Mid Range Red Wine

I struggle to find a mid priced red wine on the WS. White is no problem but a Red in the 8-10 range always seems a challenge for me. Looking for a medium bodied smooth low tan in red for easy drinking. Preferably something that will be light on my head the next day!!! Any thoughts? Many thanks David.

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I think these few might be something to look into for what you’re after; what sort of reds do you normally go for?


He are a few of my favourites:


many thanks - really looking forward to trying these!!!

Some excellent suggestions here - I particularly second the Valpolicella and the Frappato, but also these two Exhibition reds which are just heavenly:

And this red is one of my all-time faves and seems to pop up on here pretty frequently:

Let us know what you think of any you try? :smiley:

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thanks so much everyone - order going in now!!!


Slightly cheaper but punches well above its price, southern red Rhone, everyone I have served this to has loved it and also comes in quite an impressive bottle!

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This is my favourite at this price point (so far!)

I once taught chemistry to a lass in Leeds called Eulalie and liked her name.
She was as nice a lass as this wine is, honest, cheerful and full of bonhomie, .
It was a pleasant surprise to find the wine in the latest WWF selection, especially as I had ordered 2 cases,

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Going a little above your suggested price range, but not too much, I have enjoyed two or three vintages of this wine. Very refreshing, red fruits probably more pinot noir than nebbiolo for me.


this is a great recommendation - many thanks

A pleasure - hope you try it and enjoy it. Definitely better cellar cool as recommended.

We get through cases of