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Midweek drinking [8-11 November 2021]

Nice entry level Gutedel (aka Chasselss) from Baden. Lemony with mouth filling acidity. Promising, should explore some more serious Cuvées. Cheers.


First night in Strasbourg, and we were too tired to eat out. So stayed in and cooked a Côte de veau à la Normande instead, and I got a 2016 Grand Cru Winzenberg Gewurtz from Spitz & Fils to accompany the food:

I’m not familiar with the producer at all - I’m not au fait with Bas-Rhin producers in general, but this was very good (if not excellent), and worked equally well with a dessert of pear and almond tart as it did with the main.

A melange of exotic fruit (mango, lychee, pineapple), Turkish Delight, citrus zest, orange marmalade and cinnamon, it was quite a heady mix - but had just the right amount of acidity to keep things in balance with a succulent texture. Finish was surprisingly long and left a lovely spicy aftertaste.

It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow, so looking forward to some Strasbourg exploration. My first visit here was 1996 with my dear German friends, so the place is always wrapped up in happy memories and the excitement of discovering places for the first time…

Happy Monday, all! :grinning:



Tonight Spag bol for supper - I did my best - slow cooked all afternoon (with a meh leftover glass of Burgundy) so far, so Monday.

The star for afters was Rhum Baba cooked by Daughter No1 yesterday: Chantilly cream and extra syrup from the jug. I absolutely love this desert.

With a half bottle of Mystery Sauternes - a blend of 2014,15,16 from an historic (but shy hence no name) producer. 80/20 Semillon / Sauv Blanc. Balance is incredible - undeniably rich and sweet yet precisely cut with ripe acidity (star fruit?) & botrytis. Amazingly it isn’t cloying, but refreshing. Outstanding.


There’s been a few comments about Rhône season so thought this was appropriate on a cold damp night with Lasagne, “The Time Has Come”.

Delicious, arguably needs another year as its a big hit on the tongue but smooths out over time. Opened about 75 minutes, decant next time I think but will leave for a few months perhaps. Last glass was :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Love the glass !! I have a couple of similar ones, with those broad green triangular stems which I bought in a wine shop in Bernkastel aeons ago, which I always dutifully get out whenever I’ve opened a Mosel riesling. Actually also for a Getarian Txakoli as you’re meant to pour them through an aerator from some height and my aim’s not that good…

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This was opened a couple of nights ago, I have drunk a few different versions of wines from this producer and they are variable, when opened the first impression was of a nose that went beyond farmyard, more manure and it percolated into the taste, the only other thing that came through was a very bitter cherry on the palette.
My first thought was for the sink as it was undrinkable even after an hour or so, but I thought I would leave the bottle open for a day, and 24 hrs later the smell had almost completely blown away and also the taste, what it left was a very dark over extracted wine with a bitter cherry taste that simply trampled all else.
There are some great bargains in the area I have been there and found them, but the bigger named Chateau do unfortunately follow the same over extracted path with many of their wines, I did leave a review on the web site but as many others have said none seem to appear or are not accessible.
So no he didn’t like it.


Oven is on for some duck legs in port and orange sauce so thought due to the wine friendly nature of the dish, something would be needed even on a Tuesday evening.

Well this leaps out of the glass. So aromatic. That lovely waft of earth, forest floor and red cherry. Will enjoy the evolution on this I’m sure.



Picked this to have with a sausage casserole and lo and behold TWS deem it to be a “sausage wine” (see food matches, and Sausage wine )

From @winechief sublime…


@winechief , Mornington Peninsula pinot is a favourite new world take on the grape here too :yum:

It did cross my mind to open something similar but plumped for this tonight…

…as dinner took a couple of hours to cook I had the time to find out more about it before broaching ( geek alert ! )

Cuvee Godefroy is made from 80-100 year old vines, from a specific east facing plot with a clay and silt soil scattered with volcanic stones, on the lowest slopes of Mont Brouilly. It also contains a tiny percentage of cofermented chardonnay from the same plot. Part whole bunch fermented and matured in large oak for 7 to 9 months before bottling.

Black fruits, cherries and berries, a floral note ( their website suggests peony ) and a hint of cocoa powder on the nose. A mix of softly textured, succulent and tangy cherry, blackberry and raspberry fruit all lifted and cut by fresh acidity on tasting, There’s a bit of a fruit pastille quality to it. Soft tannins provide grip and structure and a mineral note also becomes apparent as the fruit fades on the finish. All in all, a splendid wine !

It paired beautifully with a Moroccan spiced duck leg and some veg that needed using up…

…which was easy-peasy to cook and, all in, cost less than £2.50. Not that I’m tight but it does leave more for the wine budget !


To celebrate my wife’s birthday with son and daughter-in-law came these - all delicious.


From the infamous 2013 vintage this really shows the Domaine is in top form. Fantastic effort in a tricky vintage, stunning wine that is drinking now but has room to develop further.
Purity of fruit, no excess, good finish and absolutely delightful. A re-buy for sure.
It is proof of how much difference a top producer makes no matter the year.


Ooooooohhhhh :smiley:

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Such is my poor tasting ability if I had drunk this blind I would have said it was a top 1er cru red Burgundy. Tannins so fine and texture so silky. Best red Loire I have ever had


It’s going really well with the 1kg rib on the bone steak from Basco :yum:


Still have a bottle of 05, I found it today. Bet it’s good.

I hope so, Cabernet Franc has great longeverty (I cannot spell that word)



I was initially a bit put off by the label even though I’m not usually influenced by such things but a very well made wine with a lot of fruit and bit of pepper on the end. According to the fact sheet 90% natural wine making? Not funky at all luckily, and good value - would get for a mid week bottle again.


We had the first of our bottles of 2014 the other night as I couldn’t resist it any longer. It took a while to open up but was stunning once it had.

This is always my go to Chateau as it never seems to disappoint, and its price is very reasonable compared to equal wines from further north in Bordeaux


Bottle 1/6

Took a while to open up and become more aromatic but definitely continued to improve as the decanter dwindled. Lovely on the palate with typical ripe cassis fruit. Tannins present but not obtrusive. We had with rump steak. A touch of elegance too. Is that the Cab Franc?

I would say that it’s a bit early from its prime but no harm in trying one if you’ve got 6 and giving a 2hr decant.
Perfect cork.


Couldn’t agree more.
Good value when compared to many other châteaux