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Midweek Drinking Thread [1 to 4 March 2021]

Celebrating 11 happy years in our house this evening – will probably open some bubbles over the weekend to mark the occasion, but this evening a humble (fish)pie and a white to accompany from the ever reliable Celler de Capçanes in Montsant:

This comes under the DO Catalunya, is a blend of 70% Grenache Blanc and 30% Macabeu/Viura, and it’s as delicate as it is flavoursome.

On the nose, there are notes of quince, white peach, white blossom and wet stones, and on the palate there is a nice shift from orchard fruit to stone fruit with a floral back note. But for me – based on the first glass at least – it’s all about the finish. It’s not long, by any means – but it leaves a delicious mix of citrus pith and saline note, which lifts the wine and makes it that bit more interesting. It’s young and uncomplicated, but very well-made and for £9.99 a good price too! :ok_hand:

What’s tickling your tastebuds this week? :grinning:


Ah, thank you @inbar I’d completely forgotten to post!

So I got a very pleasant surprise when I opened this last night:

Very mixed reviews; people seem to either love it or consider fit only for cooking. Maybe it was a little sweet when younger (comparison with Piat d’Or being thrown around) or maybe people are opening an eight pound right bank merlot basic claret and expecting a St Emilion or Pomerol. I don’t know but I liked it and thought it was very good VFM. This is right at the end of the TWS window (but we all know about TWS windows) so maybe it now has rather more savouriness to balance the merlot fruit. I found it rounded, smooth and surprisingly interesting for the price.

This Jaques Mouton Chardonnay was a recent purchase from TWS. Pleasant, easy drinking wine but perhaps not significantly better than Chilean offerings at £2 or £3 cheaper.

Pale yellow gold. Light nose. Citrus. Lemon. Hint of vanilla. Medium palate. Fresh acidity. Lemon. Apple. Vanilla and burnt oak. Pleasant but no real depth nor lasting quality. Easy drinking on own or with food.


One of our favourite Alsace estates provided pleasure with a salad of cold (weekend remainder) pork tenderloin wrapped in Parma ham coated in dried sage leaves with salad leaves and (cooked) French beans. N pic :frowning:


Not much consumption going on in our household due to the arrival of baby boy #2 on Friday evening. But I have been keeping up with all the nice things everyone has been drinking whilst getting a few cuddles in.

First uncorking tonight* and enjoying (but not blown away by) this.

Think it’s a tad too delicate / fine boned (as Toby suggested of the village on the EP thread) and I prefer something a bit richer / more concentrated.
Although at 12.5% it’s probably all I can handle at the moment!

This came in the mystery cases of last year (£108 / 6). I would probably prefer to have used £18 worth of wine elsewhere in the world but hey ho. Every bottle is a lesson.

*Just waiting for an appropriate time to pop some fizz so my wife can enjoy also.




Congratulations to you and your wife, @winechief! :clap::clap::tada::sparkling_heart: happy news indeed!.. Wine is great, but cuddles from a new born even better :+1::wink:




Many congratulations on your new arrival. Best wishes to Mum.


Congratulations! Our second one is coming in September and I assume I will be in a very similar situation


Many congrats


Big congratulations on the new arrival (obviously most of that is directed at Mrs Winechief), hope you get to the bubbles soon :partying_face:


Congratulations to you both on the new winejunior!


Congratulations! Such a surreal but wonderful time when they first arrive. Hope all are well and happy.


Congratulations! :clinking_glasses:

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@winechief I can only repeat what everyone else has said, many congratulations to you and your wife on the new arrival !

This might seem excessive, and it is, but due to a combination of wine friendly meals and total boredom with lockdown solitary confinement I succumbed to temptation on what are usually AFD’s…

…the Watervale Riesling 2019 from Jim Barry was enjoyed on Monday with tuna and noodles in a Thai style sauce. Identifiable as Clare Riesling from the zesty lemon, lime and mineral nose alone. Refreshingly brisk citrus, ripe green apple flavours and plenty of stony minerality on tasting. Delicate in body at this time but with good depth of flavour it went down all too easily. Terrific value when discounted too ( £ 9.99 )

The Riesling ‘Brandluft’ 2017 from Boeckel was opened yesterday to pair with a small poached and then baked gammon joint. A lovely wine it was too and another that met with little resistance. Ripe orchard fruits, lemon, minerals and a touch of kerosene on the nose, Similar on tasting, mediumweight fruit, lovely fruit/acid balance and good length of flavour. A really good example of its type and great VFM at the discounted case rate ( £10.90 ). I blame the salt in the gammon for its demolition yesterday :yum:

I haven’t completely fallen down the slippery slope yet as the Riesling Trocken 2018 from Schloss Lieser will be opened tonight with what remains of the gammon but I’ve little doubt it will be seen off too.


Riesling triple whammy!


I’ve been ignoring my favourite grape of late and thought it was time to get back in the saddle !


This is a lovely lightish and Silky Bikáver. Delicious and refreshing red with some complexity and loads of interest for a moderate price!


A lively couple of glasses of this

while watching a very tedious 0-0 draw. Luckily the wine was much more invigorating than the football. Almost a faint spritz, and a zippy, quite acidic, fresh taste of green apples. I think if the players had tried a couple of glasses before the game they might have showed a bit more flair!

This is a decent wine, not quite as sweet as I expected for some reason.