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Mid week drinking thread 6th - 10th December

None of that sort of nonsense has ever happened in my house. It never will. I serve my best wines to my guests. It is of no interest to me what their knowledge or experience of wine may be. I hope they enjoy the the evening.


As per @Inbar, another 2015 from Vinsobres here tonight. 60:40 grenache, syrah this time though and the penultimate bottle from a case bought EP…

…savoury and spicy plum and berry fruit with a fragrant incense like note on the nose. Deep and savoury black cherry and bramble berry fruits with a twist of black pepper on tasting. Notably fresh acidity provides considerable lift to those flavours leaving it tasting lighter in body than the fruit notes might suggest. The tangy lip smacking finish with a touch of light, but ripe, tannic grip is making another glass impossible to resist. A really satisfying wine for the meagre price of entry ( £9 + storage ).

Edit - it took longer to open the wine than it did to put up my Xmas tree / bush in the backgorund :grin:


Nice Christmas vibes @Embee


Finally a wine post after 2 weeks with no access to the community with my phone.
This is one of the super seconds from Portugal.
Superb fruit, length, finish and flavours for a £19 bottle picked up from the showroom a couple of months ago.


Okay, I’ve caught up now! Bottle number seven…

Definitely my favourite so far. The dense blackberry fruit is given a gentle herbal lift, with a little bit of leather armchair in there too. Bright and juicy on the palate, lovely finish, I could do with a bigger bottle of this. Yummm.



Tonight a rich and flavoursome venison osso bucco (cooked slowly for about 4 hours over a low gas with about one-third of a bottle of TWS Exhibition Port topped up with some red cooking wine and a handful of juniper berries, blueberries, black peppercorns, a cinnamon stick and a small spoonful of ginger powder) with a bottle of Charpentier’s La Ciboise 2018 from TWS, perhaps a bit lightweight for the stew but certainly adequate. A jolly good dinner with no need for anything else to follow except a (sensitive souls look away now) good Havana.


I got this far, and I really, really need to ask the question - where the hell do you get those then? (Please, obvs).

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I’ve had it from here before - excellent https://deerbox.co.uk/


Wow. I’m not sure I’ve got enough freezer space.


On a winter road trip, to see friends around the UK in case we get shut in next year. Amazingly not to many issues on the run up the M6 with Barra to Waddington.

Enjoyed this with a pub cod loin supper- perfect. Sharp and subtlety citrusy.


I opened this tonight - a 2013 Réserve Clos du Caillou.

This time 8 years ago, our first son died just before birth, and I open a 2013 each year at this time tonight in his memory. He might have enjoyed this with a few more years behind him - rich, tasty and just slightly creamy, with lovely smooth tannins. I certainly am, and would love to have shared some with him. RIP our boy, John Chang. Xx


Our second bottle of Barthod Bourgogne 2017 with mushroom risotto tonight, and this was much better than the first I opened a few months ago. Lovely smell, too many dimensions for my inadequate nose to make sense of, equally lovely sweet fruit to taste with some bracing but not excessive acidity.

My condolences to you @crocos, a lovely way to mark a sad occasion.



2013 here too. Hope your doing ok.


Great minds etc …

I’m feeling strangely good tonight - sometimes it is a tough one, sometimes less so. You never really know until the day comes. This year it’s the latter, and I’m enjoying a nice quiet time of meditazione on a cold dark night :~}


Glad your feeling ok. There’s a lot going on for you. Hope you manage!


Finishing this off from the weekend.

Such a lovely wine. Lively, layered and delicate. Slightly surprised it’s still in such good condition on day 3.

£12.95 for this level of quality is verging on the ridiculous. One bottle left, would love to know if Freddy has managed to secure any future vintages.


Thank you for telling us about your first son. I had a similar experience 42 years ago and it always comes to mind for both of us each year around the anniversary.


Opened a bottle of Château Monconseil Gazin, Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux 2016 which, as always, proves to be great value for money. At five years old for a sub £10 Bordeaux this was still surprisingly fresh tasting. Still very much fruit forward and a lovely palate with no hint of tannin to it. Very pleasant, easy drinking.


It’s something that becomes a profoundly integral part of who you are, and who you are as a couple too, in my view. We often talk about our first boy, and wouldn’t have it any other way.


My venison osso bucco came from Home Farm Venison who do mail order venison.

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