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Mid Week Drinking Thread - 7th to 10th March

Kicking off early today as I took the week off work and I turn 40 today. Best present is to finally have my parents with me after over 2 years without seen them. The boys are healthy and happy and I couldn’t ask for more.
Surprisingly the cork of this 1982 was in great condition and came out in one piece! Still alive and fresh with some fruit and tea notes. More to follow later


Happy Birthday!

I look forward to hearing more about this wine!

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Happy birthday, @Rafa! Enjoy your special day - sounds like you’ve got everything (and everyone) you need to celebrate :partying_face:

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The week started late, but in style! Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Rafa, I’m sure your parents must be equally happy to see you and your family. Enjoy the week off.

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Happy birthday! Great way to celebrate - glad the wine isn’t knackered!

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For me midweek started yesterday. Got together with a friend yesterday evening to discuss what is going on in the world over lamb leg steaks and some wine to accompany.

The 2001 Musar was unmistakably Musar, so much so that I guessed the wine and the vintage correctly on tasting blind. It was showing beautifully and would have been great with the lamb if we did not finish the bottle before we got to the food.

The 2013 Barolo Fontanin was also very good. Lovely Barolo, on the intense side.

We also had some leftover 2018 Refosco from Villa Bogdano, which is a very decent wine and my friend really liked it. It just does not agree with me 100%, maybe a little thin or I don’t know. This was transported in a screwcsp half bottle, hence not on the photo.

Also opened a bottle of 2012 Chateau Charmail, which I quite like. Sensibly we did not finish this bottle (or given this morning’s tenderness we maybe did).

Happy Birthday @Rafa


Happy Birthday, @Rafa :tada: :birthday: :wine_glass: Sounds like you have everything you need :slight_smile:

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Happy Birthday @Rafa

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Decided to open this delicious Montagny 1er cru. The most startling aspect is its 14.5% alcohol. In Cote Chalonnais this is very high. But the high acidity balances the wine which is rich rather than fat. Very intense ripe fruit. Lovely long finish.


Jeepers - 8th March already - where does the time go?

Day 2 of Sylvain Pataille, Bourgogne Clos du Chapitre 2017 & I’m very happy. One of those ugly duck / beautiful swan wines; was green & stalky just a year ago yet most definitely now coming into it’s own. In fact I rather like the residual ‘stalkiness’ which adds complexity & certain almond (cherry stone?) character.

I might have 4 bottles left, hopefully at least a couple will make it through to next year. Got to admire TWS buyer’s ability to anticipate a wines development.


Happy birthday @Rafa :birthday::partying_face:

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Oh what a jolly wine!

The Society’s French Syrah, 2020

Delicious, easy to enjoy, quaffable, a joie de vivre sort of wine! Bags of succulent fruit on both nose and palate - more of the bramble, blackberries and cherries sort than, say, plums or blackcurrants, lovely spice (pepper, clove) a nice whiff of violets and freshly turned earth. Juicy and generous, silky with just the right amount of acidity - perhaps there is not much complexity but for the price - sheer pleasure! :star_struck:

Will accompany duck livers with puy lentils. Just have to ensure it’s not consumed before dinner is ready…


Happy birthday, glad the Barbaresco is in great shape!

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Have a great time with the rellies @Rafa and a good birthday.

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Happy Birthday @Rafa. You have given me an excuse to open my last, I mean my very last, last 2013 Chakalaka. I’ve opened it and am leaving it to breathe for a while as I have to pop to the shops. Fantastic opening aroma though: ripe black fruit, chocolate, leather, treacle, sweet spice. The sooner I go, the sooner I’ll be back and enjoying it!


A game of two halves to report and the match ended goalless

Both impulse buys, testimony to the fact that I have yet to learn my lesson.

First up, out of curiosity browsing Lidl’s wine aisle -and the up market section, mark you -, my eye rested on this Gavi 2021. Cortese needs to be drunk fresh, there was a a mild halibut curry needing eating up, so this looked a decent match.

It’s OK. inoffensive and just about kept its head above water, but the perfumed steely citrous character I was hoping for was lacking. A miss.

There was some left over and today it went quite nicely with Walker’s marmite crisps to whet the appetite but that is damning with faint praise.

Moving on; it was pasta and home made rich tomato sauce for supper and with this, currently reduced, Barbera d’Asti from Waitrose. It’s a perfectly decent wine; but a crowd pleaser rather than an attempt to portray a bookmarked typical barbera. I’d be looking for a mouthwatering bitter cherry and nearly too acidic medium bodied appetising and eye-poking swirl of excitement but, no this is a flabby also-ran. 14.5% check, vanilla and amalgamated dark red fruits purée, check, no rough angles or talking points, check. Could be anything, check. In short - decent, nice, and instantly forgettable. Barbera ? really ???


It was open during lunch and now after 6h is displaying notes of rose petal and camphor. No decanting. Colour has accentuated sings of ageing. The funkiness has dissipated and now it’s a gentle fruit note and some spice. I would say definitely worth the experience and I got a 2nd bottle to compare in the near future.


Like all those who like too much of a good thing after the Bouzeron Montagny was finished I opened a Montagny 1er cru from Pillot which was a normal 13% alc. Much more sharply defined but same lemon fruit and high acidity. Touch more toast but a better more elegant wine

Should we rename this thread “midweek over indulgence”?


Continuing with the celebrations I have opened the 2010 Flaccianello.
Not open for business as expected but nevertheless exquisite.
Extremely dark in colour. On the nose it displays a myriad of aromas like pine tree, cherry, mocha, fennel, mint and some dark chocolate. The palate is high in acid and tannin however is very long. This wine very intense and should drink for 20-30 years easily.
It looks like velvet in the glass but needs another 5 plus years.