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Midweek Drinking Thread [08 to 11 March 2021]

Had this just before Christmas. Thought it was fantastic

@Rafa happy belated Birthday


Oh dear ! Thanks for the notes, by the sound of it I’ll probably be of the same opinion when I open mine, only could will almost certainly be replaced by will :grimacing:

@MikeFranklin sorry to hear about your duffer, minor cork taint perhaps ?

For the earlier Wines of Germany Zoom seminar (thanks Anna and Catherine), this tonight…

…and despite some disparaging members reviews of late I’m thoroughly enjoying it. As per the bottles previously broached, fresh nectarine and citrus flavours, earthy minerality, lip smacking acidity and some lees-y texture. A very good example of its type.


Hope that you have a great day!! :birthday: :fireworks: :+1: :dragon:

Happy birthday @Rafa. Hope you had a cracker.

I’m on this tonight.

This has taken an age to come around.
Still jam packed full of blackberry fruit, mint and red plum. Something aged as well with the tobacco on the nose.
This could go another 10+ years easy. Just drink it when you like it.


I don’t think so as the nose was beautiful. That’s why I was so surprised by the palate. Still to have a glass tonight; been busy with stuff. So we’ll see!


Nice one ! I really appreciate appreciate your thoughts. I was of a similar opinion of the 2012 of the same ( two down, four to go ). The combination of typical Barossan concentration of flavour and closure with a screwcap seems to give wines such as these huge longevity.

The same applies to Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon too.


Fingers crossed it’s come around Mike !

2012… Geez… You could be waiting a while for any hint of tertiary.
It’s fine if you like bags of fruit. And they are clearly well made, clean, nice use of oak. But if you want that smoky, cigar box, tobacco thing you get with Bordeaux and I often find in South African cab blends… these move at a glacial pace (pre-Global warming!)


Glacial is a perfect word to describe how wines such as these develop. I should have gone with my gut instinct and left it in reserves and not been swayed by the TWS drinking window ( until 2020 ! ). I read elsewhere that 2012 was a particularly good vintage for Barossa cabernet too. Looking back at my notes from December. Primary flavours still to the fore, cassis. blackcurrants, violets and subtle spice. No alcoholic heat, ripe tannins, fresh acidity and easy drinkability but little in the way of complexity at this time. I gave it a drinking window until 2032 but even that’s probably on the conservative side.

Unfortunately | can’t send it back to Stevenage though !


2013 Mas de Cynanque, Nominaris, St Chinian. Wow, a really super wine. Bought a few years ago in the St Chinian Maison du Vin. Mainly Shiraz, clearly made with a lot of care. Deep rich a touch of chocolate. Heavy bottle


Well the nose was still lovely and rich but the palate, though somewhat improved, was still thin and tannic. Disappointing but that’s the way it goes sometimes.


Happy Birthday!

Alpha Estate 2016 Xinomavro reserve Amyndeon

Vines 100 years old, yield only 26hl/ha. Indigenous years, 24 months in French oak.

Beautifully balanced with elegant cincentration of ripe red and black fruit. Medium+acidity, medium alcohol, long complex finish. Lots of freshness, leather, mushroom cloves and spice.


I used my drinking evening to join Catherine and Anna’s introduction to German wine last night. Very enjoyable but I am not sure I will ever understand why Germany makes it all so difficult! I probably need to watch it back about 10 times to learn it all!! :blush:


Bought as a novelty from the Waitrose sale (was most northerly vineyard till 1986)

This is actually really great, not the unripe battery acid I feared but really quite delicious seyval blanc.
Great balance of acidity and fruit (lemon and quince) brioche, hazelnuts.
Not usually a big fan of english sparkling, have also bought some breaky bottom and jenkyns place but this has set a decent bar.


Thalabert 2012 here. Quite windy and very wet in London, felt like I needed a winter warmer kind of wine. Mrs WB offered no objections so I’ve popped this open. Half straight into a half bottle and recorked, it is after all only Wednesday, and some of the rest is now sitting nicely in my glass and the aromas are beginning to leach out.


Seyval blanc’s days are numbered and it is clear to me that the English wine making fraternity needs to focus on the traditional sparkling wine noble varieties. But they are a disparate lot with no idea about the regional importance of marketing. There are several big players that are only financially afloat by virtue of their shareholders pumping money in year upon year.
The English wine industry is, I think, over expanding in a very amateurish way.
There are some pleasant wines but all at a very high price.

I disagree. There are several ESWs I would buy in preference to any (regular price) champagne at the same price point, in particular Nyetimber, Hambledon and both the NV and BdB Westwell. All my champagne is bought on WS case deals because I struggle to justify it against ESW the rest of the time. And a lot of these operations are well run with some fairly serious intent both in terms of quality and commercial aspiration. There are also increasingly serious still wines and in particular Pinot Gris, which seems to be carving out its own, slightly drier style in comparison to Alsace - Stopham (listed by WS and a Jancis favourite) and Greyfriars do good examples. I agree global warming is providing opportunities for a wider range of grapes but it would be a shame I think for English varieties to disappear entirely.


New one on me…

I have literally no idea how my camera made that look so moody, but it’s in direct contrast to the wine, which is lovely if a little uncomplicated. Medium bodied, as the website suggests, sour cherries and maybe a hint of liquorice?


Opened this tonight as had four bottles and lots of CellarTracker reviews saying drink up.

I disagree tbh. This has the acidity to go a bit further and is lovely tonight. It’s a ‘serious’ Rose (whatever that is of course!) and has always drunk more like a light red Marsannay than a light summer wine.

Anyway, panic over as I haven’t got to drink the other three by next Tuesday!