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Mid week Drinking thread [Dec 2nd-6th 2019]

Look, it’s almost Christmas, anything is possible with Marty and his back to the future time machine :wink::sweat_smile:.


Ah yes only small amounts of Albariño involved. I assumed it was their premium version of their Albariño

They have a slightly odd range in that the Terras Gauda itself is their top Albariño, and the Abadía de San Campio the second one, more immediate where the Gauda is more structured. I visited a couple of years ago - very much set up for drop in visits!


Your enthusiasm for Christmas is palpable, hopefully it’s contagious !

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Yes, we stayed near there in the summer - loads to choose by the glass, including wines from the same umbrella company from other Spanish regions.

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That… is a very good question. I’m going to look into this now for you - I’m going to guess this should say 3 months!! Thanks for pointing it out - I’ll get this sorted.


They would have got away with it, if it wasn’t for them pesky kids…


Ah, that takes me back…!


The remaining (big) half of a Coravined WS Exhibition Gewurz hit the spot with a Thai chicken curry last night, followed by the last bit of Epoisses cheese from a week or so ago…which nearly climbed out the box itself.

Perfect match for both. There may be a small glass left, but it won’t survive tonight.


Some Lyrarakis Kotsifali from Crete tonight, have enjoyed their Assyrtiko, so looking forward to this.


The Society’s Cotes du Rhône 2017 going down nicely. It reminds me how much I love Grenache and it’s juicy, thirst quenching deliciousness😋


Technically these went at the weekend at a dinner I held for my oldest and dearest friends to mark a significant birthday. We started with Roederer 2012 which was lovely, still on the young side for me but interesting without being too compelling (which is what I think is needed as an aperitif).

We moved on to Raveneau Chablis 2008 which was fresh and suited the lighter starters but was probably the wine we consumed the least of (mainly because many had partridge to start and duck to follow).

The next two were outstanding.

The Remy Clos de la Roche 2007 was for many the wine of the night. Pretty much fully developed and with lots of fruit and a savoury edge which suited the partridge in particular. We polished off rather more of it than I had planned,

Last but not least this:

Huet Le Haut Lieu Moelleux 1er trie 1997. Lovely mature quince and a hint of orange. Usually the dessert wine is less popular with my friends but this again went down very well (and very quickly).


Last night we had some pasta and this

2009, in a really good spot. Soft and mellowed tannins. Plenty of boozy, dark cherries along with the usual spice cupboard notes. Complex and savoury on the finish.


:joy: This is now sorted - it was indeed a typo! Thanks again for pointing it out @Embee - sadly, this also means we didn’t invent time travel. :wink:

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Thanks for sorting !

I tried to find out more myself but the info on importers websites, for the UK and US, erroneously state 30 months too.

The first gewürztraminer I ever drank, 30+ years ago, was a bottle of Zind-Humbrecht’s ‘Herrenweg’. It was wonderful, unlike anything I’d drank before, it became a regular purchase. The wine below, from the same producer, evoked a strong sense of deja vu…

…a ‘Roche Roulee’ 2017. Their website advises it’s 14.8% ABV with 1.6g/l residual sugar. From vines with an average age of 48 with a miniscule yield of 6 hl/ha from gravelly soils on the valley floor ( very similar to Herrenweg, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t play a role in this wine ).

Anyway, it was fabulous. Archetypal nose of lychees. citrus, spiced gingerbread with a stony mineral undertow. Similar on tasting, powerful flavours with lots of depth, tastes richer than the amount of residual sugar might suggest ( phenolic ripeness I guess ). Fresh acidity and stony minerality cut and balance its richness and also lend it a surprising degree of elegance. A slightly chewy texture and a long finish add further pleasure.

All in all, quite an emotional experience !


Feels like a night for something bold so trying this recent TWS purchase


Waitrose Bojo Novo this evening, to go with stuffed pasta shells:

The nose is what you’d expect - pleasant sweet cherry, a bit of red plum as well as banana skin and even some candy floss. The palate is rather disappointing however; the initial burst of fruit is good - with said cherry, and juicy red berries but agree with @Richard that there is a bitterness on the finish which is not that pleasant. I wonder if the stems were not all that ripe (assuming this was done by whole bunch carbonic maceration - which the nose would suggest). The 2018 was infinitely nicer and more enjoyable. Ah well! It’s not a great loss for £7.99 and I hope the food will take the edge of that green-ness.


I had a bottle of this last year (though can’t remember the vintage - not through TWS). Think I really enjoyed it, what did you think?

On the train home, my wife has asked me to grab fish and chips on the way back. I have these in the fridge, think I’d be happy with either, what do you reckon?

  • Tursan Chateau de Bachen
  • Exhibition NZ Chardonnay
  • Boaty McBoatface

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