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Midweek Drinking Thread [10 to 13 June 2019]



Weather somewhat better in this corner of Scotland…for once…compared to you folks dahn sahf…

Opened a bottle of this last night with lamb chops.

Part of the summer mixed case offer. Quite tart and acidic initially I thought, with a pronounced syrah bouquet. Softer and better tonight. Nice enough wine at the offer price, but there are better value ones at full price.

Reviews on website are mixed, one is quite harsh and I think may be based on first taste after opening. I would say it’s a perfectly pleasant wine but there are probably better CdR for the money, and the single village wines from this producer are a cut above this as might be expected.


This was very satisfying, as were the sausages, cauli cheese and baked potato it was paired with…

…denser and richer than the ‘Lo Sang Del Pais’ from the same producer this offers a great deal of character and class for a wine costing £11.50. Perhaps due to its oak input, I didn’t find it as varietally distinctive as the cheaper cuvee though. That said, this wine has greater complexity and cellaring potential.


Chateau Dassault 2011 is/was one of the seminal reds on my journey into wine. I first had this in Brittany in, I think, 2015. My brother-in-law and I went shopping to Carrefour and we picked some of these up for not much money, solely on the back of the Vivino score. We drank one that evening and I’d nevber before had a wine that tasted like this. To my pallette this was unbelievebly rich and complex. A world away from the insipid, acidic red wines I had drunk previously. I came home and bought a case from Fine and Rare - the first “fine” wine buy I ever made.

Alongside Sociando-Mallet 2007, Carlos Rodriquez Morum 2011 (from Naked Wines!) and Vina Ardanza 2007, I have humble old Dassault 2011 to thank for this recently discovered passion.

Dark fruits, rounded mouth feel, good tannins, some oak. Classic in many ways.

I have 10 left.

As an unashmed member of the Oak Fan Club I have to say I enjoyed this wine but, if truth be told, would prefer a lighter mouthfeel with some more present bright fruit acidity. I got this one from Noble Green Wines for £30.50.


I actually had a few small glasses already and can say it has a long life ahead. There is beautiful fruit and a sauvage (blood and wet fur) quality that grows on you. Put it in a decanter and it will be a different wine each day the next four days.


And how were the avocado and prawns… :wink: