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Members Reserves rules

I’ve searched the forums and explored the site multiple times but I’ve come to the conclusion that the only consistency surrounding Members’ Reserves is that there’s very little consistency (although to be fair it might just be my stupidity!).

The confusion for me, and it seems many others, is primarily related to bottle/half case/full case withdrawals etc.

Is there anywhere on the site that outlines exactly what I can and cannot do? Some things are inferred but not explicitly stated.

What are the rules related to the following for example:

  1. Can I transfer wine in from either myself or another retailer or does everything have to come from TWS?

  2. If I was to store 3 bottles of something, can I withdraw 1 or more of those on their own without having to make up cases etc?

  3. Is the fee payable irrespective of any cellar plan? If I was to cancel a plan for example, would I simply carry on paying storage fees presumably?

I’m trying to work out how best to buy wine now in order to not screw myself over in the future at the point when I’ve bought a whole load and have to withdraw it subject to the clubs rules rather than my preferences.

It’s seems to be a bit of a source of consternation within the community and it seems like the rules may have changed over the years.

Apologies if I’ve simply failed to understand something that is actually quite simple!


The rules are mostly pretty clear at https://www.thewinesociety.com/members-reserves

The charge is made once a year (on something like the anniversary of the first time you put wine in reserves) and you are only charged for the wines you hold on that date (so for example my reserve bill is in February; if I put a case into reserves in March and withdraw it the following January, there is no rental charge for that wine).

They don’t accept outside wine.



Very useful knowing about the anniversary thing. It’s a shame they don’t accept outside wine but understandable I guess.

Understanding COVID rules is probably easier, though maybe not in Scotland…

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