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Midweek drinking [23 to 26 August 2021]

Last week starting in Hungary, sipping a Sauvignon Blanc orange wine from Posta (Szekszard). Innovative little outfit, fully organic and currently aiming for biodynamic. The wine is clean, no funk. SB aromatics with typical skin contact flavours coming through. Very good. Maybe the best place we tasted at.


I found one of these hidden away at the back of our wine fridge a few weeks back, and cracked it open tonight - a Giacomo Bologna Braida Brachetto d’Acqui, vintage 2015[!]. I always used to make sure to pick up some of this from Tanners in Bridgnorth on trips to stay in Shropshire. Ditto their Il Baciale Monferrato Rosso too - equally enjoyable for its airy savouriness.

This particular one is some way past its best now unfortunately, and the balancing crisp acidity that usually makes it such a divinely lovely thing to drink has moved on; instead it’s now just a bit gloopy and candied-strawberries / salted plummy.

Still not a bad mouthful and it’s something I’ll always enjoy going back to, but this particular specimen is now more of a tired desert wine lite than a tasty & airy early-summer-evening quaffer.

It nevertheless actually worked strangely well[ish!] with some pork belly slow cooked with soy etc and a pile of Szechaun peppercorns. And there are certainly not many wines one can say that about :~}


Pasta with meat and tomato sauce needed something suitable and this was more than needed. One of my favourite Chianti Classico wines. Drinking really well.


Superb 2002 Beaune. Dark tobacco nose black fruit medium body long finish. This has real concentration yet elegance and a perfect weight. Photo of my cousin in background who has enjoyed a glass or two already


Bosquet des Papes, Cuvee tradition, Chateauneuf du Pape 2006 15% alcohol


Medium intensity, garnet colour.


Medium intensity, primary aromas floral, and prominent red fruit, strawberry, and pretty much the whole spectrum of black fruits , and some spice, hint of dried herbs. Tertiary sensations include earth.


Dry, with medium acidity, soft medium tannins, high alcohol and full bodied. Intense flavours of lots of fruit, prominent black berries, cherry notes, some plum. Also some spiciness, pepper. Some cedar, wood impressions, cloves, and earth-like tertiary aromas. Long finish.


A well balanced mature wine which still has a lot of fruit sensations, with well identifiable characteristics, complexity and a long finish. Overall an excellent wine, which drinks very well on its own. I wish I could buy more…


Phew, possibly the tightest cork I have ever pulled! “It’s what your right arm’s for”. But at least it’s worth the effort. Fresh, quite pleasant acidity, and lots of cherries. Gentle but noticeable tannin. Can’t remember the price but I know it wasn’t much. Good.



A bottle of this on the go for us this evening - the WS Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese, Pio Cesare 2019.

And really very nice indeed it is too - very pale but with a good strong “presence” with its grippy tannins and slight astringency. Enough cranberry & cherry fruit to keep a nice dry balance, and a very tasty & enjoyable wine indeed for a Thursday dinner of herby sausages with roasted toms & fried-up left-over tatties & veg. Something vaguely campari-ish about it, which I like very much - I used to enjoy Grignolino sometimes on work-trips to Italy but have never seen it here until the WS stocked it. Preferable for my tastes to the similarly pale Pelaverga currently stocked by the WS. Both very nice though.


With bbq sea bass from our local market

We tried this Muscadet a departure from our standard which is Ratelles ….accompanied with runners and Senegalese rice…food was great but I think we prefer the Ratelles

Following our highland holiday habit of a sporadic nightcap we’re trying this which was gifted to us some time ago….a subtle sweet finish….but it’s ongoing


Very good start of my summer holidays wine here. Yes it’s bold US cab sav, but very complex and lovely. Amongst the fruit is sweet maple cured bacon. Almost as enjoyable as @GHobson’s self care day. Which is definitely my favourite post of the day. Looked awesome @GHobson


Yesterday I took myself out for the day as I’m off this week. A bit of self care. I’ve been meaning to visit Quality Wines / Quality Chop House in Farringdon for a while. Lunch is a relaxed affair - mostly working people coming in for takeaway but a few tables for dine in. A blackboard selection with everything bar the hot sandwich already set out on the counter. A good selection of wines and knowledgeable staff.

Excellent start of panzanella with a glass of Cauzon Blanco 2020 - Macabeo 50%, Viogner 20%, Chardonnay 15%, Sauvignon 15% a really nice foil for the fresh and zingy salad. Not something I would have chosen, so always happy to have an on point recommendation from the bar. A little bit of funk to the wine (I think it might be what some would call a “natural wine” but not too sure) but not overbearing.

Followed with the hot lamb sandwich. Fatty pulled lamb, salsa verde, aioli in a bun. My word, what a sandwich. Two glasses of different reds to pair. Pais Franco 2020 Roberto Henrique, Chile - slightly chilled easy drinking red, lovely fresh fruit balancing out the fatty lamb and garlic in the aoili. Second up was a Spigle-Bochy Moravske Zemske 2016 Czech Republic. More weight and oak then the Pais Franco, again though a good match to the robust lamb. Again, wines I wouldn’t have chosen but was happy to explore.

I hope to make it over for dinner next time, the smells wafting from the kitchen were so good. I think the head chef/owner Nick Branham is Jancis Robinson’s son. It’s a great set up he’s got going on so far as I can tell.

I then sauntered over to Noble Rot on Lambs Conduit Street for dessert (I did say it was a self care day!). Such a lovely atmosphere on the street and in the restaurant on a sunny london day. Staff are (in my experience) always so friendly and knowledgeable. A glass of Chateau Pradeaux Bandol Rosé 2019 whilst choosing my pudding. Sensational.

Greengage Galette ordered, eaten and paired with JJ Prum, Spatlese ‘Wehlener Sonnenuhr’ 2014. Does it get better?

Because I can’t help myself, instead of an espresso before leaving, I had a glass of A Levet, Cote-Rotie ‘Amethyste’; N Rhone, France 2014. An approving sound came from behind the waiters mask when I said I was thinking of having a last glass of the cote rôtie before settling up! No more persuasion needed. I think my palette was a bit all over the shop by this point but my recollection is of a lovely balanced wine. All these wines IMHO were not expensive by the glass for the quality. All were served in JR x RB glasses, which I have at home and enjoy immensely.

Not a good idea to visit a wine shop having been through the above but I couldn’t help pop into the new noble rot “Shrine to the Vine” shop opposite the restaurant. Mostly bottles beyond even my half cut price range. Great to see some of these bottles up close though and the selection is really good. Very friendly and knowledgeable service. Could not resist coming away with some aligoté (something I’ve mentioned on another thread I’m keen to explore more of) in the form of a 2018 Domaine Henri Naudin-Ferrand Aligoté Le Clou 34, a Dureuil-Janthial Rully 2018, and a bottle of the “chin chin” vinho verde. Fortunately I was sober enough to talk myself out of buying a Tempier Cabassaou 1996.

I then waddled to Waterloo and home for a nap! Very satisfied. My only regret is not just having a full second lunch at noble rot for £22 (3 course set menu). I wish you all a very enjoyable second half of the week


Now that is self care! Sounds like an excellent day!


Thoroughly recommend! Company is generally preferable but I don’t mind my own when no one else is available. Both venues (and the wine shop) also so friendly and happy to chat.


Realise I posted this in the wrong mid week drinking thread now - must have been the slight haze I felt this morning!


That is certainly some day out and a great write-up to read :~}

Once I’m back to my Uni work in September, I’ll be in Farringdon most days and will be referring to your notes very carefully for a bit of post-work child-free self-indulgence one evening!


I used to make it down to London 2 or 3 times a year pre-covid and miss trips to some of the excellent wine based venues. Noble Rot was fully booked last time I was in London but enjoyed the Wine Makers Club under the arches around farringdon way. Is that still going?


A shame you couldn’t get into NR last time. I think I was lucky to get a table on a whim visit but perhaps mid week is relatively safe, although I’m always amazed (envious) how many people can have such excellent work lunches!

Yes, the winemakers club under the arches is still going so far as I’m aware. I went when it first opened a few years ago as I worked on Farringdon road at the time but haven’t been back since. Another place to reacquaint myself with next time I have some self care booked. From the emails I get and seeing some of the insta snaps of others I see they have a really interesting selection on offer. I think the guys at GB Wine Shippers had a trade tasting there recently and they sell some nice wines


Had a rare trip to Majestic today whilst at the shopping centre for other duties.

This is opening up nicely in the decanter. 2011 although very much below 2009/10 quality is showing nicely at this level. 10 years maturity showing in a nice savoury, mellow way. Some CT comments suggested this was a bit spoofulated but I’m not getting that.

Also picked up a Broc love red, Lismore Chardonnay, Vasse Felix Filius Chardonnay and Langlois l’extra brut


What a great day out!

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