, to keep my hands off the sweet temptation of the garage racks. Well, except for last weekend’s Burgundy I guess, but I’m only human…

Anyway, at under £6, this is just great. It’s unusual to see a good slug of cabernet sauvignon in an AC Bordeaux but there it is, and it’s actually ripe enough, adding a bit of depth and a classy edge to the usual recipe for entry-level claret :wine_glass:


Yes there was tissue paper, sorry @Leah, no sticker. It was slightly see through which made it seem a touch déshabillé, the saucy thing.