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Member's reserves, specific vintage or generic?

Apologies if this is addressed elsewhere. If I buy a case of TWS brut reserve Champagne & put it into reserves - is the case earmarked for me from the current vintage - or is a marker placed against future stock, and if I withdraw said case in maybe 5 years time do I simply get whatever is in stock in 2025 & hasn’t had the extra 5 years ageing??

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This was the answer to this question previously:

I seem to recall that @tom had some issues in this regard though and had to send a case of TWS NV back as the wrong batch was delivered… I might be mistaken.


I remember the same, though how you tell the disgorgement date on TWS champagne is mystery to me. Maybe it was the monthly Boizel box?

I buy a case of Bolly NV every year, and withdraw on a 3 year rotation. :+1:
The results are pleasing, and you really can discern a 3 year bottle from a new one.
I also top up during the year with halves of Bolly NV and Bolly Rose NV. :grinning:
I also buy the Bolly Grande Annee’s, with 2008 & 2012 currently slumbering along with a case of Roederer 2012.
I will admit to enjoying a bottle of decent Fizz with some KFC or good local seafood, whilst watching the NFL. :open_mouth: :wink: :dragon:


Champagne with fat and salt is always a treat. KFC, fish and chips and hotdogs being particularly favourites of mine too.


you could make Champagne flutes from marrow bone and use it to drink Champagne with the roast bone marrow spread on toast sprinkled with smoked sea salt flakes


Pass!! :rofl: :rofl: :wink: :dragon:

I’m pretty sure there’s now a restaurant somewhere in Shoreditch doing that!

I was once served Fino sherry poured down a marrow bone into my mouth at (surprisingly enough) a restaurant in Shoreditch.


Correct. They replaced with the correct ones, and I’m still going through them.

no idea about tws but this was Boizel nv halves, and I checked the date on the label when delivered which told me a disgorgement date of 6 months after I placed the order :thinking:


Hipster vodka luge

Still curious though.


Here is some interesting information regarding disgorgement. (Well I think that it is!?!) :wink: :dragon:


You would - you guzzle plenty of Bolly!


Never guzzled Bolly in my puff!! :open_mouth:

Tasted, inbibed, quaffed, partook, assimilated, ingurgitated BUT NEVER GUZZLED!!
Harumph!! :dragon:



So to summarise: MY exact case is earmarked (barcoded, whatever) and that is the exact case I get back in a year or so. Happy days.

My problem now, is I have several bottles of TWS NV brut in the cellar (garage) - no idea which was bought when. I guess I will just have to open them at random over Xmas and the coming year. Is there some kind of arcane code on the bottle to assist in dating them?

I usually mark them up with the year (let’s not too prescious) on the bk label when they come through the front door… (or the well trodden
bk door if it’s an unauthorised purchase…).


Ah yes… I have a cunning ruse, including a few muscadet in each order… so when questioned I can say these are for her ladyship.


It will be encoded in the lot number. For The Society’s Champagne, it is on the foil round the neck of the bottle. Sadly though, the code is not obvious to me (certainty not so early in the morning!), but someone must be able to link it to the time of bottling as traceability is the whole point of the lot number.

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This is printed on the foil of one of my bottles I bought in Feb 2019. There should be an “L” (for “Lot”) in front of the top number, but on this bottle the “L” didn’t print properly because there was a fold in the foil.

So, now I am properly awake, my guess would be that the first two numbers “18” refer to the bottling year. And maybe the “304” is the number of days into that year.

Perhaps a few more people here could check their bottles and see if that sounds reasonable?



Thanks @SteveSlatcher, will do

Google throws this up

A better answer suggests that the first TWO numbers are the year (2018) and the 3rd & 4th numbers are the week number (week 30) - and it is the disgorgement date not the bottling date - however I imagine they are one and the same. The last 4 numbers I have no idea. BUT apparently the cork also has a code (but it’s too late by then)

I prefer the year / day number solution.