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Midweek Drinking [6th - 9th September 2021]

Far too a pleasant evening to let my school night drinking ban get in the way.

Leaving the lap top early to enjoy this wonderful weather.

This recent TWS purchase from the slopes of Etna certainly hits the spot!


Green, stalky horrible. Cellar for two years at least


What vintage?

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2017, gosh it is really green, sour and grumpy


Very sorry to hear that. I was allocated a single bottle of the 2019, seem to remember what I considered to be a very distant drinking window. Sounds like it was correct.


Hi James
I have a case of 2017, some bottles so far very good indeed, elegant, silky and full of fruit. This bottle was not defective but very sour and green…

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Cyprus diaries #1

Tomorrow - serious wine tasting commences but for days 1 & 2, this line up chosen at random from the local Costas supermarket

from left to right

A sparkling brut MC made from 100% Xyninisteri. Fairly unpleasant, odd oxidised baked apple sour acidic things going on. Most chucked over the balcony aimed at the feral cats hereabouts. Don’t think they much cared for it either.
Next - a odd combo of mavro, grenache, cabernet & carignan. Looks good on paper yes ? But - nah - its main attribute was that it wasn’t so bad it merited the fate above, and qualified as decent enough to slake a thirst but not to merit any wine-speak accolade.
Third - all local varieties blend - mavro, ofthalmo and the mythical maratheftiko. Not too bad, some nice herbal, savoury, red pepper thing going on and went OK with our BBQ’d lamb. But not a classic.
Finally a straight Xyninisteri - yeah this is nice. Very Greek - Italian. Rolled around the mouth nicely, burnt lemon peel, jasmine, salty, ripe peach. gonna look for more of this I think.

Updates in due course


Tonight… a triple blinder (or something like that)

Working from home was a tad challenging today. So downloaded (flac quality) Crosby, Stills and Nash - 1969 - outstanding music with a high end pair of headphones. “Helplessly Hoping” is so close to “Box of Rain” Grateful Dead.

Roast chicken for supper - sautéed (home-grown) potatoes + greenhouse toms.

Pushing the boat out, posh claret: to be honest, it’s a tad stalky & tannic. Maybe better tomorrow.


Finished off with Mortimer & Whitehouse doing their fishing thing In N Uist (just got back from summer hols there) - it’s a fabulous place. This isn’t a carefully screen edited film - the entire island is like that - watch out for the immortal lines “Half man, half otter”


Thanks for this. I’ve had my first of five recently, not as bad as you experienced but I thought it was a bit sharp, and certainly not silky. Sounds like I might have missed the youthful fruit phase entirely but am sure it will improve. Wait a year, would you say?


Happy with this. Satisfying, versatile.


Finished off the Fefinanes Albarino yesterday. It’s true that the acidity became less piercing over a couple of days but it’s certainly a very significant quality of this wine.

Today, slightly coincidentally, I’m trying this godello.


I often find godello and albarino quite similar, but not with these. Although it’s still a dry wine it just doesn’t have anything like the acidity. Much softer and gentler with what almost tastes like slightly sweetened lemon, and white flowers. Very nice.


After the debacle at The Oval……Enjoyed a 2019 Wolftrap with some Venison steaks tonight…fresh garden beans and courgettes, no carbs.
Delicious… easy drinking bbq red, slightly chilled for the sunset temperature.

Looking fwd too Tuesday……


Opened my Chapelle de Potensac, Médoc 2010 last night. Lovely velvety tannins but not quite as balanced as I’d been hoping for. Still a great glass of Bordeaux, though.


Jimmy, I have often experienced what I call a “grumpy adolescent” phase with red Burgundy, during which it bears the characteristics that we have both encountered in differing degrees. There is always the possibility of bottle variation which may go some way to explaining the differing degrees. More professional Burgundy experts refer to the phase as “shutting down.”
Working out when it starts after the primary fruit period (often referred to as “on the fruit”) is something of a mystery. But when you first encounter it if you have some other bottles, then my advice is that you should leave the rest for at least a year/18 months. The higher up the quality ladder you go the longer you should leave your remaining bottles.

Oddly, I have not encountered the same difficulties with new world Pinots. Have any other community page members?
Once the grumpy adolescence has finished red fruit generally turns darker and those complex tertiary flavours emerge.
I did not finish last night’s bottle so may revisit tonight and repost if any improvement!


2017 Felton Rd (I think the Cornish Point) last year - I felt it was very muted and I suspect had shut down for a while. But more generally I agree with you, it’s certainly rarer to find in NW PNs.

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…and then throw away??? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


er, hopefully not Peter! My view is that the rest of the case will be top notch!


May your wish come true!


Seared scallops with baby spuds this evening - a bit of a midweek treat after a long working day; to accompany - this 2018 Chablis Premier Cru ‘Mont de Milieu’ from Famille Brocard:

Thank you again to whomever it was who spotted it reduced to £8 in M&S (actual price £20). I must confess that I am yet to work out the difference between Les Domaines Brocard, Jean-Marc Brocard and Famille Brocard. Same people but one the négociant arm the others the grower/producer…? Or are there many Brocards in Chablis, like the Quenards of Savoie? :thinking: Not sure.

Whatever the answer, this is absolutely lovely stuff and I’m really pleased I managed to grab two bottles at the time.

Pale gold in the glass, the nose has very delicate notes of white blossom, porridge oats, pear (and maybe quince) as well as something a touch flinty/smokey. On the palate it manages to be both lean and round - or at least, it balances the two rather nicely. There’s still orchard fruit, but also lemon (in fact, I would say lemony yoghurt), a touch of vanilla and a fresh sort of minerality. Looks like it had seen some oak - but it’s very understated and the overall impression is of delicacy and elegance with enough acidity to give it a lift. Long finish seems to end on a lemon peel note - in short, we love it! :heartpulse:

Happy Tuesday, all! :sun_with_face: :clinking_glasses:



Vermentino Sicilia, Mandarossa with king prawn linguine, rocket salad and olive bread roll.

Really great white wine for the money. No real tasting notes beyond that, just very quaffable. Continuing to be impressed by my budget Italian wines. Especially the Sicilians, as previously stated.

Edit: shame the hyperlink no longer displays the image of the wine. That’s progress for you.