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Midi Icons Tasting


I’m heading to this tasting event tonight to pour and to proselytize for the Community

Is anyone else going to be there? If you are, do come and say hello. Let’s try to share as many notes and photos from the event as we can (click on the link to see the wines on offer, and be jealous!)


The Rhône Rangers

Yes, I am jealous. Some cracking wines there.

Although I reckon you could get even better wines if you can sneak your way into the cellar at Merchant Taylors’ Hall!


Some frantic wine press tasting happening before doors open, but already looking fab-u-lous


Bit busier now


Oh my word… some line up you have there. Jealous is an understatement.


How do you get an invite to these sort of tasting?


They are open to all members as you only need to buy a ticket, but you often need to be quick.

We should have a Community Group that goes to tastings and can report back, and warn others when tickets are available (if you want)


Just left the tasting. I had hoped to chat to members more and maybe even show off the community, but it was absolutely constant - it helped that I was at the Trevallon table (the owners were lovely people).

Next time I need my own table and might need some assistant cheer leaders so we can sign up more members with tasting events experience.

I did get s chance to talk to a few and these members were excited about the idea of the community, so hopefully we will get some new faces here.

As for the wines, I only tasted the Domaine de Trevallon and they were gorgeous. Not cheap, but the process for the 2008 and 2004 are a complete steal (IMHO) and the white wine was a revelation.

I may be tempted into making the first purchases to start my own reserves list …

Weekend Drinking Thread [10 Mar]

Thanks I see now. It’s quite a list of iconic producers I would love to be there.

The only tasting I’ve been aware of are the very few which are local to here and they’ve always been more everyday wines,

Do you know is the Rhone tasting in February of the same standard?

Now I look I see the venue is close to Liverpool st so easy commute for us east coasters.


Who did the colouring?


All labels are similar but slightly different and are artworks by the owner’s father


This is a fanatastic line up. I hope someone who attended will find this thread and give us their impressions. Great, educative event tasting notes btw.