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Members reserves mixed cases withdrawals


This seems like the most helpful addition to the available options. Not as granular as a small number of members might like, but certainly flexible enough to accomodate those who want to downsize easily. (And perhaps a great way for other members to optain wines they may have missed out on in previous years!)


Thanks for this Laura.

Are there any plans to look at the part-case withdrawals rules? Currently we can have no more than 4 wines in a mixed case of 12. Some of my wines in reserves have a drinking window of 12+ years, so if I withdraw 3 I might want to drink 1 and store the other 2 for ~5 years. It’d make my home storage arrangements much easier if we could mix 6 wines in a case of 12 (so only 2 of each bottles). I’ve started buying unmixed 12s of everyday wine and getting them put in reserves so that I can immediately put 6 into an unmixed case along with 2 bottles each of 3 other wines…

“These reserves are not stored in member-specific stacks/pallets/slots (i.e. you do not get your own cellar space)” - I’m gutted to hear this! I imagined a dark corner of your warehouse reserved specially for me with all my wine neatly piled up and my name on a tag above them all! Thanks for shattering my delusion… :flushed:


I concur - would be very useful to allow for more wines per 12 withdrawn; in line with the concept of paying for being a ‘tricky’ customer it also seems reasonable to charge a small fee for each additional wine i.e. a scaled system so it is cheaper to withdraw one wine vs 12 different ones…


Thanks @laura, this is super helpful to have such a full explanation.

The option suggested by @WineIsOneOfMy5aDay to be able to mix 6 wines when withdrawing from reserves would be fantastic. I also resort to putting ‘everyday’ wines into reserves just so I can get smaller quantities of the others - which probably isn’t a very efficient solution for TWS either.

(Most wines I buy to put in reserves are sixes and when you try to withdraw them under the current system it gets rather complicated. Want two of one? Then you need four of another. Take four of that, and you only have two left - so when you take those out, you have to take four of something else - etc. Not sure if I’m explaining clearly but I hope you get my drift. Being able to get six out would make a massive difference and Iike @cgoldin I’d be happy to pay the admin for this).

PS apologies, it appears we’ve hijacked this thread which was supposed to be about burgundy!


Yes, I have flagged the same thing and was reassured by @robert_mcintosh that a solution will be found to make things the best for everyone (as in the thread, not withdrawing bottles).


For the moment I have combined this conversation with a related one from the end of last year.



I’ve never been too bothered about the mixing rule until today (after all 3x4 bottles seems good enough for me when I want to try some of the wines I have). I’ve had 2 cases of 12 08 Angludet for a while and some time agp took 6 of them out along with some other wines. Today I wanted to restock my rack and tried to take the other 6 of the first case, but wasn’t able to. Tried adding a mixed case of whites I also had, but it took another half case of 6 before the system let me do what I wanted.

I suppose having 18 bottles around rather than 6 isn’t the end of the world, but I wasn’t quite ready for the other ones.


As an aside how’s the 08 Angludet drinking?


I’ll tell you after Monday :smile:


Just had a few glasses. Decanted for an hour or so. I’m not sure about it. It’s got that chalky, hard taste a lot of clarets have but I’m not getting much fruit. More hard work than pleasure. Maybe it needs more time. Maybe it just needs roast beef with lots of gravy.


I just received a message regarding drink dates change for some wines in reserves, and at the bottom of the email there was this (unfortunately the find out more link takes me to a dead page, so unable to tell if there are any restrictions associated with this and if indeed this is a new policy or just a reminder of the existing policy that requires you to make up a 12 bottle case):

Part-case withdrawals from Reserves
I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we have introduced the facility for members to remove a few bottles of a full case stored in Reserves and leave the remainder to mature further in ideal storage conditions. Members have told us that, with limited storage space at home, having to take delivery of whole cases at a time restricts variety. This new service therefore allows members to withdraw an assortment of bottles, and to be able to taste and enjoy their wines at various stages of maturity.


Got the same (Rousseau?), the link in the email indeed does not work. The way I am reading it, it is not the existing policy…


Mine was for the 15 Dujuc village MSD


Hmm. It’s not clear. The existing page says:

Part-case withdrawal

Alternatively, members can remove a few bottles of a full case stored in Reserves and leave the remainder to mature further in ideal storage conditions. Wines removed in this way need to be made up into 12-bottle cases using no more than four different wines from the member’s unmixed cases stored in Reserves. There is no charge for this service.

Please note that wines already stored in Reserves as part of a mixed case cannot be included in this service and that mixed cases cannot be exported.

Which isn’t incompatible with

remove a few bottles of a full case stored in Reserves and leave the remainder

but this isn’t ‘new’.


I was clearly reading it, how I wanted to understand it… :slight_smile: see your point though.


The trick must be to have a case of 12 everyday drinkers, then you can draw 6 of that with 3 x 2. From what I see it doesn’t have to be 3 x 4. Could be wrong !!


You are not wrong. Even better to have 2 everyday drinkers, then do 6-4-1-1. Also, The Society’s White Burgundy in half bottles (24 per case) lends itself to such strategies.


You know it makes sense. :+1:


I have bought a case of Trimbach halves for this purpose which is a nice option to have for weekday evenings in the summer.


Back to this topic again, so solve a buying dilema!

I want to buy 6 of a wine that only comes in 12s. So I’m looking at adding 6 of a cheaper wine to make up the case to put in reserves. But to clarify, this means I will have to withdraw them all at once? I.e. I won’t be able to take out the 6 cheapies (with another 6) and leave the ones I’m looking to buy that need more time?

Because if so, no sale :frowning: