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Mid week drinking February 21-24 2022

Opened one of these Château Lagrave-Martillac, Pessac-Léognan 2016 tonight:

I have one of these at home from TWS but this one was from a SuperU out here. It’s a little younger than I would have opened the one at home but it’s absolutely singing right now. Unmistakable Bordeaux nose and rather more fruit on the palate than I would normally get with a more mature bottle but the tannins are velvety and in perfect balance. A lovely and very approachable glass of claret! I must get more of these!

So what are you drinking this week?


Bit of monday treat tonight with this….

On opening sharp and very fresh this will develop well with dinner mains to come - pork loin


What is the relationship between Latour-Martillac and Lagrave-Martillac? The labels look eerily similar. Is this a first wine / second wine thing?

10 pints. Not bad for a Monday.


Exactly that. Lagrave-Martillac is their second wine.


And is yet another Bordeaux second wine that I love. I really do think Bdx 2nd wines tend to offer great value.


Coming towards the end of a not terribly gourmet evening here. Baked beans on toast with the last glass from a bottle of M&S Pais which is a comfortably enjoyable wine and a surprisingly decent combination. It’s a little rustic but excellent value for not much more than a pint of beer.

Then some old Swiss fruit and nut chocolate which mysteriously appeared the other day, with some left over Chateau La Birondie Monbazillac 2003 that I opened about 10 days ago after a big dinner. This actually seems better than it did initially and is very delicious. Sweet but avoiding being cloying, with a floral raisin and orange flavour.

Must do some food shopping tomorrow!


I love baked beans on toast but since they reduced the salt and sugar for health reasons I’ve had to add my own! :rofl:


I always add some chilli or pepper sauce so hadn’t noticed. But beans on toast do make a strangely satisfying meal!


I know it’s done for our good, but some things (baked beans, digestive biscuits, pizzas, for example) just aren’t as tasty with the lower levels of sugar, salt and fat used these days.

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Add a dob of butter and a generous crack of black pepper is the best way to spruce up baked beans


I have been a wine drinker all my life since the early 70’s. I drink a bottle of wine with my meal every night and apart from putting on a few pounds I feel fine thank god. Wine and food are my pleasures in life I get so much from it not only the drinking but the whole thing that goes with it, not to metion the wonderful people I have met along the way. I must admit and wonder if anybody else out there drinks wine every day I hope so. Cheers


Much prefer baked beans on crumpets myself.


Something I have never tried. Is it the sauce soaking into all those little holes in the crumpet that makes it better in your opinion?


The butter and sauce soaking into the holes, the crispness on the outside of the crumpet, the taste. They just seem to go together so well.


I can confirm that beans on toasted crumpets is sublime. Especially with some grated cheddar on top. Delicious.


Yes, I sometimes ring the changes and add cheese or make with tinned beans & sausages.


You should see the stuff that goes into my own (well Rose Elliot’s really) recipe. It would have the dieters up in arms! :rofl:

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Lyrarakis Psarades Dafni 2020 here. A Cretan white. A definite hipster wine. Rare and obscure grape, with a genuinely unusual and unique taste.

Slight green tinge to the wine, a nice pale colour. Medium strength taste. Definitely had ginger notes to it, and the eponymous bay leaf flavour. Dry and minerally.

I’m glad I tried it, but I don’t like it personally. It’s too like slightly medicinal ginger beer. Your mileage may vary, as the kids say.


We have an upmarket Indian restaurant / takeaway nearby. No artificial colouring, reduced salt, reduced fats. It’s not popular.

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