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Mid week drinking thread (Feb 14 - 18, 2022)

I don’t believe it I’m kicking off the drinking thread twice in succession. I fear for my email in-box and liver. But Oh Well.

Late lunch of a home-baked onion, goat’s cheese and lardon pie needed something, so I’ve picked this Trepat from Conca de Barbera. We called at the CdB wine centre outlet last year in Montblanc; actually conveniently located just outside the Castell de Montblanc and open on Sundays… TREPAT - DO Conca de Barberà

Disappointingly no tastings on offer but curiosity decreed a purchase of a mixed six, guided by the very helpful salesperson, and today seemed the day to try the first. I also recollected that Trepat is one of the 5 varieties allowed in Cava.

Good choice, perfect for a lunch wine. Think - a hybrid of Pinot, Mencia, Poulsard… peppery, raspberry, spicy… (?? cinnamon…) but totally unlike other Catalonian varieties.

Anyway it’s all been polished off without too much effort.


Hi All
This is my first time on this site but have been a member of TWS 18 years. Tonight I am drinking something I have never drunk before but looking forward. It’s Dandelion Pride of the Fleurie 2018 James Halliday gives it 5 stars so we shall see. Once drunk I will report back on my thoughts.


I assume you are referring to the wine…


Yes of course. It would take more than one bottle to get me D—K but Andy thank you for your observation.


From TWS in 2018, I think it was around £35. Absolutely crystal clear, no sediment whatsoever and so very fresh! Balance is impeccable, you get the feeling this wine would last another 34 years easily.

I had been meaning to save it for a special occasion, but instead opened at the weekend after a very long dull Sunday. No regrets, it is a fantastic wine - make you think back to what was happening in 1988 (Thatcherism writ large, yuppies braying about property values, brick mobile phones etc).

If you are fortunate to have a bottle set by - there’s no rush to open, but you will be very glad if you do.

Happy Monday everyone.


I spoke to Laetitia Pietri-Geraud (of the eponymous domaine) when we visited years ago, and she said that all VDN will essentially keep almost forever, with the flavour profile changing about a decade at a time.

I’m not sure about Bayuls - it’ll certainly keep for decades, like a good Port - but judging by the availability of very old vintage Rivesaltes, I’m convinced it’s more like Madeira, essentially bomb proof when it comes to ageing.


I definitely think my reports improve, once drunk. At the time I do anyway.



I do not normally indulge until Friday evening.
However, being Valentines day, my lovely wife served up baked brie, with garlic mushrooms and fillet steak (medium rare) with fried potatoes and rocket salad with Greek Olive oil
Accompanied by half bottle of:


Well, yes. I was expecting a fat blowsy and oxidised sweet VDN, and instead this was (and still is) absolutely balanced and on point.

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Perhaps not a classic combination but the Champagne from Castelnau was great for us. We did finish off the Blind Spot Dolcetto as well, which had significantly improved after 24 hours suggesting it needs another year in bottle.

Medium yellow, gold. Fine, persistent mousse. Lovely brioche nose. Yeasty, bready. Medium palate. Rich brioche flavours but with lightness. Lemon. Hint of orange marmalade. Lovely champagne.


We’re in Alsace, but I’m still working for a couple of days, which did have the advantage of allowing me to leave a shin of beef cooking all afternoon over the wood-burner, with a “pot au feu” box of vegetables from SuperU and half a bottle of red wine. With half an eye on the six bottles of this that I’ve requested in the 2020 Rhône En Primeur, we drank Le Bosquet des Papes, Châteauneuf du Pape, 2012.


This is in a very good place now. It was paler than the photo shows, and is starting to show some brick colour. Figgy, raisiny notes on the nose, but tar and tobacco too; full bodied, the tannins are still firm but not overpowering, and nice acidity. Hearty winter wine for hearty winter food. I think that this is outstanding value for the appellation.


Delicious! Such a good food and wine combo :yum:


Well after our reunion weekend we did think about a quiet night but it is Valentines so Steak Frites , ( a Dorset Dexter) , delicious with this…

Decanted about 75 minutes and it needed it - smoothed out over time and delicious, an Italian Bordeaux blend from Tuscany and plenty of life in there.


No romantic table settings or artful dishes of food here, but we are enjoying this very much.

Gorgeous, ripe stone fruit - white peach and nectarine and lip-smacking acidity make for an extremely enjoyable mouthful.

Can’t help wondering if I need to open a bottle of red to go with our Mangalita pork chops though…


Testing my Rhone resolve with a half of the 2017 Jaboulet Mule Blanche tonight. Unfortunately it is very good. Will probably go back for some of these halves, rather than caving in for the EP offer.


I think so @Brocklehurstj -

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That’s all the encouragement I need. Picked up one of these at the weekend, I’m going in.


What is it @Brocklehurstj ?

Different label

With it being Valentine’s Day, we are of course celebrating a belated Burn’s Night. ISTR an article in the Scotsman (possibly?) a few years ago suggesting pairing Haggis Neeps and Tatties with Marcillac, so it’s become something of a tradition in our house…

I’m sure it’s reached heights beyond it’s ordinary capabilities, propelled upwards partly because we’re also watching Richard E Grant crossing the Cevennes in the footsteps of Stevenson, and exploring the Chateau d’If (from my favourite work of fiction). I’m easily pleased sometimes :smiley:


Ever the gentleman, our boy went to sleep in a record breaking 20 minutes tonight so it’s big bowls of tomato pasta with garlic bread, a lovely ruby red Chianti from 2016 and the Winter Olympics to celebrate valentine.

Dressing gowns, anyone?