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Midweek Drinking Thread [11 to 14 March 2019]



A terribly stormy Tuesday – but at least it’s not a dry one for us! :+1:

This evening we shall be mostly drinking this (2016) M&S Xinomavro:

It’s one made for M&S by TWS star Apostolos Thymiopoulos, and from what I remember – people in the community who tried it quite liked it, so hopefully not a bad mid-week choice! We’ll be having it with a favourite dish – chicken in sumac and pomegranate molasses marinade, which should work well, methinks.

What’s in your glass this evening? :clinking_glasses: :grin:


Tuesday is normally my dry day but the weather’s rubbish and I need cheering up !

Mussels for starters followed by a small supermarket fish pie are tonight’s delectations. What might match both ?

No Muscadet or similar in the cupboard ( must rectify that ) and a bit expensive for a wet miserable Tuesday but this seemed the best option to bridge the dishes…

@Leah seemed to like it ( as did I ) previously.


Sounds like a perfect food and wine match to me! :ok_hand: :grinning:


Thanks for the reassuring thumbs up !

Had just realised there’s a bottle of Tahbilk Marsanne 2016 in the, er, overspill cupboard which might also work and was beginning to equivocate.

I’ll stick with the Chablis which I’d rather drink sooner than later.


Had this tonight in Loki Birmingham. Lovely and tight to begin, blossoming out to a beautiful expression of a Rhône Syrah.



This, with burgers (yes, of course quorn!) and mushrooms. This is at least the best red I’ve had since the last one; rich, mellow, and fruity, with a little sweetness, and outstanding drinkability. This bottle definitely won’t last long - it’s a wine to knock back with some pleasure!


my 8 year old made me a lemon squash as he said ‘I looked thirsty, but he doesn’t know how to use the corkscrew so wasn’t able to give me a glass of wine’


Ahhh… That’s sweet! :grinning:
When my daughter was around 6 she used to present her stepdad with his “cup of Harvey’s”… :beer:


Stepping away from the Savoie for the moment with this second wine from Chateau Tayac. Still Margaux but an interesting mix with Cab Sauv, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cab Franc (48,40,10,2%).

Just couldn’t resist a Margaux at just £13.87 (after conversion)!
Blackcurrant and plums and a hint of pencil shavings. That latter I would only have expected in an older Cab S and is if anything more noticeable on the palate. Also very smooth tannins for such a young Bordeaux. Really very nice indeed. Not sure it would age well though just a bit too fruity and low in tannins, but lovely now.


One of my staple everyday wines

Celebrating fixing the leaking stopcock in my kitchen after two plumbers failed to turn up.
It’ll be perfect with a lightly spiced chicken breast, hasselback tatties and mega-salad.


Trying this Spatburgunder this evening from Pfalz :+1:.


Drinking this tonight
2011 La Bastide Blanche Bandol
Slight bit of barnyard but that blew off pretty quickly. Light on its feet for 15%. I do like a bit of earthy mourvedre / Bandol


For some reason when I search ‘my wines’ on TWS on mobile it’s a crapshoot if the links appear or not. Honestly the mobile experience is pretty ropey at the best of times. Anyway, that aside, this was delicious:


One day, they will probably say of me “he’s gone for a Burton”.

Not tonight though. It’s definitely a Berton…


Famille Bougrier Loire Sauvignon Blanc and
Domaine du Bosc Viognier

Reviewed in member’s reviews.


We were in Picture Fitzrovia yesterday. They have a Wednesday Wine Club promotions, where they offer 4 wines at roughly half of the price on the normal list. We tried three in half bottle portions and enjoyed all, but this white I thought was outstanding:

2017 Ladybird White Blend, Laibach Vineyards, Stellenbosch, South Africa


I have experienced this on the mobile. It’s also true of the links in the order history. You click on an order and you get a list of no wines. recycle several times and eventually you get the list of wines… sometimes…


It’s not, by any chance, related to that odd phenomenon of holding the mobile in a landscape orientation? I wouldn’t know, with my old thing, but I’m sure people mentioned before that if you turn your mobile to ‘landscape’ more information appears. I might be totally barking up the wrong tree, of course!


I don’t think so because I normally just back page and try again several times until it works. Actually I sometimes, though less often, get the same thing happening on my computer.


I do enjoy a visit to Loki when I have to make the trip in to Birmingham.

Good range of wines and knowledgeable staff.