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Midweek Drinking Thread [10th to 13th February 2020]

A recent addition to the Society’s Spanish offering…

Started this last night, on first opening the colour was so dense and purple I thought they’d put some Malbec in the bottle in error. Very youthful, oaky (in a nice way), spicy. Clearly a modern style, its pretty dense/ full bodied and hasn’t changed on day 2, but I’m enjoying it. Certainly offers something different from most of the spanish offerings, hefty enough to stand up to some robust foods too.


Purely for EP research with pasta and a meat, aubergine and red lentil sauce…

…deeply coloured with a ripe nose of black berries and plums, herbs and a lovely fragrant floral note. Very similar on tasting, there’s also a graphite note too that adds depth and seems to provide a bit of slippery texture. Medium to full body, big ripe flavours, light ripe tannins, and importantly, fresh acidity to balance the richness. It’s a lovely wine for £12 and truly representative of the area it comes from.

Hopefully the more sought after wines in the EP offer will have a similar balanced richness. Although it did make me think, why spend more !

This wine got me thinking about the upcoming Barolo 2016 offer…

…it was superb. Sweetly ripe fruit, nothing austere as can sometimes be the case, ripe powdery tannins that seemed to pop with flavour on the tongue, beautiful balance and freshness, it was a pleasure to drink. If any of their Barbaresco’s are in the offer, I’m in.


Sadly we have just enjoyed the last bottle (of 12) of the much under-rated vintage of 2011 with rib-eye steaks, béarnaise sauce and steamed broccoli. Next we will be on to the 2014 with 2015 to follow that in due course. Nicolas Thienpont makes wonderful wines at all quality (and price) levels.


After committing to a week on Guinness clear after a very long weekend at the Calcutta Cup, I decided on a glass of this that had been left in the bottle from the end of last week.

Lovely blackberry summer pudding. I will look to keep remaining stock for a couple more years.


Disappointing. Nose promising but tart, vegetal, one dimensional, almost pointedly austere and a definite green bitterness on the finish which is partly mitigated with some air. Definitely in the Mornington/cool climate style but overdone. I just don’t seem to get on with NZ Pinot.


image glass of this reliable drop tonight. Decantalo/vinissimus staple. Shame @suiko’s tondonia is not up to much. Perhaps a bad bottle. PS will figure out the image rotation issue soon!


Finally got round to eating the ox cheek stew from this weekend’s drinking thread.

Mrs B was out practising chasing a hockey ball round a field this evening so decided to cook polenta to soak it up (Mrs B does not enjoy polenta). Messed up portions and cooked a mega portion (as though Mrs B loves polenta), but all very tasty.

Fancied a glass of something big to accompany so opened this

I got more red fruit than black fruit (8 year-old agreed), but very enjoyable with supper. The second glass without supper not as fun - effects of oak ageing very evident - lots of vanilla and the tannins not quite integrated enough.


Try Gourmet Hunters? Never ordered from them myself. This isn’t really one of the wines I really look for from Spain, so I always forget about it. Not sure about recent availability.

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hi James. Yes, been focusing on other stuff (and on NOT buying wine, as I may have to flog it all off when I move for good in any case!) Andalusia was great, thanks :grinning:


Naturally… no longer available. Was part of TWS ultimate Xmas case (top tip: buy in January, superb selection of ready to drink wines)

I don’t think I have ever had a better white Burgundy, even better than that Mersault on Britanny Ferries with a huge grilled Dover sole. High praise indeed. I sincerely hope TWS staff read this and get some more in.


I was really tempted to try one of these which arrived Monday (my limited experience of these is that they are very intense sherries):

But I was persuaded that they were likely to overwhelm tonight’s meal of salmon in a dill and creme fraiche sauce so we went for the last bottle of Saumaize-Michelin Pouilly Fuisse courtelongs 2008 which is in a great place and could have lasted a few years more. Not sure what to eat with the sherries…


That is a fantastic selection… I have serious sherry-envy!


You’ve inspired me to sip on a gorgeous Palo cortado :wink:! Thank you :blush:


This utterly awesome wine this evening, on the French wine scholar Loire session:

What to say? TWS notes are spot on! We were all swooning, lost in a quince-stewed apples-hay-smoke-shaped dream. :heart_eyes:

This was very good too - with a wonderful, slightly wild nose, and light but concentrated flavours of earth, cherries and bramble:

Not a bad way to ‘land’ back in Old Blighty.


I’m having this tonight, too! Interesting with the Roussane. Not fully convinced by it, makes me want to have a Rhone instead.

I just bought that Vouvray, am excited now!

Happily I have some soft, runny cheese to hand as well :yum:

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Proper Chianti, neither suffering from the common faults of over extraction or unripe, mean flavours. Enjoyable but understated, nice cherry fruit and super balance.


Opened this last night and wasn’t impressed

It tastes like a cheap chardonnay in my opinion - lemon, apple and then sherbet. I would love to try his FMC which I’ve heard is excellent, but needs to be aged.


FMC is indeed excellent but does not need to be aged. FMC 2015 is the most profound white I have ever drank and it was on NYE 2017.

I had FMC 2016 on NYE a month or so ago and I can’t say it was significantly better than when I first had it in the summer of 2018. Tasted alongside the NV Dirty Little Secret II which I can also state was not markedly better despite being perhaps double the price.

FMC is a superb wine, it’s a little pricy now though.


Another 2018 Rhone tonight, this time from the south. A CdR ‘le Caillou’ from Clos du Caillou…

…it was a tenner in the clearance sale. Deeply coloured with a ripe nose of red and black fruits and a touch of spice. On tasting, it was also big, ripe and juicy with similar flavours to the nose, unobtrusive tannins gave it some necessary grip. Thankfully it’s fresh acidity provided the balance required to stop it overstepping the mark into jamminess. Like the Ferraton Syrah, on Tuesday, it’s on the large side but it showed excellent typicity and was very good value for money.

Served slightly chilled it was a great pairing with a rare duck breast.

I’m coming to the conclusion that Clos du Caillou is the producer for me when it comes to CdR. Their reserve bottling ( 2013 ) was the bees knees too but the alcohol level in the 2018 is off putting so I’ve decided to take a punt on their ‘Quartz’ bottling in the current EP offer.