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Midweek Drinking Thread (12-16 July)

Sounds delicious

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It is and I just noticed it’s only 12.5% abv!


Those were the days…


My last of 12. With a case discount it was a real bargain. Haven’t seen it on the website since, a real shame.


Part of a mystery case just seen the vol 15.5% !


Which vintage is that? I’ve had one or two bottles over the years - I’d tend to think of it as a winter wine!

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2018 vintage i have had before and enjoyed but not sure about this.yes probably not the best time to drink sunny here in Stockport

Not sure where this post sits best - here or vineyard visits - but it most certainly qualifies for the former in terms of what transpired the following evening(s). So a few days in Logrono and visits to some wineries in that part of the region I’d not been to before, with a side story of investigating some of the “new” permitted varietals - tempranillo blanco, maturana blanca and maturana tinta.

Overall impressions - very very few wine tourists around. It’s usually quiet in July anyway but this was deathly. Wineries and cellar doors desperate for visitors, undivided attention, even please take these unfinished opened bottles away as we have no more reservations.

We called in to both small and dynamic family operations - usually the best options - but also the Big Boys as they have the legacy and tradition. These included - and this is in strict order top-down of merit and / or excellence of visit to dross / waste of time

Paco Garcia, Ijalba, Altanza, Valdemar, Montecillo, Murrieta, LAN, Baron de Ley and @ several lengths adrift … Faustino

Tempranillo blanco is a newish white mutation of regular tempranillo discovered by chance in Rioja Baja near Murillo de Rio Leza, and has now been approved in the DO rules for white rioja. Totally different from viura, and tbh much more interesting to drink - more floral, body and mouthfeel. Maturana tinta is now allowed too; turns out it’s another manifestation of trousseau. Makes a much deeper, richer and silky wine than in Jura, and is less rough and ready than the ones (aka bastardo) in Portugal. Maturana blanca is also allowed in the DO, it’s a unique varietal from Rioja; I’ve bought a few bottles but not yet tried / tasted’ said to be quite “tropical” so I’m going to compare it with viognier as a start-off.

some pics


Penultimate bottle of the Cheverny Heritiere 2015 Domaine du Salvard. No sign of decline. It has taken on a wonderful smooth grape fruit character (not the sharp, bitter type). Who said SB cannot age…

UPDATE Turning definitely peachy with air. Yum. Best bottle yet.


A few wines to report on so far:

Notified by @cerberus on the black hole weekend thread to try this

Have to agree with his views.
Very minerally - which is not a descriptor I often use. Just felt a bit lacking in concentration of flavour though. I’ll keep my 2 bottles and see if time transforms them into something a bit more nutty/honeyed.
Was opened Tuesday and will make its 3rd appearance on Thursday is probably well reflected of my views (this doesn’t happen very often in this household!)

Then it was on to this

What a wine. Everything I could hope for in a mencia. Drinkability is high on this one but has some tannic grip for structure and interest. Bit of sediment in the bottom too. I think this could take some age with a bit of a classy Beaujolais Cru about it. TWS window seems very conservative. Maybe til 2028?

And tonight…

Wow, just WOW!!! :drooling_face:
If this is a sign of the Barolo in my cellar to come then I am very happy and excited.

@Inbar - thanks for your notes on the Rhône wines. Feeling pretty smug that I have a case of that Gigondas at the discounted price of £13.33/btl.


Sounds like a great evening- jealous!

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This is good to hear, having just ordered a couple to try, thank you! Interesting that the drinking window goes out a few more years, I had the impression that Condrieu was generally best drunk early. How oaky was it - I see the TWS note says ‘light’?

And thank you for the very entertaining notes also - sounded like a great evening.



It was very balanced! Oak present (a bit of spice, perhaps a touch of vanilla? Others perceived it more than I did), but nothing out of kilter. If I remember correctly it was aged in 30% of new oak with the rest in 2nd (or even 3rd??) use oak.

It’s another one I got to leave a bit and try again about an hour in (it was the first one we tasted), and warmer it was much better: weighty, perfumed and rich, for sure, but with good freshness and verve.

As for ageing- I’m no expert on Condrieu, by any means, but although most are recommended to drink young, some of the better ones can apparently evolve nicely with a few years in bottle. I reckon this could be kept for maybe 2-3 more years?

Hope this helps, and that you enjoy it as much as I did :grinning::+1:


Is that another way of saying a complete absence of excessive oak?


I am completely (though not excessively) confident it might be the case :grinning:


How much excessive oak is too much, though?


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Monday Mrs M’s favourite penne with aubergine sauce, mixed salad and no-brainer™

2019 Casa Vinicola Roxan The Wine Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo)

Tuesday Grilled Cumberland sausages with roasted Jack Hawkins tomatoes and garlic on toasted home made bread and

2016 Mezzacorona Teroldego Rotaliano Castel Firmian Riserva (Italy, Teroldego Rotaliano)

Good tasty wine, first time for this vintage, and bought on strength of previous vintages

Wednesday we strolled to nearby Indian restaurant Amrit, where after having our temperature taken and supervised scanning of Track & Trace app we were seated. With our Chicken Sashlik Mrs M chose

2018 Berton Vineyard Shiraz The Black (Australia, South Eastern Australia)

I’d advised against it assuming it was a bulk shipped wine and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t, made and bottled in Oz by Berton Vineyards. A soft easy (too easy) drinking Shiraz.

Thursday Steak pie, with new pots, steamed pointed cabbage, carrots, broad beans and onion gravy, and

2010 Bodegas Navalon Tempranillo Valdepeñas Anciano Gran Reserva - Aged 7 Years (Spain, Valdepeñas)

This 10+ year old wine is on offer again at Waitrose and Mrs M had added it to our weekly order, but I counselled caution as I’d bought two bottles in March and I recalled we were not delighted with it. So we’ll have this tonight and if we are delighted tonight we’ll add it to our Waitrose order as it’s on offer till 27 July.

(Montepulciano and Teroldego from TWS, Shiraz from restaurant and Tempranillo from Waitrose)


A jolly and juicy Nero d’Avola from Planeta this evening, to accompany spiced roasted Mediterranean veggies and couscous:

Lovely lovely wine! On the nose - red plums, bramble, black cherries and baking spices mingled with a touch of cocoa and violets. On the palate it deftly balances fruitiness with freshness in a most appetising way! Plums and hedgerow berries are mixed with a kick of spice (clove, I think) and a nice savoury note on the finish. This is well-made and quaffable!

A glass of Fino first, though, whilst chopping the veg.

Happy Thursday! :wine_glass: :grinning:


Back on home territory after a few days in Rioja.

This came from their current mixed-6 case (ordered merely in order to try the current rosé) and it’s lovely - bourbolenc, roussane and grenache blanc.

I put it up against oven-roasted cod with peppers, tomatoes, onions and home made pesto, fresh beans and sautées

Did the trick


A couple of quite outstanding wines the last few days …. Depth of concentration and development! I don’t often drink st. Emilion so it was a nice reminder how this region and its Merlot can really offer exceptional wines on the top end !
The Priorat was also stunning …… such a shame they’re not more popular or available .