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Midweek Drinking Thread [10 to 13 May 2021]

So today my final mortgage payment was made which seems like cause for celebration, so I shall be having (later):

Happy Monday ( :scream: ) everyone!


Ahhh! wonderful news, @MikeFranklin, and a proper reason to celebrate! :clap: :champagne:

Can’t wait till we reach this milestone… Enjoy the wines! :grinning:


Woohooo :partying_face::partying_face::star_struck::star_struck:! That’s fantastic :heart_eyes:!
Wish that was us … may take us another 100 years . Enjoy the wines you deserve it !


Congrats @MikeFranklin …job done as they say…now you can think how you redirect that expense🤔


Congratulations @MikeFranklin, what a fine way to celebrate too, 99 Musar!


Congratulations @MikeFranklin.


I’ve always wanted to like Minervois La Liviniere (and god knows I’ve tried), but it always seems less than the sum of it’s parts somehow. La Côte qui Descend (avoiding the @Inbar Burgundy trap) by JeanJean is a Northern-Rhone inspired island of mid-weight in a torrent of Gerard Bertrand inspired, slab-sided overblown-ness…

This is perfectly nice enough, if a little simple, however. Perhaps I need to give it yet another chance?


Broke the Monday dry night as we had a busy day, the sun came out after a wet and wild weekend .

So after the garden, lawn mowed and stretching 4 legs a simple pasta and ragu with this which was lurking around looking for a home…

Have to catch up a dry few days in the week…:thinking:


But why bother when there are so many wines you would enjoy without having to try…?

Always questing for the lazier option, that’s me. :slightly_smiling_face:


This seems a fair enough question -and a good philosophy for life - but the high-acid red and blue fruits that can be produced there suggest, if the producers just took a step back from the balls-to-the-wall approach, they could, in theory, produce something that could rival the Northern Rhone or Piedmont. And I want in on the ground floor of that :smiley:


Odd day for this one, but here goes … Pan fried venison leg steaks with mash and loads of veggies and

Worth decanting carefully - bit of sediment in mine. Great with the food and great value. I would suggest that it is closer to medium than full-bodied, with the dark fruit and spice flavours doing a good job of balancing the tannins.


So the Champagne was nice (most of you know my huge enthusiasm for any wine of a white nature but these celebrations do have certain formalities! :rofl: ) and the Musar was its normal excellent self; super smooth but maybe a little more barnyardy than previous bottles of '99. It will be interesting to see how it develops over the next couple of days. Unlike the '98s that I opened and had to throw away recently (they appeared to have been badly stored) this one was in great condition. Although the cork did snap in two, even using a butler’s do dad, it was actually in very good condition with no wine staining beyond the first few millimetres, unlike the '98s that had staining almost the entire length of the cork.

Sadly there are so many jobs I’ve been putting off doing on the house that I might even need another mortgage to pay for them… :scream:


Garden catch up with my friend (next week it is going to be in the house!) yesterday evening.

My friend had some of a bottle of the D’Arenberg Money Spider Roussanne 2020 left over from lunch, only available as part of this case. I think the wine was perfect for the price, might go in for one of the mixed cases…

Had what was left over from the Bründlmayer Pinot Noir, Langenlois 2017 I opened at the weekend, very good PN, although got a bit tired.

Then onto the Châteauneuf-du-Pape Collection Privée Lucien Diffonty, Domaine du Haut des Terres Blanches 1971, more about this wine by others on this thread. We got one of the good bottles. The wine is old, but by no means tired. The aroma of dried fruits was especially captivating. Palate was good too with a fair bit of acidity to hold it together. It was very interesting to try it and a positive wine experience, but not going to go back for more.

Had an Epoisses (strictly past the best before date) and some Toulouse sausages to accompany the wines, which worked nicely.


The husband will shortly be making Pulpo a la Gallega, so I opened a bottle of Luna Beberide Mencía to wash it down with:

An Albariño would have worked just as well, no doubt, but we fancied a red this evening, and this is such a lovely Mencía, offering real value for money and much pleasure – even if it isn’t of the most sophisticated sort.

I love the nose – all damson, dark chocolate, bramble, a whiff of the potting shed and a hint of violets. Very enjoyable on the palate too, it consists mostly of sour red fruit (cranberry, cherries, plums maybe even the very-middle-class Goji berries), dried flowers and spice (clove, we thought). There’s a surprising grip to the tannins, which are quite woody/cedar-y in texture, and the finish is medium and continues the same sour fruit/spicy notes theme.

There are certainly more perfumed and more enticing Mencía out there, but this is a great mid-week red!

I’m going to stick my feet up and await the dinner bell now… :bellhop_bell: :grinning:


Great recipe for a Tuesday !


Currently enjoying this whilst watching todays wet and windy stage of the Giro…

…a 2016 Langhe Nebbiolo ’ A Mont’ 2016 from Paolo Conterno. Pale ruby / garnet colour. Fresh and dried flowers, red cherry and berry fruit, hard herbs, a touch of spice and a savoury undertow on the nose. Bright and suave medium bodied red fruits, herbal and spice notes and plenty of savoury complexity on tasting. Fresh acidity runs throughout with ripe tannins kicking in on the mid-palate before expanding on the grippy medium length red fruited finish. Ticks all the boxes for me but I’m not sure it’s a wine my friends would enjoy quite so much.

It was also a very good match to tonight’s dinner of pork, fennel and red wine sausages, Puy lentils and veg. The bangers came from the Aktar meat box, wow, lovely meaty texture, well seasoned but not overly salty, I can’t help but wonder where they sourced them from, I need more !

@MikeFranklin I’m really pleased for you and what a fine way to celebrate ( not that I’m in any way familiar with Musar ) :wine_glass: :champagne: :+1:

Edited for more than a few glaring typos. No doubt there are many more punctuation-wise !


Spätburgunder is something I always seem to be getting around to buying/drinking but never actually get round to much (ISTR M&S doing a half decent one and buying some from TWS a few years ago?).

I get the criticism of this one - the high acidity, probable slight volatility (also possible touch of secondary fermentation with a spritz? Hard to tell with all that acidity) and sharp, possibly underripe, red berries… but the thing is, I buy wine generally for the table, and that means that all those attributes are good. And I like them. :smiley:

Luckily, I popped a couple more bottles onto my most recent order. Permanent note to self, must buy/drink more Spätburgunder…


Those sausages are really something
Completely agree :slight_smile:

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That is quite a feat!
Well done and very much worth celebrating :tada:

I didn’t love the basic one either, but have you tried the Cuvee Cantilene? I’m currently drinking my way through a case of the 2015 (not tonight I hasten add), but it’s now at a price where there are a lot of very good alternatives so not sure I’ll buy more.