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Midweek drinking [1st - 4th April 2019]


Technically was Sunday eve but the weekend thread is closed… had a De Moor Aligote at Plateau in Brighton. Was my first Aligote and first De Moor, but won’t be the last of either! Very special wine. Has anyone tried thier Chablis?


Hi if you like less in your face Gewurz try some from New Zealand, visited a number of wineries there recently and was surprised by the quality. New Zealand W


Varetúo 2016, Barranco Oscuro (Vino de la Tierra de la Alpujarra)
An eternally controversial topic, but this (mostly, I think) Tempranillo from a vineyard 1350 metres up in the Contraviesa between the Sierra Nevada and the sea) is certainly a contender for the highest in (continental) Europe. I have followed this semi-legendary “natural” producer for many years now (given my lifelong affair with Granada), and the standard has risen considerably, while the wines remain thoroughly unique and impossible to compare with anything else. It’s a pretty wild wine, with soaring acidity soaring over the strawberry fruit. Wild but very clean too. Of course it is a food wine (well, unless you love acidity as much as I do). Think that acidity would allow it to age for quite some time (as all their wines do), but sadly this is my last bottle. Again, like all the Barranco wines I’m expecting it to be at its best after 3 or 4 days, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it tonight too.


Just finished my first Blind Spot Pinot Noir. I can see from the reviews that it’s not exactly thrilling others but I absolutely loved it. I guess it’s just a question of what one wants from a PN but this hit all my buttons.

Now onto this, my first from a VCP some years ago: Hedges Sagemoor Farms CS 2013

Blimey, it’s good. Mid weight, clean ripe fruit and a refreshing experience.


We had this on Monday - a large glass for the pot and the rest for us grown-ups:

Ripe, tasty and a bit boozy. Good concentration for its level - a very nice £6.50 bin end.


Tonight’s tipple. A baby, so it’s gone in the decanter for a lie down. Quite perfumed! Will be tasting the Exhibition Medoc from TWS tomorrow - excited to see how it stacks up.

Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month

Looks very nice! I may have to visit when I’m down there next.


It was great! Well made and interesting dishes and as it’s a bit like tapas - we tried lots of different ones.
The house Corvina was lovely too! Nothing sophisticated, but crunchy red fruit (cherry, raspberry) with a lively acidity that worked well with the food. :+1:


Had this at the recent Spain and Portugal tasting here in Edinburgh and liked it enough to grab a six pack. It has a nicely descriptive rear label and the contents show good complexity for the money. This is just to get our palettes warmed up before heading to Spain on Friday for a week.


where did you find this? sounds very interesting and doesn’t seem to be easily available over here…



oh sorry, misuse of the reply button there, was actually asking Jcbl about the Cornas


Available from these guys…

This place looks like a Treasure trove of Rhone wines old and new…


Jamais Renoncer 2016 Cotes du Roussillon, Bernard Magrez

A reliable CSG blend…dark fruits, peppery and herbal…with a touch of oak.

Carignan 45%, Syrah 45%, Grenache 10%…£5.99 Lidl


This evening I’m cooking dinner for a good friend, who expressed an interest in expanding her wine horizons – so I invited her for a meal with some wines to match.

Spotted some figs in my local green grocer, so I think I’ll make some baked figs stuffed with goat’s cheese as a starter, and we’ll open this slightly unusual (I think!) sparkling offering from the Pfalz:

Made by Oliver Zeter from 100% Sauvignon Blanc. I tried three of Zeter’s wines to date, (Grauburgunder, Riesling and SB Fume) and they were all very good to excellent – so hoping this one will not disappoint.

For main, I’m making a Sicilian Butternut Squash stew with couscous, and as my friend usually drinks Pinot Noir – I thought I’d try a Beaujolais Cru on her as an alternative, and see what she thinks:


Not sure yet about dessert – might make a Key Lime Pie – so thinking of opening the Paul Cluver 2014 Late Harvest Riesling I recently got in the M&S discounts. Might finish the Torres Moscatel from Sunday too, if there’s room. It really hit the spot the other day! :heart_eyes:


This one got a very good review in the recent issue of Decanter :+1:


Picked up this for around £15 at the local Super U

and, oh my, what a lovely and accessible Moulis this is. It is the second wine of Chateau Maucaillou and the Super U has more of this and the first wine. I might just have to add a couple of bottles of each to my stash I’m bringing home. At only 3 years old it’s still very much black fruits forward and, whilst the tannins give it definite structure, they are very, very smooth with just a bit of grip. Lovely! Moulis really does seem to rock my Bordeaux boat!

[now here’s a thought; if we crash out without a deal on the 12th, I wonder if I’m suddenly going to find myself over the limit!:open_mouth:]


So because its a non drinking day and there’s clearly a full moon or something which have made the offspring more feral than normal…
I’ll be having this:


Full moon? That’s streetlights…


The recycling bag indicates I’ve been a bit naughty this week…

All were good examples of their type.

The cab was ripe, spicy and generous but in no way over the top. The last of three bottles and the best so far. It’s best years are probably still in front of it.

The riesling ( 2012 ) is in a very good place right now. Vividly intense toast and lime flavours are right up my street. I guess this might develop some petrol / parrafin aromas and flavours with more bottle age ( which I don’t particularly like ) . For me, this is perfect now.

The Beaujolais was very satisfying, fruity and deep with a lovely macerated strawberry flavour Not particularly complex and not one for further aging but it really hit the spot with yesterday’s roast chicken.

All in all, a very good week !