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I have been looking at the mutuals register. I see that at the beginning of 2018 we had 388,330 members . However on the annual review issued to members there are 141000 active members . Does that mean that more than half the membership are inactive? Are those extra members mostly dead members who have lost contact since 1874? Not a criticism by the way just interested.


Interesting point Benedict. I wonder what constitutes an inactive member? How long does one have to be inactive before being classed so?


5 years, according to the rules. Although I think it’s often thought of as ‘not made an order in the last 12 months’, @laura can confirm.


It does make sense? I’ve not bought for months, then keep coming back.
I think some join, try it, then … move on? Try another source? Somehow
something doesn’t suite them? Fair enough, though they’re still