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Midweek Drinking 18-21st May 2020

A glass of Cote de Duras Sauvignon Blanc with asparagus and pea risotto. Not overly extracted but sharp enough for this meal.
Perfectly matched.


First rise of the season for me. A One off Waitrose purchase while waiting for TWS delivery that includes some rose. Very pleasant. Strawberry and raspberry in a restrained way. Lovely balance. Perfect with a cold roast chicken salad this evening


I meant rose. Obvs.

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And now for something completely different

This is definitely like no other Rose I’ve tasted before. I think the society description is perfect. Distinctive, dry, spice and orange. Bought 6 in the Bin end sale earlier in the year. Love trying something different.


I’m demonstrating huge restraint. :grinning::wink:


I adore that wine. I’m pretty sure it’ll keep a lot long than they say it will, so have a few bottles stashed away somewhere safe to give it a go.

I really hope they stock new vintages too!


Wow! someone’s pushed the boat out in lockdown! :star_struck:


Exactly my view the first time it was offered, in 2018.

Haha - just treating everyday at the moment as a special one !


That very rare thing, a 100% Tintilla de Rota. Very good, velvety, lots of red fruit, some depth.


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Again, completely knocking it out of the park!!

Where do you live ?? :sweat_smile:

Thought it was great, so glad I ordered 6! A great find.


This week, I have mostly been enjoying wine (quite a lot of it, now I’m collating the weekly summary).

Mystery wines #19

A lovely treat glass on a Monday, sweet-fruited yet nuanced Burgundy (I got this mostly right but not quite the age). Not had a red Rully before.

and #21 (I did not get this right)

New Press Rose was broached early on - classic PN rose - strawberries and cream. Not complicated, but perfectly suited to this week’s weather.

Swiftly followed by this, intended for the Australian tasting here on Thursday. I cheated and opened to accompany the meatball ragu demanded by the kids for supper - was pretty tasty. However, it improved following some double decanting antics as I changed my plans and had to get it back in the bottle. Tasty this evening, but not spectacular - smooth and balanced, fruit forward.

The reason for not joining in with the tasting on Thursday was because I got a better offer - sitting one end of a picnic bench sharing a bottle of this with a friend on the opposite side. Was delicious, despite the funny orange colour. Bone dry, delicate berries and crisp acidity. Perfect to enjoy with long-forgotten socialising while the sun went down. Wish I had another bottle.

However, it wasn’t all tantalising taste buds. I also opened this, which I am sorry to report was extremely disappointing.

I don’t know if it was just me, but I found it really off-putting. I couldn’t get past a perceived aroma of farmyard effluent and it went down the sink. It is a natural wine, but highly rated, so don’t know what’s going on. Am I just sensitive to ‘Mousiness’, am I prejudiced, or was it just a bad bottle? Not sure, but am going to contact the seller to see what they think (would be happy to try another bottle, just to see if it’s my palate)


Loved the sound of your Thursday evening. I am really missing sharing a meal and a bottle or two with friends and family.

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Yes, sharing the experience adds so much more

Love Luis Perez, esp the cheap red Garum and the white (Palomino) El Muelle. i think Di Majo Norante’s Tintilia is the same grape which was obviously taken to S Italy - certainly tastes similar. Interesting it doesn’t seem to be found anywhere in Spain apart from Cadiz province.

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[It may be Graciano, so perhaps it is] (http://fringewine.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/tintilla-de-rota-jerez-spain.html)


Brilliant, love it ! How do you find those ?!!

Feb16. £8.50 then. The acidity has kept it perfectly. No rush, but likely not improving either.

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