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Midweek Drinking 18-21st May 2020

Saw this at the local farm shop for £35. So I bought it - and opened this evening. Obviously I should have kept it for ‘a special moment’ etc… bet there you go. And it’s superb !! has sufficient age and complexity, without losing sight of an essential ‘ruby port’ nature. So I’m a happy bunny. No idea if £35 is expensive or a bargain.


With Albacore tuna bean salad, this is one of the very best VFM dry white wines for quick delivery on the market. It is a house wine at Gordon Ramsay and Rick Steyn restaurants. Delicious!


That vermouth has been popping in and out of my basket like a prairie dog. How was it?

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But aren’t some of the best special moments the ones that come out of nowhere, with nothing in particular to celebrate?

Sounds like a lovely drink, whatever the occasion.

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The household really like the red Vermouth as a mixer and on the rocks. It’s well priced and ticks the VFM box. We occasionally buy the white but prefer Noilly Prat for quarantini.

So @Brocklehurstj I would recommend unequivocally. Let me know what you think.

I have not tried the higher octane Gin yet you originally referenced.


Congrats on completing! That looks like a nice drop. Something much younger and fresher here last night:


The German Wine Police might try and extradite me on a charge of vinfanticide if they see this. If so, I’ll use the fine weather as a defence for doing so…

…I had a glass yesterday which was full of gas and ferment aromas but I guess that was to be expected.

Today, there’s still a bit of dissolved CO2 but the nose has opened up into something that I can only describe as fine young Riesling. Fresh peach and orchard fruit flavours with crisp balancing acidity rounded out by some residual sweetness on tasting. As you would expect, it has no complexity at this time but it’s still dangerously easy to drink.

Oh, presently on offer at Waitrose for £12


I try not to drink on Mon-Weds, generally, but just look at the weather! It counts as the weekend, in my book, so I’ve made an initial selection of 3 bottles.


The one on the right is open - a gentle pouilly fume for a hot day.

The one on the left is a slightly silly ‘but what about the mortgage!?’ choice to open for tomorrow night’s tasting and continue into the weekend: Penfolds Bin 169 2010.

Then there’s the one in the middle: Isole e Olena’s posh-level wine, Cepparello (2012) for a bank holiday treat.



Drinking this gruner veltliner from Winzerhof Schlosser in preparation for the wine soc webinar this evening on Austrian wines- really looking forward to it. The usual zesty crispiness you would expect from a gruner veltliner, but a particularly perfumed, floral nose. Matched with a Chinese meal of lemon chicken.


Seems like the hottest day of the year so far, so maybe not an ideal moment to open a 2015 Manfredi Nebbiolo d’Alba, but it was the bottle that called loudest to me to accompany porcini and truffle mezzelune, maybe not the ideal dish either. Sometimes you just have to follow the whims of fate.

It’s a slightly darker colour than I expected. Very dry with a pleasant tannic feeling. Not a lot of fruit but some cherry with a bit of acidity and a surprisingly long finish. Just got to cook my pasta now and I’m pretty confident it will go well. It’s another bin end success!


Chateau Baudec, where from pray tell?

Oops… Bauduc. And if it’s good enough for Stein and the Shouty One, then Chateau Lapin should get a bottle in.


Creon in Entre-Deux-Mers. https://www.bauduc.com/

Finally drank this, after initially buying for New Years. Very soft and classic. Slightly uninteresting but enjoyable nonetheless. I imagine this kind of wine in crystal decanters on the dining tables of shifty aristocrats avoiding probing questions from Belgian detectives.


Omg that sounds amazing!

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Tonight - the 2013 vintage of this wine - which divides opinions it seems. Thoughts among the cognoscenti here? I love its tart fruit and dry finish.


I really enjoyed it (2018 vintage). I wasn’t expecting how delicate it was but it was no worse for it and the herbal element added to the complexity. An interesting wine, perfect for this weather. When did you buy the 2013?

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Costa d"Amalfi Furore Bianco 2018 “Basic” white from the exemplary Marisa Cuomo, who make rhe fabulous Fiordiuva, one of my memorable wine experiences with a meal at Baco in Furore. 60% Falanghina and 40% Biancolella, from the famed vineyards perched dizzyingly over the sea hundreds of metres below. I guess i thought of this as a bit of a “location wine”, but in this vintage at least it’s so much more, a distinctive spicy white that strangely reminds me a bit of Gruner Veltliner but is both fascinating and eminently moreish. Great that such seriously authentic wine can be found in such a tourist brochure location.

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Some midweek niceness with smoked Brisket ! Just the ticket :wink::wink:!


Ah, I have a case of these, how is it drinking? Last year I drank some 2002’s which were still excellent. I also ordered the 2019’s EP from our local wine merchant, as I don’t want to wait for a TWS offer and risk not getting any.


Leah: have you a recipe/ technique for smoked brisket? as it happens, I have a 1.5kg brisket (unrolled) brining in the fridge and will be ready to cook at the wekend. Brine = water, salt, prague salts, muscavado sugar, black pepper, juniper, a couple of cloves all ground up. My usual smoking arrangement is a weber and sawdust.
Margaux sounds like an excellent match, I never would have thought of it.