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Midweek Drinking Thread [08 to 11 March 2021]

Quite early but I have opened this lovely crozes about 1h ago and plan to enjoy it throughout the day as it’s my birthday :smiley:
Beautiful nose, tannins alive and grippy but as this is the 4th bottle from a case of 12 I know that in a few hours it will soften and drink beautifully
Happy week all!!


Happy Birthday @Rafa. Enjoy the wine and have a great day.


Happy birthday. I have just had a glass of Fairmile fizz as it is my partner’s daughter’s birthday today.

Mine on Thursday.


Many happy returns @Rafa have a great day but by the looks of it best wishes aren’t required !.

I like your style by the way :grinning:


Happy birthday @Rafa ! Enjoy the celebrations :tada:


Good man! Happy birthday and enjoy!


Happy birthday, @Rafa! Hope you have a lovely day! :gift: :clinking_glasses: :smile:


Happy Birthday …enjoy the Crozes!!


A very happy Crozeday! Ken


Happy birthday Rafa!


Happy Birthday Rafa!

This is a lovely subtle Muscadet, strangely with wire round the bottle like some Riojas. Deeper and more rounded than typical Muscadet, a good Chablis alternative.


Happy birthday

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Opened my second one of these last night and was sorely disappointed:

Bought in 2019 I had the first bottle almost immediately and decided I preferred the normal Ch Ksara Bordeaux-ish blend but I didn’t dislike it. This bottle had a gorgeous cab s nose but the palate was thin with all the fruit pretty much gone and nothing much taking its place. Very disappointing. I’ll see how it does tonight but might be going down the sink :frowning:

Have you given the version Aldi are currently selling? I haven’t yet myself but might well be worth a go

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I’ve not tried it no. It looks like it’s a special bottling for Aldi as it doesn’t appear to be on the Ksara website. I have had the standard Ch Ksara which I liked and also the Souverain which I also liked but didn’t think it was anywhere near worth the rather hefty price tag.

I’d be interested to here how the Aldi one is. Ten quid for a Ksara is not a bad price.

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That’s a shame. They told me at the winery that the Cabernet can go 20 years … maybe not!

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Yes, I expected more but this may be a duff bottle. This one bears little or no resemblance to my memory of the last one I had about 18 months ago. I’ll see what happens tonight!


First bottle of Bin #006 from the allocated 3 this evening, to accompany calf’s liver ‘alla Veneziana’:

Ahhh, so this is why people want more of the same… What a fabulous find, especially considering the (even more fabulous) price! :+1:

Delicate floral notes - which in themselves would be worth the price - are first to emerge from the glass (rose petals, maybe a touch of peony even?), then red berries (cranberries, raspberries) and cherries to the fore, with a whiff of smoke, cedar and a touch of baking spices too. Similar notes follow on the palate, and the beauty of this particular composition – as one reviewer on the website noted – is the perfect marriage of concentration and freshness. The delicacy of it belies its utter quaffable nature. I could drink this all night! :heart_eyes:

Hope Freddy doesn’t have to strike a deal with Mephistopheles to get his hands on some more of this – though it might just be worth it… :thinking:


Another great 2018 Beaujolais Cru. Lovely bright floral aromas, ripe red fruit and a mineral note on the finish.


A day late but happy birthday @Rafa . I hope you enjoyed the Crozes.

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