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Midweek Drinking Thread [11 to 14 March 2019]



Thank you @Leah for highlighting Riesling’s birthday this week. As if I needed any excuse, thought I’d pop the cork on this.

Its simply wonderful. Still with plenty of mouthwatering acidity to balance the natural sweetness, this still has many good years ahead of it.

German wine is just so unappreciated in this country. For such quality, the price does represent great value.


Pasta night…
Raspberry, strawberry and cranberry with a twist of spice. Lovely refreshing juicy red, a regular re-order for us. As good as I remembered!


Having several delicious glasses of this:

I might drink lots of this through spring and summer. Reminds me a bit of frappato and bardolino. It’s going to be a great partner to warmer evenings.

It’s not doing much to quell my incandescent rage at the day’s proceedings though.


It’s rather rude of them to consider Brexiting on my birthday :wink:


A rare breach of the “ no alcohol between weekends rule”. I’m playing rugby tomorrow night so we moved our usual Friday night to Thursday.

Reviews on the website suggest split opinion on this. I’m with TWS buyers - and so is Mrs @Lincoln - we loved this. Perfect with lamb shanks. Decanted about an hour before serving the light colour betrays the concentration of this wine. It is stylistically very different from the Rapsani. I got more cherry than black currant - this could easily be mistaken for an Italian red. Grippy is spot on - it went really well with an aged Gouda to finish.

Now lingering over a Highland Park Viking Honour.


Curry night tonight so it was accompanied by some well-chilled Cobra, which seemed particularly good today. The bottle has changed shape since last I had one, more of the old coke bottle style, and I wondered if the beer had been changed a bit too. Either that or the Madras just made it seem that much better!


Been hitting the big reds this week. Wouldn’t normally have drunk wine on a Thursday after having a #WineWednesday.
Had this

which was great. Big, ripe, complex and meaty so complemented the rib-eye with Diane sauce very nicely.
I also finished with a Scotch @Lincoln
Talisker 57 North which made my lips burn but in a delightful way!




Distraction from the festivities!