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Mid-week drinking thread April 25th - 29th

We’re out of the blocks in France! An hour counts!! Lovely Godello with a basque fish stew( my wife says it’s a casserole but she’s from the posh side of Yorkshire). The wine has a defined white blossom nose, pale straw in the glass and a lively acidity with soft grapefruit and an abundance of mix fruit tones in the mouth with considerable length. Basically a joy with the rich stew.


Is that a euphemism for Lancashire?


Definitely not :wink:

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For me, that’s absolutely one of the best VFM Godellos you can get; and indeed one of the best Godellos full stop - absolutely love that maker’s Godellos I do, and with a fish stew too. I’m rather envious :~}

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This was opened yesterday but was put aside after a couple of glasses as I was too tired to properly appreciate it…

…an Arbin Mondeuse ‘Le Comte Rouge’ 2015 from Chateau de Merande.

Medium violet colour. A fragrant and floral nose with a strong whiff of violets, damp soil, cherry fruit and some baking spices. Light bodied sour cherry and plum fruit, a touch of peppery spice and a savoury gamey quality on the palate. Silky and supple in texture, surprising depth of flavour considering it’s only 12% ABV, with plenty of fresh acidity to structure and balance.

I haven’t a clue if Arbin is halfway up the side of an Alpine mountain but the wine tastes like it might be. Enjoyable and characterful but perhaps not the best value at £19.50.


Couldn’t safely comment.


Superb setting and food!

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Nope, it’s one of the villages within the western end of the Combe de Savoie; ie the Isère valley; and very much Mondeuse country. It’s amazing that in the midst of aromatic acidic racy whites there thrives this red variety.

JRWG says it probably comes originally from the Jura and is related in some close way, though not fully established, to syrah.

Chateau de Merande is a synonym for Domain Genoux Vin de Savoie, le Comte Rouge - Domaine Genoux / Château Mérande


Just spent a WONDERFUL hour swapping my home office with daughter No.1’s - and that’s just the computer twiddly bits & screens. The ‘cordless office’ concept hasn’t happened - we were lied to, multiple cables & sockets performing similar purposes… except… not. Didn’t even start on the printers & scanner.

Turns out she has a much more comfortable chair which cost a quarter the price of mine. So I think I finished on the up.

Wine-wise, a VERY fine Finca Nueva Gran Reserva, Rioja 2005. Initially on opening it’s showing lots of dark potential - looking forward to tomorrow.


Thanks for the info and for filling in the gaps that I was too lazy to research myself !

And for confirming the syrah connection that I was vaguely aware of :+1:

I think the latest thinking (backed by DNA?) is that it’s Mondeuse Blanc that is actually one of the parents of Syrah. Not sure if Mondeuse blanc is related to Mondeuse Noir though. Convoluted stuff…!


On day 2 of the £4 M&S Xanadu Cab Sauvignon. I don’t drink a lot of pure CS and indeed this isn’t as it has a touch of Shiraz and Merlot I think but it’s mainly CS. Anyway I opened it yesterday and thought it verged on being a bit too much - big and powerful and heading toward fruit bomb territory.

Today however it seems very much fresher with some pleasing acidity and is altogether much more drinkable. Enjoyed the first glass and now quite keen on a second. Yesterday I found one glass as much as I could manage. Of course I have had a good gym session today which always helps develop thirst, but this is quite a decent wine.


We’ve just polished off the last drops of the Markovitis Xin from the other night; still going remarkably well, despite just sitting in a decanter on the kitchen table for 4+ nights now. Kept “fresh” with one of sonshine’s bouncy balls popped in the top of the decanter. High tech stuff chez nous indeed. Obviously lost a wee bit of its shine and oomph over the nights on the go, and closer to a standard Xin now; but still a lot going on and still a bit of magic to it, and certainly a remarkable wine to be sure. Hard to know what to turn to tomorrow now. Term 3 at Uni just slowly rolling into life, so still a few evenings to enjoy wine without thinking about the early starts, and a good rummage through the wine fridge is in order in the morning I feel.


Surely he’s referring to Harrogate (though some would say it’s not in real Yorkshire)!

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Finally had the first Bin#006, rather more savory than I’d anticipated. Consumed over 2 days. There were some sweeter fruit moments but they dissappeared with food. Lots going on, one sip it was star anise next one boiled sweet. But not like normal where your thinking hmmm whats that taste a bit like? Here the different flavours simply announced themselves fully formed.

Now, who are you calling pretentious?


A celebratory long lunch yesterday, 30 years in and the sun came out for us , wonderful day with old friends.

BBQ lunch and the lineup

And a fabulous gift of this for the next occasion…

A quiet few days now🤔


A little mid-week treat today, with this fab Kékfrankos:

Kékfrankos, Péter Wetzer, Sopron, Hungary 2018

Decanted for a couple hours (sediment alert!) - it’s a little cloudy in the glass but looking positively young still with a nice purple hue and a bit of blueish reflections. On the nose - a most delightful concoction of blueberries, cherries and mulberries, floral violet notes, spicy clove and a tad of smokiness.

Similar notes on the palate - blueberry jam, bramble and parma violets, coupled with a sort of smokiness and a freshly-turned earth background note. Medium bodied with vivid acidity and grainy tannins, the finish is rather long leaving a note of berry yoghurt. Vibrant, multi-faceted and absolutely delicious! Shame I only have this one bottle… :confused:

Beef stroganoff to accompany it - one of my favourite food and wine pairings! :heart_eyes:


An unusual wine for dinner but really delicious.

A white wine from Moldova with a mix of 2 local and indigenous grapes – 60% ALB de ONITCANI and 40% RCATITELI. Alb de Onitcani (which I have had on its own) in particular has a unique flavour profile. Made by the Novak winery.

Tasting notes: Dark yellow. The nose is very aromatic with a hint of honey and ‘old fashioned’ English herbs - ?wormwood ?pennywort ?majoram.
On the palate there is a hint of oiliness but very rich and full. Fully ripe fruit with depth and complexity. A bit of bark, tannins are there but unobtrusive.
‘Sappy’, not exactly green - more fresh and herby. Overall very good balance and a long long finish. Very good.


Interesting. Rcatiteli is good old Rkatsitelli, the ubiquitous white variety from Georgia.
Alb is a modern hybrid bred in Moldova Alb de Onițcani | wein.plus Lexicon which I imagine is where the odd bouquet comes from. I wonder why they have the need to cultivate hybrids in Moldova - disease resistance ?

Moldova is still on my list… and Mr Putin isn’t making that come anywhere near the top for the time being…


Ohh @Inbar, I tried this a while ago and absolutely loved it! I’m so disappointed it’s sold out :laughing: Great tasting notes, thank you!