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Midweek Drinking Thread [10 to 13 June 2019]



A somewhat difficult day at work, so a Manzanilla was required. En Rama one, at that!

What can I say? Delicious, complex, tangy, moreish, mighty fine…… :heart_eyes:

As it’s the last drink before my WSET 3 exam on Friday (wake me up when it’s all over!) – the husband decided on one last blind tasting for me.

A glass of very deep ruby wine was placed before me – and I had to come to some conclusions. Well, it had a somewhat muted nose, but I did get some black cherries, plums, some spice (clove, methinks) and violets. The palate was much more enjoyable – similar fruit – dark sour cherries, bramble, red plum plus some clove, a dash of liquorice and a twist of pepper. Mellow tannins, and acidity that suggested a cool climate. I went for Zweigelt, but it was in fact the lovely 2016 Lagrein from Hofstätter:

Should be very good with some home-made wild boar burgers… and beats revision any day!

What are you drinking this evening…? :clinking_glasses:


Ivo Varbanov Syrah Feux d’Artifice 2011

Bargain from BBR sale a couple of years ago. This is quite a big wine. Drinking better than when I first tried it, but still has some way to go, maybe another 5 years at least? Bags of warm-climate Syrah fruit. Yes, a winter warmer was required today :roll_eyes:


On day two of this and pretty much agree with the tasting notes. Dark cherry colour, initial smells of baked earth, cherry, and mellow spice. Cherry flavours with a slight hint of dry tannins. Good stuff. Drinking it with a sort of green lentil/left-over stir fry and it seems to go well.
Still waiting for some decent white wine weather!


Ch. Tour Haut-Caussan, Cru Bourgeois, Medoc 2010 with ribeye steak.


I’m a fan of this Ripasso, always like to have one on hand for emergencies :slight_smile:


Not enough wines this week so cracked open this with spag bol:

Super value. A little sweet on the finish but that was nice with the tomato sauce. I’m enjoying my continued exploration of sub-£7 reds.


Had a Vergelegen barrel fermented Chardonnay last night. It was quite good but a bit thin on the mid palate. Lots of the anticipated oak but a touch out of balance for my taste. Steep markup in the restaurant as well, but we come to accept that I suppose


Gnashing of teeth in this corner; I wanted some of that Lagrein but it was all gone by the time I came back from the Alps :frowning: :wink:


Finally opened one of these. I can see what all the excitement was about. This is a splendid wine. Fresh and layered with enough weight to suit this blooming awful weather.


Ouch! Sorry, Mike… It’s irritating when it happens! I’m hoping TWS will stock the next vintage(s), too. Considering it’s the basic/classic range from Hofstatter, I can’t imagine it’s in short supply…

Cantina Tramin does a lovely example too, if you ever come across one. :+1:


Ignoring the unseasonal weather we ate a feta and chickpea salad with a half of this:

Really good refreshing everyday dry white, well made Muscadet is tremendously good value if you have a taste for it.


Rather annoyingly I’ve just had an order delivered from another vendor (some older vintages of Musar not stocked by TWS) and they have a Lagrein from Elena Walch that I could have bought but didn’t think of when I was ordering! :frowning:


The colour alone of the Lagrein makes me want to drink it. Thanks for the notes too, that’s another one I’ll have to try if restocked. Make that Alto Adige wines in general.


Pity the usual issue is in evidence with these Alto Adige wines - nothing available beyond the basic level (Hofstatter’s Barthenau Weissburgunder a noble exception!)


Lidl Jumilla for me - 6.99 and it was the juciest, warming red and excellent for the money. I’ve been cycling in the rain for the past 2 weeks and I finally cracked and escaped with alcohol. (Saving the fancy WS bottles for the weekend when the girlfriend’s folks are over :wink:)


It seems the weather is going to stay like this for a few days, so may get this started for the end of the midweek and first part of the weekend tonight. The eto is empty anyway and this seems like just the wine it has been invented for.

Should just figure some appropriate food now… TWS says pizza or avocado and prawns… I think not.


By Jupiter! I hope nobody has ever inflicted that on a Gauby.

I’ve just opened my last bottle of this, as I suspect it may be on the way out sooner rather than later:

Sour candy, wood and something medicinal in there. On the palate the sour candy is more prominent and a dead ringer for these:


Which is kind of fun, but as a wine I think it was in a better place about a year ago.

Anyway, I’m nitpicking - for £8.50 this is still a great way to get your (blended) nebbiolo fix. I’ll have to get a few of the 2013.


I can bring you a bottle when we meet in the autumn… :wink::+1:


That’s very kind of you but only if it’s truly spare (it’s not quite the same as that Bergeronnelle which I bought specifically for yourself so not depriving myself in any way!). I can always just get some whenever the next vintage appears!


This tonight as reward for effort. My fourth and final exam of Semester 1 of the WSET Diploma Level 4. Topic was Low and No alcoholic drinks :smirk:
2009 Wirra Wirra RSW Shiraz McLaren Vale if you can’t quite make it out due to my terrible photography skills. Bottle #7628 apparently.

Still have a 2500-3000 word assignment which I should receive the topic on in October to complete Semester 1 then Semester 2 next year which is an exam on sparkling and then the biggie… Light (still) wines of the world (which is 50% of the grade) :grimacing::crossed_fingers: