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Midweek drinking 1-4 Feb 2021

What, nobody?

Simple but good!

Sea bass, courgettes, albarino. Delicious!

P.S. Not sure that this has worked properly?


Photo opens all ok. Hope that you enjoyed it!

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Thanks. Yes indeed! Normally the photo just appears in the post rather a link; at least that’s what I think I remember.

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It usually does. Not sure what happened with yours!

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Edited for you - there was a ! missing from the start of the text.

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Thank you Tom.

Fried Halloumi in chilli sauce with a bulgar wheat salad and this lovely fresh Sylvaner from Beyer. Nice apple skin notes and not too astringent which can be a fault in this grape variety. With rapidly rising wine prices this has to be considered a bargain!


Half a bottle was decanted on Sunday and the other half finished yesterday with seared lambs liver…

… a closed nose when first opened, hence the decant, classic claret aromas and flavours two hours later. Blackberries, cedar, spice and polished leather on the nose. Add a splash of cassis and some pencil shavings to those notes on tasting. Elegant structure, lovely balance, ripe, moderately intense, flavours in a subtly powerful package. As good on day two as it was on the first.

The 2016 is now on the wish list. If it came in a six pack I’d have sent one to reserves already !


For £22 : MUCH better than the vast majority of new world P.N. and better than almost every USA P.N. in my opinion - but still doesn’t measure up against a decent old world Burgundy at the same price (Mercurey for instance) - but horses for courses. Very well made, a good purchase. Drinking well now, and I’m thinking it might get very interesting if allowed to age another 6 years.


Comfort food and comfort wine this evening, in the shape of Crab Mac ‘n’ Cheese and a 2019 Rustenberg Chardonnay:

What to say? this wine never fails to generate a sense of wellbeing self-help books can only dream of . I can’t think of a better value Chardonnay of this style (even more so when discounted to £10.99 in Waitrose), and always have some in the rack, whatever the vintage.

The 2019 is a peach! Pale gold in the glass, it has notes of apricot, peach and pineapple on the fruit-front, complemented by delicate vanilla, honey and white blossom. Even more enjoyable on the palate, it has notes of pineapple and stone fruit, but also marzipan, honey and buttered toast slathered in lemon curd. It seems a little fresher than the 2018, but all the better for it, with a nice minerally finish. It finishes dry, but with a generous creamy texture - it’s utterly lovely! :star2:

The 2014 we had from the Society fairly recently shows it can age well too, so three cheers to our South African friends. :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


Oh good. Just ordered one this afternoon so looking forward to it.

We had the 2014 the other night, and enjoyed it although my expectations were a bit higher, having originally tried it at a tasting two or three years ago. I’m afraid I can’t say with any certainty whether it was the wine that wasn’t so good, or my memory deceiving me.

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With the remains of my weekend rabbit stew I made rabbit pie (my first ever), and with it this rather delightful Pouilly Fume. Really beautiful subtle SB, all the usual hallmarks. I found it nicely balanced and nuanced.

Edit: I just looked up the latest vintage and it’s £16. In my notes the 2018 was 14.50 so that’s a bit of a bump up.


A laithwaites purchase needed finishing off from the weekend. To be fair I do like this wine for its fruitiness.


This is very delicious, piquant and unassuming. A good accomplice for the minestra and this…
Note the blurry terrier in the background.


Following on from the Lemelson, another P.N. but this time from Canada - also 2017. And a world apart - tasted blind I’d mistake this is as a Burgundy from a cool year / young vines. Don’t be mislead by my faint praise - this is a very good wine.

Paler in the glass than the Lemelson, sharper & with more bite (better with food) but less body & not an immediate crowd-pleaser. It is the nose which is the decider - This I prefer - but I respect the opinions of those that know better. I hope TWS continue to buy Canadian P.N.


I hear you.

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Prop Gruner Veltliner weinvertell 2019 for perhaps the best Gruvie in what must be the most dining unfriendly container on this side of visually illiterate. My wife got out the Champagne font to get through the evening. The next one gets decanted into well ought the nas hinny.


Mid-week, so this was stretched across Monday and Tuesday. Went very well with tonight’s (slightly spicy) Hunter’s Chicken.

Opened this on Sunday with roast pork shoulder.

2009 vintage. Absolutely gorgeous. Don’t know how the winemaker achieved such lightness of touch with purity of flavour, fine acidity and incredible length.
Finished tonight, just as fresh. I need more Spätlese in my life.