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Mid week Drinking thread [Dec 2nd-6th 2019]

Haven’t tried either and I expect they are both good, but from the review it sounds like the Tursan might be a bit oaky. I’d be more worried about the fish and chips than the wine though! :grin:

Hi Laura,

Head above the parapet…fancy changing Montplaisir to Monplaisir?

Look what the nice folk in reserves sent me last week…


Yikes! Let me look into that…

Sorry, the final vote for the Tursan came in too late and I went for the NZ Chardonnay on the basis that the drinking window is shorter and I’ve got another lurking in the rack. Was a bit too cold straight out of the fridge so barely had a sip with supper anyway. Warmed up a little and as tasty as I remember for the NZ walk around earlier this year. Lovely fruit, slightly toasty from the oak and lively acidity.

Not sure how Option 3 came out ahead of the Chardonnay though - 1% up from 7 votes doesn’t make sense to me.

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December tasting at the Winery on Tuesday.

Again, no tasting notes - I was in a mad dash to get back for my daughter’s brownies pick-up
and wanted to chat with the winemaker.

Sparkling Arneis was great, very good value.
Still Arneis also lovely (though I was more taken with the fizzy)
Macon white impresses with intensity and vibrant fruit
Clemens Busch Riesling delicious, mineralogy from the slate below coming through strongly
All four Adeneuer Pinot noirs were excellent. Each one a significant upgrade on the last (though I think they should have opened the double magnum a little earlier).
Intensity on the GG was incredible, apparently that’s what you get from 100+ year old vines from the worlds smallest appellation.
From my budget perspective the entry level red offered the best value, but a real treat to try them all.


It was pretty tight and tannic this evening. Will try again tomorrow. It could have been my palate as it came after a lunch with two glasses of an excellent Priorat. In a connection with the Nero d’avola thread I opened this which is very inviting.


The Riserva is now £9.99 which is very good value.


I would have voted for Champagne :sunglasses:

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Probably Russian interference in the vote!


Kotsifali… Nice grape. Quite light and so often combined with mandilaria (or syrah).

Ribeira Sacra Capricho de Merenzao 2015, Ponte da Boga Lovely merenzao (that’s Trousseau, in case you didn’t know :slight_smile: ) with rather more weight than the trendier Fedellos de Couto and Algueira versions, but, hey, merenzao is never going to be a big wine. Extravagantly floral and perfumed, plenty of strawberry and pomegranate fruit too. Only 6000 bottles.


An odd wine evening. While cooking I had a glass of a big hefty red, Mary le Bow, to finish the bottle. Then switched to Tesco Finest Torrontes,


to go with a last minute Quorn and green pea Thai curry. Just discovered this is from Catena. On opening my first strong impression, smell I suppose I mean, was of sweet aniseed. Then a quite sweet, slightly spicey, grapey, raisiney flavour and a firmer finish with a hint of bitterness. Quite lingering. Better with the curry than on its own I think


I am just coming out of a bout of man flu cold, so chanced a couple of glasses of white Burgundy yesterday (watching that crap game on Amazon Prime Video)…

The wine was very good, just withdrawn from reserves based on the winemaker’s advice, which came with their 2018 Burgundy Pre-release Offer. Full of flavour, but in a restrained way (I mean this as a compliment).


Ooh, how was it? I’m wondering when to start tucking into my '15s…

Wow, that’s a really interesting line up, thanks for posting your thoughts. The Adenauer wines sound extremely tempting. I might have to pop into The Winery the next time I’m in that part of London !

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TWS notes summed this up well…

…it captures the essence of the grape in an early drinking, user friendly, format. That said, it’s still a pretty serious wine which could be kept for longer. Enjoyed picnic style, sat on the floor…


Yes, I love that place. It’s not the cheapest to buy wine, but the staff are lovely, the selection is always interesting and great for German wine in particular.

I used to live just up the road, but now it’s a couple of stops from my London terminus so not too far out of my way once a month.

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After looking through their list I can see why you make a slight detour to attend their tastings, I certainly would. The sparkling Arneis you tried sounds fascinating and getting to taste the full range of Adeneuer wines even more so.

Looking forward to reading more on your next visit !

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La Chappelle de la Mission, Haut-Brion 2013 for me tonight. Had tried a 2006 of this recently and was looking to see what these wines are like without stretching to the full budget of going for a top year. The 2013 is drinking well now, but a poor vintage. The 2006 was old in the tooth by the time I got to it. Although I am enjoying this 2013. I think better value can be found elsewhere.


Was tasty indeed. Finished off the 2nd half of the bottle tonight. First bottle I’ve broached of the 2014. I was expecting more punchy fruit for some reason, but pleasantly surprised with a light touch and restaint. I’ve not drunk a lot of N Rhone, but we got (what I assume is) a classic black pepper, spicy and black berry fruit. Most pleasing (and edged in front of the Bohorquez for me, but not my good lady wife). No idea on how this will evolve tbh!