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Midweek Drinking Thread [11 to 14 January 2021]

Just finished work, and been sampling this très jolie (and jolly!), if slightly rustic, 2019 Beaujolais- Quincié from Jadot (Waitrose £12.99):

Nice nose – a touch of bubblegum, rose petals, cherries, raspberries and a whiff of the potting shed. Fresh and straightforward on the palate, with notes of bramble, ripe cherries, parma violets and nice chalky tannins. Finish is medium, with a nice note of sweet fruit, though for the price, I expected a little more. Having said that, those who drink Beaujolais only in summer are missing a trick, I think. This is Winter Comfort through and through :fire: :wine_glass:

Have a good evening, everyone! :smile:


That is exactly what used to happen to me


Surely you didn’t pay full price in Waitrose?

Dry January clearly having an effect - this must be the latest start for a midweek thread for a long time.:roll_eyes:


I’m afraid I did this time… :grimacing:

Agree about the lateness of the thread… a good sign that many of the members are busy drinking other things! :smiley:


Thanks for starting the thread, you just beat me to it !

Here tonight…

…overcooked chicken teriyaki ( phone call related, nuts ! ) and a bottle of TWS Exhibition Sonoma Coast Pinot 2018. Bottle 3 of 12, not appreciably different from the first back in June. Savoury red and black berried fruit, smooth supple texture with lovely acidity to structure. Authentic and characterful pinot flavours at a silly price ( £12.95 ). Delicious !

Have a good week everyone.

Edit - and ripe red cherry flavours too.


Just got your joke! :joy:
Bazooka in my childhood… Loved the Bazooka Joe comic, to my shame :grimacing:

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Tell tale sign of carbonic maceration.


Just enjoyed this excellent bottle of Muscat from Macedonia…Fresh acidity and elegant fruit.


Beaujolais here tonight too - cracking example! No bubblegum on this one, all ripe red fruit alongside floral and earthy notes.


Last night we enjoyed this Sangiovese, Typical Vino Nobile style, a little more austere and lean than many an equivalent Chianti. Some leathery notes and sour cherry fruit, if I had bought more I’d keep them another couple of years.

Good but I’d buy the Contucci ahead of it on the W/S list as the 2015 was lovely (and more ripe and fruity)

Have memories of drinking Vino Nobile in Montepulciano, when a teenager, one of my first good wines I tried, so I have a fondness for these wines.


No bubblegum because cru Beaujolais such as this one has pre fermentation maceration and pumping over and punching down for flavour and colour extraction.
With carbonic maceration most fermenntation is carried out off the skins. A class hallmark of carbonic maceration is bubblegum plus candied fruit and kirsch aromas and flavours.


Home schooling made me do it :weary::weary:!
However the wine is great and is evolving nicely .
I hung on to about 4 of the 2015’s and am glad I did now ,
This is smooth with some lovely peppery spice and slight sweet cherry cola on the nose and palate.
The fruit is still very much there but some tertiary flavours are starting to sneak in with leather and dried figs . The structure is well balanced and it pretty much feels like a big warm hug in a glass tonight !


Prior to disappearing into childhood dreams about bubble gum explosions I had intended to thank you for nudging me in the direction of winter Beaujolais. I drink Beaujolais largely from early spring to early summer. Stepping stones between the dark red days to the bright sparkling days. This is not a plan it just seems to happen. A certain kind of day arrives and Beaujolais comes into my mind. Going back to the more serious matter of bubble gum I do not remember Bazooka Joe. Maybe I was before his time. I hit my bubble gum zenith in the mid fifties.


Maceration no question. I probably said “Carbonic Maceration” to my dad as he was picking it off my eyes.


I think it’s American, so may have not made its way here. I grew up in Israel, where Bazooka was the king of bubblegums…! ‘Bazooka Joe’ was a little comic strip wrapped inside. Very silly, really.


Does bubblegum as being discussed here even exist anymore? What will this mean for future wine descriptors? Will the descriptor last in wine long after it’s vanished from all other cultures?


Good question! I haven’t had bubblegum since childhood, so have no idea whether it’s still a thing with young people - and a chewing gum would not do as a wine descriptor… ‘By Jove, this Coonawarra has a touch of the Wrigley’s Spearmint about it’ just doesn’t sound right :thinking:

Having said that, the symbol for ‘Save’ is still a floppy disc - so anything is possible!


I think I’ve had one like that…!


I stand corrected…! :flushed:

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Happy days you need to click on the link to get the image