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Midweek Drinking [24-26 October 2022]

Oh dear, second week running starting the midweek drinking thread, this doesn’t bode well. But it’s half-term and I’m on a short break to my dad’s with the kids, so I don’t care.

No pictures but a delicious bottle of Bründlmayer Grüner Veltliner Langenloiser Alte Reben, Kamptal 2016 to report. We enjoyed the 2018 a few months ago but this was even better with the couple extra years in bottle to tame the acid and bring forward the limey, pineappley fruit. Good with roast chicken but very drinkable on the sofa afterwards catching up with Doctor Who.


I read Langoliers :scream:


Last night, Feudi di san Gregorio Taurasi 2016. Semi transparent rich plummy red colour. Nose of cocoa, cherries, violet, bit of funk; very bright acidity hits you first, (I think chewy is the technical term?), juicy, and a good deal of tannin. It’s quite light in terms of fruit, but the violets and cocoa stick around on the finish for quite a while. Gorgeous, playful, characterful, and so different to the more austere Basilisco. It’s interesting that the reviews seem to be so hit and miss; will be interesting to compare to the Piano di Montevergine

Pittnauer Ungerberg Blaufränkisch 2009; loved this when I last had it in Feb, still lovely today - opened 2 hours ago, bricking slightly, deep nose, some cherry, leathery, smokey, a little funk and burnt match. Touch of undergrowth and mushroom too. Delicious acidity like the Taurasi, which dominates, light on fruit, much less tannin. Leaves a subtle but lovely umami/smokey finish. Needed to use a couple of instruments to get the cork out!


Oooh, that sounds a delicious start to the week. Also surprised to be only the second one to crack this week… I’ve done so with this, in a bit of a scouting exercise.

I have 6 bottles of this in reserves from a VCP with a drink date from 2022-2030, so when I saw it show up on the list (Château Gouprie, Pomerol 2016) I thought I’d give it a wee try.

And I’m glad I did. Usually more one for the tertiary flavours in aged Bordeaux (c. 10 years plus), I actually really enjoyed the fruit driven youthfulness of this wine at the moment. Silky, well-integrated tannins, a little sour cherry and a nose dominated by hints of menthol (reminded me a little of good California Zinfandel, which I like) and the slightest bit of raisin coming through, it was absolutely delicious. I had planned on withdrawing the whole case at the 10 year mark and slowly making my way through, but I might bring that forward a bit. For those who also got it on the VCP (it was the first time the Wine Society had bought from this Chateau), I think you’ll end up very happy.

Happy Midweek Drinking :slightly_smiling_face:


We paid a visit to Mittnacht Frères this afternoon, where one of the wines we picked up was a new cuvée, Pinot Blanc, André, 2021. This evening, we drank a bottle with some saucisses from the butcher, sautéed cabbage with cream, and mashed potatoes.

André is one of the original brothers who founded the domaine, and the grandfather of Pierre, the new generation winemaker. Apparently, he drank pinot blanc like water, and this is made as an hommage. Made from their oldest parcel of pinot blanc vines, unfiltered and unsulfured, and partly fermented in used demi-muids. It’s listed as being natural, but there’s little-to-no cideriness - maybe a hint of orchard floor. Rather, it has ripe and rounded Cox apple fruit, with an excellent freshness, and no real hint of wood - just an openness to the palate and generosity of flavour. All too easy to drink…


Stressful period so a treat, last bottle of this. I’m no riesling expert but this is great.

Full nose with typical riesling aroma, tho oerhaps more muted than some. Deep yellow in glass.

Texture is developed. Citrus and white fruits on the palate with a hint of something herby (no idea what!). Well integrated and length goes on.

Went well with lightly spiced chicken.


You a politician per chance …??


Ha! no chance :joy: . Family health problems unfortunately

Third and final Morellino di Scansano, Podere 414 2019 here tonight having escaped for half term with the family. This stuff is terrific, smooth, lightly acidic, lovely heat of either the 15% Syrah or 14% alcohol. Sharp cherries, super stuff. A 2020 on the way which will hopefully be just as good.


A glass from each of these this evening.

Both from Majestic’s Mystery case offer.

Wachau, Gruner Veltliner Federspiel 2017 very presentable. It was sold by TWS with a drink by of 2022 probably has a year or so longer. £5 well spent

Chateau Montviel 2007 Pomerol is the second. This priced at £10 vivino has it higher untasted as yet. Nose is inviting

Far from cellar defenders so far. Pretty pleased

Have a good week all!


Great mature Bordeaux nose, dark fruits, leather and pencil shavings.

The nose, the detail is it’s best attribute. The palate all in balance, a softer, less concentrated finish. Tannins fully integrated. Crying out for a beef rib Sunday roast

Would be happy at way way higher than £10 purchase price


Quite a few Riesling drinkers this evening, I see.

I’m enjoying a bottle of 2010 Boxler; my first in a while and a reminder of why this remains my idea of Riesling Heaven.

So fresh and balanced - undiminished by age. This 2019 is like biting into crisp, fresh apples, followed up with honey and gently roasted hazelnuts. I still remember my first bottle of Boxler (from 2014, I think) and all the bottles since then have been wonderful. Hardly cheap but there’s something special about this wine.


What a treat! It’s been a while since I had one. I have a few grand cru Pinot Gris in storage but never tried.


Would’ve had some bite


Tonight as recommended by the Community this dry Tokaji ‘Marty McFly’ Furmint

Nothing profound but absolutely full of flavour, like being whacked in the face with a fresh Cox’s apple, and a nice biscuity aspect I guess from the oak which is otherwise not obvious. Supremely quaffable and amazing value for the price.


Wouldn’t have taken off either

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On Monday I opened a bottle of Lacoste Borie, Pauillac 2015

First time for this one and bought to give it a try. Even though it’s right in the middle of the TWS window it seemed a little young and brash to me. Not fully balanced and decidedly grippy tannins. I thought it was good and will probably get better given a little more time but for the money I think the Ulysse Pauillacs are better.


That’s quite the midweek wine! Great producer, great vineyard, and an excellent vintage that’s built to last :yum:


It was my 45th birthday yesterday and I was gifted a bottle of 1977 Chateau Leoville Poyferre, Saint-Julien. I have to admit I’ve never drunk anything even close to this age before and opening the thing feels a bit daunting. Advice on how to tackle this or pairing suggestions would be appreciated. I’ve no idea what to expect.


Happy birthday, @Owen-1DDC4! :clinking_glasses: Can’t help you with the wine but hope it turns out to be a good one! Always nice to drink something from one’s birth year :grinning:

This Shiraz this evening, with beef chilli:

St Hallett Faith, Barossa Shiraz 2018

Not our usual style of red - but nothing to complain about here. Quite the opposite - it’s a lovely glass of wine! Deep ruby in the glass, and still very young looking, the nose had an initial funkiness, which quickly dissipated to then reveal plums and dark cherries, black pepper spiciness, gentle smokiness and a whiff of mint or menthol (or perhaps it’s the Deep Heat I applied to my stiff shoulder earlier :thinking: ).

On the palate - it is ripe, with concentrated fruit - but not without a nice balance of good acidity and freshness. There’s plums and elderberries and cherries, as well as nice minty pizzazz and - according to him indoors - a sort of ‘Terry’s dark chocolate orange’ note. I’m good with that observation! Supple tannins frame it nicely and the finish leaves a pleasant liquorice spice aftertaste.

A very enjoyable - if not earth shattering - experience! :+1: :wine_glass: